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  1. I still have the FS2004 and FSX boxes in an honorary spot in my bookshelf, ready for a sentimental journey if needed :-) However... I switched to P3DV3 on day one and am now on V4 since day one, as I value immersion and extreme detail in the cockpit, the sky, and on the airport. This always gave me problems in FSX both with memory and performance. I can't even begin to count the hours I spent tuning, testing and re-tuning the system, trying to fix stutters, CTDs and OOMs, preventing me to FLY the darn plane. I am sure I tell the story of countless other simmers here.... ;-) When the well matured P3DV3 came out I bought a new high end (for the time) GTX card and went for the future = ditched FSX. Although still missing one or two old planes in FSX I don't regret the switch for a second. The immersion factor is incredibly greater in a modern, supported and constantly evolving platform. The clouds, memory management, lighting, shadows, texture crispness, improved flight models, stability, performance.... plus the good attention from add-on makers like ORBX... And now with V4, no worries on OOM and some nice performance improvements and lighting goodies...and there is STILL quite some backwards compatibility to old freeware stuff, like my cherished FSX ship traffic along the coasts, which was such a wonderful surprise. That said, I will always appreciate FSX and FS2004 as the platforms that helped me to gain a real understanding and appreciation for flying and that unlocked the secrets to real GA flying. That will ALWAYS be there.
  2. +1 on that David Mills. Flying the vanilla P3DV4 for a few days is a stark reminder of how far the add-on makers have come and what we are now taking for granted. I absolutely love the ORBX treats. To me, in looking at the deserts in vanilla P3D, it is also is a good reminder that there is strong competition out there (XP11, Aerofly) that delivers more visual goodies out of the box than P3D. For now though I am all in on P3DV4, but nothing is set in stone. It is indeed a good time to be a virtual scholar of flight.
  3. Thanks Jarrad for your explanation of your reasoning behind the train traffic and how it is calculated! Very interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes. You are an absolute gem in scenery development! Case closed. As for the other comments.... *SMILE* ;-)
  4. Still in awe over the details and attention to detail here. I truly enjoy this masterpiece, and will surely explore it for a loooooong time more. Now for a slight detail (yes I KNOW this is knitpicking... ;-) ), if only to get a better grip of how the train traffic is implemeted: While it in the description says "5x animated trains over 30km of routes", I have so far only been able to make out 4 trains that by far don't cover 30km of routes: - 1 freight train to/from central station to the tunnel, 2 local trains to/from central station westbound, and 1 ICE that stops at Westbahnhof from the west, not even getting to central station. - No traffic at all that is going eastbound, which I find to be a pity since I usually approach LOWI from the east. (as if there isn't eyecandy enough :-P) Anyone else has observations around this? Am I missing something? Is it possible to affect train traffic somehow? All boxes are checked in the configurator. Thank and best regards Sven
  5. WOW! A definite instabuy. Will there be dynamic train traffic? Not that it matters for the purchase, but that would surely be the icing on the cake as this IRL always was a beautiful extra touch when flying into LOWI.
  6. Thanks for the update John! You think you made the wait EASIER now!? AAAAAAHHHH!
  7. Longest wait for an airport EVER... ... have looked at the teaser pictures once a week and am still gobsmacked... I'm on P3Dv3.4 and LOWI is the only reason I sometimes fire up FSX with Aerosofts version on it to make the trip from LOWW or EDDM. Sooooo looking forward to this....
  8. This post is to praise the team that worked with the idea, development and implementation: Created the account & transferred my licenses to it within five minutes, installed FTXCV3, it found all installs and licenses. Consistent layout, easy to put freeware and payware in account, one click download and install.... no wrappers, no hassle. From day 1 this all worked flawlessly, no bugs so far. WOW! So, this virtual pilot with P3DV3.4 on Windows 10, says thank you thank you thank you!
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