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  1. I am on Windows 7 64-bit with FSX/Acceleration, and just recently getting the dreaded OOM's. After searching the web for help, found there are many references that photo scenery should be used very sparingly.
  2. You know when you are on the computer to much when writing something by hand you are expecting spell-check to pop up...
  3. The aircraft came to the ground, on its landing gear rather gently, so the occupants should be Oak K- - - sorry
  4. I used the free program "Junction Link Magic" recently, worked very well.
  5. Mine was caused by meningitis some years ago. After discharge from hospital hearing in my left ear was completely gone and the hearing specialist's told me there was no cure for the tinnitus. I have found when sleeping lying with the good ear on the pillow and also having an electric fan running to help mask the noise helps a lot.
  6. I don't think you could use it on the highways here in the UK...No fenders/bumpers.
  7. Hi, as I am still on the FTX Central 2 version, am I correct in assuming I will not be able to download any updates to all my FTX products? I do intend to eventually migrate to V3 When all is smoothed out. A merry Christmas to all!
  8. Agree with Dadtom65,this is an excellent way to go. I recently used it to move 70 GB of Orbx scenery from my SSD to another hard drive.
  9. Thanks, both interesting and humorous. Particularly found the small vid with the kangaroo hopping up behind the guy looking out over the lake hilarious.
  10. Is it just me or are all the fences missing in the FTX EU Norway, Gardermoen (ENGM) Airport?
  11. I am quite happy with the age I am and hereby cancel all my future birthdays.
  12. Fantastic video! Can't imagine how many air miles and the organisation it took to produce it.
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