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  1. Same here, I'd love to enjoy the True Earth sceneries but held back on buying one for P3D because of performance concerns in VR and disk space requirements. For most part of the world the classic Full Fat LC based regions are still completely sufficient and I hope we will still get more of them for years to come.
  2. Really excited about this scenery. Great to see something different from the usual "yet another US airport" which many other developers do. ORBX always provides new opportunities to explore regions you'd never think of flying in before. The Balkan is a really interesting region which a rich, if sometimes tragic history and great natural beauty and we're getting more and more great sceneries for it.
  3. And to scenerydesign.org for the tools you'll need to get your models into the simulator.
  4. Can you also confirm if other simulators struggle to keep up acceptable framerates with the higher resolution? In Prepar3d I only use VR in performance friendly areas because framerates are quite low even with medium settings. I could imagine that this is even worse with the high resolution of the Reverb
  5. The mesh is from another world. So many small details make even the rather flat and repetitive outback areas come to life
  6. Unbelievable that this is part of the region and not a separate Payware release
  7. Absolutely brilliant. I've only visited Melbourne once in 2011 so many of the buildings are new to me, but I still remember the overall look of the city from the viewpoint on top of the Eureka tower and your representation is absolutely spot on. Could you please post some screenshots of Flinders Street Station and St Kilda? I'd love to see how those look in the simulator. Thanks and cheers, Fabian
  8. Cairns! The whole city is modeled in beautiful detail, and in addition to the airport itself there's a float plane jetty on the coastline and at least one landing spot for float planes at an island of the Great Barrier Reef just a few miles from the coast.
  9. I may be wrong but I think ORBX stated that they won't release landclass based sceneries for Xplane, only their True Earth product line. Things may change, however I think even if they do produce landclass sceneries for xplane someday it's not their highest priority.
  10. I'd be interested in that, too. I've been holding off to buy GB South for Prepar3d because I think my PC can't handle it in VR, thus waiting for the AFS 2 version. But if a demo could convince me that performance is acceptable I'd probably buy it.
  11. I think Aeroflys superior VR performance will be even more obvious when the next generation of headsets with higher resolution will come to the mass market. Aerofly will probably be the only simulator that can run at acceptable framerates with the those headsets without people having to invest thousands of dollars in new hardware.
  12. I think it's against the forum rules to post a link here, but you can Google for the official Aerofly forum, there's a section called user created scenery. From there you'll be redirected to the page that provides the freeware content for Aerofly (it's not an official IPACS site)
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