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  1. Now your getting into my "Neck of the Woods" I'm interested to see your northern travels in Colorado and Wyoming. if you have a Chance stop into KSAA and KRWL . Great shots as usual. !!!
  2. Would like to see a Screenshot of KRWL just to see if the city is the approximate size and there isn't houses scattered all over the Mountains surrounding the city. Population of less than 10,000 but in the sim it looks to be 20 times bigger than it really is.
  3. Great Shots Iain, Nothing like heading down the GS from 12,000 Ft, Another Jarrad Masterpiece indeed.
  4. I sometimes think Steve uses that as a excuse to check on my flying because he does it quite a bit, ;-) not only is he a Fantastic painter he is a Hell of a wing man so it never bothers me when I can hear him before I see him.
  5. Get well soon Emmsie , Final shots can wait until you're Better.
  6. Hands Down C-130 for me , I can finally fly around in one without Freezing or Baking to death. Much quieter too.
  7. All Done, Thanks for the Heads up.
  8. Love the Connie Shot !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats !!!!!!! What a Accomplishment Looking forward to 40,000 more.
  10. Lovely Shots Brad , Looks like a Great flight.
  11. And Fine shots they were. Bring on Eagle.
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