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  1. Hi, the "Temporary Location" is empty. Also direct downlad http://push.cdn.orbxdirect.com/171/_ful7c1ffaf3-5231-4b0f-a413-4039ed07159c.zip does not work.
  2. Hi Nick, I have the same Problem with Iceland Demo. It wolud not download and I can't stop the Job. I have also LC Africa in the Download Queue. May you can help me. I send you also the logfile. Thanks Karl central.log
  3. That's the Log-File, I don't know if it is helpfull central.log
  4. Ciao Doug, has no effect, the folder ist empty. How can I clear the download queue? Auto update is disabled but if I start Orbx Central there is allways Iceland Demo in the first positon of the Queue. Where can I found the Job Cache? Thx Karl
  5. Hi Orbx-Forum, I am trying to download Iceland Demo. It is in the queue but the donwload does not start. I can't cancel the job either, then I get an error message. How can I cancel the download? Many thanks and greetings. I'm using P3D 3.4
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