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  1. Same here, it's always nice to know what has been changed even if it's marginal
  2. Ich könnte versuchen fragen im deutschen forum zu übersetzen und weiter zu leiten und die englischen Antworten wieder auf deutsch im deutschen Support forum zu posten. Umständlich aber machbar. Kann allerdings nicht sagen wie oft ich dazu komme.
  3. Hi Nick, sorry to ask again but do I understand correctly?: I can just move the Orbx Library to another Drive by copying it there with Windows Explorer and Orbx Central will find the files there?
  4. If you own Australia V2 then global base and vector will do nothing at all to Australia because the full fat regions have their own textures, vector data and landclass. The Global Base, OpenLc and Vector sceneries are meant for areas of the world where no specific region sceneries exist or for people who only occasionally fly in some areas and don't want to purchase a regional scenery for this area. As a rule of thumb, a region like Orbx Australia V2, Orbx Norway or whatever will always be vastly superior to the combination of Orbx Global and Vector, but limited to a smaller area of the world while global goes you worldwide improvements on a lower level.
  5. Had the same problem just yesterday. P3D true earth norcal should have 72 GB but got the not enough disk space message even though my D drive had 128 GB free space. Deleted some files and after that had 170 GB, still the same message. Only when I deleted content from my C drive the download started. I have the impression that Central loads everything onto the C Drive before installing, even when the scenery is later installed on another drive.
  6. Don't know for sure but the real air scout has an amphibian version. With some manual file copying it should theoretically work in V5
  7. If you turn off dynamic lighting in the P3D settings you'll never see dynamic lights anywhere no matter which airport options you choose, the master setting just disregards what you choose at the individual airports. I think P3Dv5 overall performance is a little better with GPU intensive tasks like dynamic lighting than the V4 was. However, from what I've read from several developer discussions, how lights are placed in the scenery has a large impact on the performance. One rule of thumb seems to be that light cones from dynamic lights should never overlap or you'll challenge the rendering engine with the heavy task of determining how both light intensities add to and interact with each other. If you place the lights further apart performance impact is said to be minimal. In your case I'd try turning on dynamic lights in the P3D settings and if you feel that a specific airport performs much worse at night than in the day turn off dynamic lights in the individual airports control panel.
  8. That's something that is doable but the developer of the individual airport has to take care of this. My understanding is that the Prepar3d SDK offers two possibilities to control the visibility of the dynamic light, one of them is a setting of the light itself where you can specify how far the light can be seen, but this setting only works if the light is loaded right from the start so only when you're departing from an airport. If you want to make the light appear on approach from a certain distance you need a separate effect controller that tells the light when to become visible. At least that's what was written in a discussion about dynamic lighting at simflight.de when Prepar3d V4 came out and many developers retrofitted their airports with dynamic lighting. I never tried it myself though, haven't worked with dynamic lighting before.
  9. Hi Jarrad, will all the airports in the Norcal area be compatible? Are there any color differences in the photoreal imagery?
  10. Wow, beautiful views of Mono Lake and the amazing desert areas east of the Sierra Nevada. Thank you for the great shots.
  11. As far as I know Tongass Fjords just isn't an Orbx product, it was created by Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack before they even joined Orbx and Orbx doesn't hold the rights to the IP so there's nothing they can do about its current state, neither port it to another platform, offer official support or improve it in any way. I think I Read somewhere that they once even tried to buy the rights to the products but FSAddons refused to sell them.
  12. All in all I'd say that V5 in general provides better and more stable framerate than V4 if you use similar settings. Especially places with lots of custom models like London or also DD Seattle city and airports perform better and even when framerates are lower it feels more fluid due to less variation in the fps. Also terrain loading seems to be improved with less blurries. But you need more VRAM than in older versions because more rendering tasks are now transferred to the GPU.
  13. Just for understanding, is the forest within the national park or outside the national park? If it is within the NP, I'd reckon that the scenery landclass placement was done automatically by extracting osm data and assigning landclass textures to certain keywords, and maybe the word "park" as in National Park was interpreted by the placing algorithm as a command to place forest textures. One further question, which Orbx products do you have installed? Only Global or Global and Open LC North America? Because the latter one should give you more accurate landclass throughout the US. I can check how it looks on my system and post a Screenshot.
  14. At the bottom of each product page there should be a line reading something like: "This product is only compatible with..." or "You have to own the following products ...." This tells you wether a product is standalone (eg for Orbx Global or Open Landclass) or requires a specific region to be installed)
  15. Guess I'll pass on this one, I go down to single digit frames in the LA area even without a highly detailed airport scenery.
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