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  1. Could prove difficult as there is no ortho product for Norway for P3D. The Norway scenery for P3D is a landclass product
  2. Hi guys, does anybody know what happened with the FSdeveloper forum? I tried to access the website for about a week now but I always get a "503 Service unavailable" message
  3. For me it's the other way around, I'd love to see you some of the terrible photogrammetry abominations replaced by classic Orbx Cityscapes. Check out Portland for example, the bridges are solid with car and street textures in weird places, container cranes are badly textured boxes, many building facades are distorted, and even worse the photogrammetry loads much slower than the generic buildings so there is visible popping in of buildings and higher resolution textures as you close to in, while the generic cities don't have this problem.
  4. I think Jarrad Marshall stated a while ago that the antenna is on his to do list. The rest I don't know.
  5. Fantastic news! May I ask if you're also planning to bring the NSTU package to the new sim?
  6. Best news ever, so many memories of the area! I proposed to my wife at the rim of Bryce Canyon. Thank you so much for this scenery!
  7. What I'd still like to know is if the independent developers that we haven't heard from for awhile, like Tim Harris, Alex Geoff and others are still around and developing for Orbx or if they have moved on to other things.
  8. What you're seeing is just the downside of relatively low res photogrammetry as opposed to custom modeled cities or even custom autogen. I agree with you that Santa Barbara looks way better in the P3D KBSA package than it does in MSFS 2020. Photogrammetry has the advantage of depicting every single object accurately but depending on the resolution and quality of the photos it is based on shapes of objects can look massively distorted and unnatural. It's quite good for easy rectangular shapes like buildings, but organic objects like trees and shrubs justice look like blobs of green or in the ca
  9. That's the result when you let an AI algorithm decide where to place vegetation and buildings just from analyzing a flat satellite image. The AI probably sees round green shapes and interprets them as vegetation, but without a database ist doesn't know if those are low level shrubs or 30 metre trees. The true earth scenery use databases for building and tree heights and manual editing of obvious errors. An AI generated scenery that relies solely on the shape and color of things (and maybe a rather incomplete OSM database to go with) will never be as accurate, which is also why all the guys who
  10. Nick, if you say the Stores can't see each other, what exactly does that mean for products installed via Orbx Central. I'm asking cause I was wondering that of the four products that I bought and installed via Orbx Central, two of them show up on the in game marketplace as already installed (KORS and LOWI), while the two others (Tacoma Narrows and KSBA) don't show up. I haven't had time to try out the products except for KORS which definitely is correctly installed, but shouldn't all products that I bought and installed via Orbx Central display as installed on the marketplace? Or the other way
  11. Same here, it's always nice to know what has been changed even if it's marginal
  12. Ich könnte versuchen fragen im deutschen forum zu übersetzen und weiter zu leiten und die englischen Antworten wieder auf deutsch im deutschen Support forum zu posten. Umständlich aber machbar. Kann allerdings nicht sagen wie oft ich dazu komme.
  13. Hi Nick, sorry to ask again but do I understand correctly?: I can just move the Orbx Library to another Drive by copying it there with Windows Explorer and Orbx Central will find the files there?
  14. If you own Australia V2 then global base and vector will do nothing at all to Australia because the full fat regions have their own textures, vector data and landclass. The Global Base, OpenLc and Vector sceneries are meant for areas of the world where no specific region sceneries exist or for people who only occasionally fly in some areas and don't want to purchase a regional scenery for this area. As a rule of thumb, a region like Orbx Australia V2, Orbx Norway or whatever will always be vastly superior to the combination of Orbx Global and Vector, but limited to a smaller area of the world
  15. Had the same problem just yesterday. P3D true earth norcal should have 72 GB but got the not enough disk space message even though my D drive had 128 GB free space. Deleted some files and after that had 170 GB, still the same message. Only when I deleted content from my C drive the download started. I have the impression that Central loads everything onto the C Drive before installing, even when the scenery is later installed on another drive.
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