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  1. Hi You appear to have a problem with the Almond Valley Viaduct. Iain
  2. Hi Can we expect a fix for this problem at some point? I am looking at possible enhancement of this airstrip for freeware project with TENorth compatibility. A bit pointless however if this airstrip remains this way. Iain
  3. Hi Scottie Not seeing the problem you refer to anywhere on or near this location.. Iain
  4. Hi Someone has been digging rather a big trench at Flotta, or is this where the peat is harvested? Iain
  5. Hi After recent update to TE Scotland North not seeing any response to the problems reported at EGEH Whalsay. Iain
  6. Hi Major problems for the airfield at Out Skerries- OUK. The island of Grunay is flat as a pancake at sea level with the airfield runway floating above. One of the most challenging landings in the UK has become a whole lot harder. Also the immediate area around EGEH Whalsay airfield is not looking too good! Iain
  7. Hi Just to avoid any confusion your Aberdeen is actually Inverness. Iain
  8. Hi Nick Yes, look out for some more very shortly. A comprehensive package of TV and Radio masts for Scotland. Iain
  9. Hi You could try this:- https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=58998837 Iain
  10. Hi The airfield details input for EGMF helipad has added an extra United Kingdom entry to the list of countries on the 'Go to Airport' menu. It has added United-Kingdom when all other airfields are under United Kingdom. Also the airfield data for this helipad as well as QMRI have 'State/Province' inserted when in fact this is not normally included for UK airfields. Iain
  11. Hi If the alerts are solely for the use of developers then it looks like they are not making full use of them. Just as important, if not more so, is the use of these alerts by beta testers which also does not seem to be fully happening either. How can the scenery be displaying correctly? The simulator is looking for objects and textures it can't find and they are then not being seen by the customer which effectively means the scenery and the product is incomplete. Also all the time you are flying in the area containing these missing items the simulator is constantly looking for them which must have some impact on performance surely? I experienced and reported missing library objects in the EUScotland product within weeks of it's release and now with all up to date files in place am still seeing missing objects when the relevant alert is active. The alerts are not just showing at the airport where the missing objects should be ( full details were provided ) but also at two other airfields, one a reasonable distance away, so the effect of the problem is not entirely local. Iain
  12. Hi The objects in question here are not Orbx objects as they look very much like objects I designed for a compatible addon package of Scottish airfields which is available. Best I don't say anymore as I don't think it would be appropriate but I trust the previous poster might now be able to identify where they came from. I hope so, at least. Iain
  13. Hi I now have the Iceland Demo installed to give me the latest libraries together with EU Scotland and have installed the replacement files supplied by Ed earlier today. Whilst the problem which we were told was connected to autogen does appear to be fixed and thank you for that, I still have, as reported previously three missing objects on the main apron at Dundee Airport ( Guids were given ). Hi Ron If you have the necessary entry in place in your FSX.cfg file then visit Dundee Airport. I should add that EU Scotland was my first Orbx scenery installed and I understand from contact with other customers who have earlier sceneries installed that the problem I have been highlighting is not apparent to them so it might not come up for you either. Iain
  14. Hi I, also, have three copies of the file mentioned. I however have two dated May 2013. As well as 'Global' a copy in 'Scripts\Lights\Off is dated the same. I only now have EU Scotland installed. Iain
  15. Hi I too have been patiently waiting for a new version of libraries to appear and have installed your Iceland Demo with accompanying libraries but sadly there is no improvement in the situation when flying in Scotland. As well as the problem with autogen not fully displaying we also still having missing objects at Dundee Airport as reported previously. Turning off autogen does not get rid of alerts in the case of the latter problem Iain
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