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  1. Crowdfunding this one might seem a good idea. Maybe roughly take the development cost of OLC Africa as a goal for the funding.
  2. There is no TE PNW, only a TE Washington and TE Oregon. There has been a landclass-based PNW region for FSX and later P3D for many years now, and I guess that the addon mentioned here is for that region, not for the more recent True Earth regions released for X-Plane 11
  3. Looks like it catches the diversity of Africa very well. Would like to see namibia, too, and maybe the central highland of Madagascar, which looks a lot more like Asia with its rice terraces and style of houses. I'd be interested to see if that could be captured as well
  4. Also looking forward to it. Could we see some shots of the Sossuvlei region in Namibia please?
  5. I think The first orbx airport was Tamworth if I'm not mistaken. As for the ICAO code, that probably has changed since the release of the scenery and if you use real world navigation data you'll end up with two ICAO codes for the same airport. In FSX/P3D it's not even possible to completely remove an existing old ICAO code from the database, so even if ORBX revised their scenery and assigned the new code, you'd end up with two airports showing up on the same location, for example in the GPS or the ATC menu. Same is the case with newer releases like Glacier Park.
  6. It happens when the autogen is placed by the simulator before the full mesh resolution has loaded, especially in performance intensive regions where the CPU/GPU struggles to keep up with the scenery loading. Sometimes you see hundreds of buildings floating around, a reload of the scenery library or save and reload of the flight resolves the issue at least for some time.
  7. With 55-60 hours/week in emergency and intensive care at a large hospital and two little children it ain't about attention span, it's about managing precious free time for my hobby. Watching hours of video reviews is something I simply don't have the time to do.
  8. The reason I rarely watch videos is just that most of of them are quite long. I can check out ten Screenshot within seconds but most videos are several minutes long or even longer. Worst of all are video reviews of products or sceneries, some authors need an hour for a video while a good article can often be read in under five minutes.
  9. On another note, I think years ago someone said that ORBX also were developing Great Barrier Island - haven't heard anything from that one either.
  10. While you're at it, you could check the product page and see if the "high regulation buildings" is some really new feature never seen before in flight simulation or just a typo...
  11. For me the most important feature is that the mouse pointer in VR is fading out now when you don't move the mouse. It was really unnerving to have this giant white blob floating around in the cockpit all the time.
  12. Open LC Europe has yellow rapeseed fields in spring in areas like Southern Germany if I remember correctly.
  13. Hi, I'd love to buy the new Honolulu scenery, but I'm still reluctant to install the new ORBX Central. Have the initials issues been fixed in the meantime? Some people reported their whole scenery library was in disorder after migrating to ORBX Central, and I really don't have the time to reinstall Prepar3d if something goes wrong. Best regards, Fabian
  14. I'm using it mainly for helicopter flying at the moment. The R-22 flight model is a quite good and since the Dodosim is not compatible with P3D V4 there is no alternative at the moment. Xplane is said to have some very good helicopters but the VR performance of the demo was even worse than P3D on my setup so I decided to stay with P3D for a while. Aerofly has superior visuals and performance but not much else I'm afraid.
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