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  1. First, this is freeware so the developer is not obliged to cater to anyone's specific needs or expectations. He does it in his free time because he enjoys it and if he decides to share his scenery with other people it's totally up to him in which way or for what platform. If he himself uses Prepar3d as his simulator of choice it seems logical to develop for P3D Second, the Prepar3d SDK offers possibilities for modeling and texturing FSX simply doesn't have. Most developers would like to have their vision look as good as possible and P3D has options to improve the appearance of the scenery that are not available nor backwards compatible with FSX. Converting for FSX would be an additional time consuming effort and probably just a tedious, not at all fun task. A Payware developer might choose to invest the time of converting his product for as many platforms as possible to increase sales. A freeware developer has nothing to gain from this and probably wants to spend his precious free time on flying or developing a new scenery which is probably way more fun than porting old stuff. Just my two cents.
  2. At least at the moment the cars on photoreal roads are visible below the moving road traffic, which I agree doesn't look that good. But keep in mind that up until now moving road and ship traffic is just a proof of concept demo in a small area of the Southern Florida DLC made by one of the Aerofly developers in his free time. It is not an officially supported feature of the main program yet. So if it will be included you should look at it as an added bonus which might improve over time as more features are added to the simulator, not an essential part of the product itself. On another note, as mentioned above I wholeheartedly agree that AFS 2 will be the best platform for the True Earth products and I hope that someday this will also show in sales numbers for ORBX.
  3. I believe it does, I rarely fly at night in Aerofly but there is freeware night lighting available for several regions of the default Aerofly coverage area, including LA extending to Orbx Palm Springs. Try flying from Palm Springs to LA at night, it's like diving into an ocean of light.
  4. That's an important point, people complaining that AFS2 lacks many features XP and P3D offer seem to forget that those sims had decades to evolve while Aerofly is still at the beginning. The addition of a realistic helicopter and now a basic implementation of moving traffics are important steps in the right direction.
  5. Admit it, you're doing it because you want to fly the Mach Loop with a 4K Headset at 90 fps ;-)
  6. If it was a decision purely based on business considerations, we probably would not have seen it converted to Aerofly. I think JV once stated that he personally would like to see how the True Earth GB sceneries perform in the Aerofly engine. I'm happy that a small community like the AFS crowd is supported by Orbx
  7. This will be the first time in my flightsimming life that I can fly over London with more than 10 fps. Can't wait to try this in VR. I'm wondering if Aerofly could even handle the next generation of VR headsets like the HP Reverb without a hardware upgrade and still get acceptable performance, given how much headroom there is on current Gen devices.
  8. Hi, I was really excited to hear that True Earth GB South will be ported to Aerofly. Now I was wondering if you are also considering some of your American airports for Aerofly. Palm Springs is absolutely brilliant, and the Roadmap mentioned that Sedona could also be a good choice for Aerofly. Now how about Santa Barbara, Half moon bay and San Diego? They're all in the default Aerofly area, they're all pretty drab and lifeless in the standard scenery while being close to your own Monterey and some very good default airports like KSFO and KLAX, with the area around LA having been recently enhanced with freeware autogen. With your three airports the whole west coast from San Francisco to San Diego would be a paradise to fly in. I'd love to see those ported to Aerofly as well. Cheers, Fabian
  9. Exactly. I'll be buying any True Earth scenery for AFS 2 because performance is just light-years ahead of P3D. Looking forward to it.
  10. I don't remember exactly but I think he already charges Payware developers if they want to integrate SODE into their sceneries, it's only free if you use it for freeware.
  11. It's unbelievable what you do for the community, Graham. I use Ultimate Traffic Live for most parts of the world with mixed results, but in Australia and New Zealand I always turn it off and use your package instead. It's way ahead of Ultimate Traffic in this region, especially for the remote routes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that even the BN-2 Islanders service from Bundaberg and Hervey Bay to Lady Elliott Island was included in your last version. Thank you very much for your great work.
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