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  1. I didn't notice any difference in visibility for my custom decals but I'll double check again before I release it on Saturday, thanks for the information
  2. That's not correct, the MSFS SDK allows for creating your own custom ground markings textures and decals. I'm working on a small MSFS freeware scenery for New Zealand at the moment and I created some custom runway end markings for that. So it's possible although time consuming.
  3. Great news, Hendrik, let's hope that asobo fixes the coastline glitch in the next update so we can enjoy flying over the sea again.
  4. You might find some very good information for beginners here: The Playlist contains 18 videos covering the basics of scenery design with Blender as the main modeling tool. Although Bill Womack still uses Blender 2.79 in this video series many of the things he talks about can be easily to 2.8 and higher, too.
  5. Judging from the world update for the USA the UK update will probably contain only a few dozens of landmarks while the true earth regions contained hundreds or even more than a thousand so don't expect too much.
  6. Not a Tico myself but fell in love with the country during a three weeks trip in 2012. Wanted to visit again with my family but heard that tourist safety has been an issue lately with many places we enjoyed now having high crime rates and not advised to visit outside large guided tours. Would love to see more airports and sceneries being developed for Costa Rica, just recently bought Dreamflight Studios Liberia airport for MSFS. Pura Vida!
  7. When you look at the folders of those freeware sceneries you will see that many of them use very ineffective texturing methods, namely a large number of very small textures per object which leads to a heavy workload for the GPU. I once downloaded a freeware scenery for the Zion National Park and though it looked great it was essentially unflyable. the texture folder contained 41000 texture each of them only a few kilobytes big. I guess that happens when people mistake watching a 5 minute YouTube video on extracting and converting Google earth data with efficient scenery design. That said, ther
  8. Hi, although I appreciate the city landmarks packs like London, Singapore and Paris, they only cover a tiny area in regions otherwise devoid of interesting landmarks. What I'd love to see are landmarks packs that include every Landmark of a True Earth region, like GB North, not only the famous buildings but also VFR reference points like wind turbines, chimney stacks... Is there any chance we might see something like this in the not too distant future?
  9. Are you referring to the Global AI ship traffic Addon by Henrik Nielsen that he released for P3D and has been trying for a while now to get into MSFS? I know he is making good progress but last time I checked on fsdeveloper.com he said it wasn't ready for release yet, but I could be wrong. I'm also eagerly waiting for it because I love island hopping short flights all over the world and the AI ship traffic adds so much to see to otherwise sometimes boring flights over water.
  10. Could prove difficult as there is no ortho product for Norway for P3D. The Norway scenery for P3D is a landclass product
  11. Hi guys, does anybody know what happened with the FSdeveloper forum? I tried to access the website for about a week now but I always get a "503 Service unavailable" message
  12. For me it's the other way around, I'd love to see you some of the terrible photogrammetry abominations replaced by classic Orbx Cityscapes. Check out Portland for example, the bridges are solid with car and street textures in weird places, container cranes are badly textured boxes, many building facades are distorted, and even worse the photogrammetry loads much slower than the generic buildings so there is visible popping in of buildings and higher resolution textures as you close to in, while the generic cities don't have this problem.
  13. I think Jarrad Marshall stated a while ago that the antenna is on his to do list. The rest I don't know.
  14. Fantastic news! May I ask if you're also planning to bring the NSTU package to the new sim?
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