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  1. While you're at it, you could check the product page and see if the "high regulation buildings" is some really new feature never seen before in flight simulation or just a typo...
  2. For me the most important feature is that the mouse pointer in VR is fading out now when you don't move the mouse. It was really unnerving to have this giant white blob floating around in the cockpit all the time.
  3. Hi, I'd love to buy the new Honolulu scenery, but I'm still reluctant to install the new ORBX Central. Have the initials issues been fixed in the meantime? Some people reported their whole scenery library was in disorder after migrating to ORBX Central, and I really don't have the time to reinstall Prepar3d if something goes wrong. Best regards, Fabian
  4. I'm using it mainly for helicopter flying at the moment. The R-22 flight model is a quite good and since the Dodosim is not compatible with P3D V4 there is no alternative at the moment. Xplane is said to have some very good helicopters but the VR performance of the demo was even worse than P3D on my setup so I decided to stay with P3D for a while. Aerofly has superior visuals and performance but not much else I'm afraid.
  5. I want Aerofly to be successful like anyone else, but I think IPACS have taken the wrong course if they want to attract more users to the platform. Maybe it's true that they focus on the mobile version now because they think they can make more money there. For third party developers that would likely be the final call to abandon Aerofly, for I doubt that mobile users are willing to invest in payware Addon content. For the PC users I just don't understand IPACS marketing strategy. From a Gamers perspective AFS2 is just too boring, no missions, no goals to be achieved... For the more serious simmers it lacks essential things like real weather, ATC, AI traffic, up to date navdata and of course more sceneries to fly in. If IPACS wants to win those over they should focus on providing development tools for 3rd party developers, for they'll never be able to make all this content by themselves in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. Though frustrating as this is I completely understand your decision. Aerofly has a lot of potential but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the direction IPACS has taken it in the last few months. Updates are rare and focus on tiny details like improving the FMC of the A320 instead of tackling long standing issues like the lack of of real weather, ATC and AI traffic or the absence of easy to use tools that enable freeware and Payware developers to get their creations into Aerofly. The forum is full of posts from people (including myself) who invest their time to provide some content to the platform but then run into dead ends because things that can be done in P3D in a matter of seconds prove to be near impossible in Aerofly. Flattening terrain or excluding default objects require complicated workarounds and sometimes expensive third party software to make it work. The secretive communication policy of IPACS doesn't make it better, nobody knows if or when more content will be released or what it will be. Despite Aeroflys stellar performance in VR I find myself returning to P3D more often just because I'm tired of waiting months for the next update only to be disappointed by the lack of progress. If IPACS continue like that I fear that Aerofly will suffer the same fate as FSW.
  7. iBlueYonder is essentially Bill Womack, who used to be a ORBX developer years ago (if you check out the credits of some older PNW sceneries you'll find his name) then left ORBX and started his own company iBlueYonder which released Nantucket among a few other sceneries, but returned to ORBX not too long ago so his iBlueYonder sceneries are now also available via the ORBX store. He also worked with Flightbeam on the KPDX scenery before his return to ORBX.
  8. Same here, I'd love to enjoy the True Earth sceneries but held back on buying one for P3D because of performance concerns in VR and disk space requirements. For most part of the world the classic Full Fat LC based regions are still completely sufficient and I hope we will still get more of them for years to come.
  9. Really excited about this scenery. Great to see something different from the usual "yet another US airport" which many other developers do. ORBX always provides new opportunities to explore regions you'd never think of flying in before. The Balkan is a really interesting region which a rich, if sometimes tragic history and great natural beauty and we're getting more and more great sceneries for it.
  10. And to scenerydesign.org for the tools you'll need to get your models into the simulator.
  11. Can you also confirm if other simulators struggle to keep up acceptable framerates with the higher resolution? In Prepar3d I only use VR in performance friendly areas because framerates are quite low even with medium settings. I could imagine that this is even worse with the high resolution of the Reverb
  12. The mesh is from another world. So many small details make even the rather flat and repetitive outback areas come to life
  13. Unbelievable that this is part of the region and not a separate Payware release
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