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  1. I don't remember exactly but I think he already charges Payware developers if they want to integrate SODE into their sceneries, it's only free if you use it for freeware.
  2. fabs79

    FTX AU AI Traffic Update

    It's unbelievable what you do for the community, Graham. I use Ultimate Traffic Live for most parts of the world with mixed results, but in Australia and New Zealand I always turn it off and use your package instead. It's way ahead of Ultimate Traffic in this region, especially for the remote routes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that even the BN-2 Islanders service from Bundaberg and Hervey Bay to Lady Elliott Island was included in your last version. Thank you very much for your great work.
  3. So TE Germany won't happen?
  4. One more thing : I think that a lower resolution photo ground is less obvious the higher the autogen density is, and if a large percentage of the area is covered with autogen you can won't even notice the difference that much. The upcoming HD Buildings product is would probably improve the visual quality even more, so I guess you'd hardly notice the lower resolution ground imagery when you are looking at highly detailed autogen most of the time.
  5. For me it depends which area I fly in. For GB and (if it is ever made) Germany I'd choose the higher resolution summer only product. But if I want to fly in Alaska or Northern Idaho, I'd like to have seasons. On a side note, I only recently started flying in winter and bad weather conditions because the new precipitation effects in P3D V4 are just great compared to what we had before. I did a flight from Glacier Park to Bozeman at dawn with one of the ORBX bad weather themes and it was just great to taxi along the snow covered runways with the snowflakes whirling around me and then seeing the sunrise above the clouds as I gained altitude and I wouldn't want to lose that. For the Rhine Valley area in Southern Germany where I live with the five days of snow we get each year I'd go for the higher resolution summer only product.
  6. Sylvain, do you have any plans for your other Swiss airports to be ported to Aerofly FS2? I'd also gladly buy Payware airports for AFS 2 if you'd publish any.
  7. Same here, I just checked the release announcements again and I didn't see it mentioned. Such a great freeware release should be advertised a little more.
  8. I felt the same way, AFS 2 has a whole lot of potential but it needs some high quality 3rd party developers to jump on board to catch up with the "big ones" P3D and X-plane 11. I understand that the user number is small but it will only get bigger if there are high quality sceneries and aircraft available. It probably also needs some good freeware designers to make it more attractive for newcomers. I had hopes that ORBX getting involved would cause more people to check out the platform, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work that way. Still hoping to see a few Regions ported to AFS 2, its performance is second to none.
  9. Thank you for the answer, I'm really looking forward to seeing more photoreal regions for AFS 2, I also hope PNW is still in development for this platform. Best regards, Fabian
  10. Hi, I read that the Truce Earth Great Britain regions will eventually be ported over to the P3D, but will they also be available for Aerofly FS 2 someday? I am asking because although P3D V4 is my main sim I prefer Aerofly FS 2 for VR flying and in areas that are heavy on performance, and I could imagine that regions like London would perform way better in AFS 2 than in P3D