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  1. Glad you are still on the deck mate. Enjoy the new virtual offered to you !
  2. Thank you all for these kind words. I was at work yesterday but today I desserve a rest enjoying family and nature to keep being inspired for next
  3. 80% of simmers from FSX have switched to P3D without any bundle
  4. Please use dedicated topic as said below or else it will be out scan !
  5. Glad you enjoy your trip. The Needles LH platform is the place to be to discover the Solent and Isle of Wight
  6. Hi, Where ? no where The product is still in development and will be free when it goes live. I cannot give you any ETA
  7. I'm not in the AUv2 team so I cannot say. Concerning my scenery, some atolls are personnal draw from maritime information because few of them have decent photos
  8. The carrier is landable but I guess it's rather difficult if the aircraft is not a VSTOL
  9. Thank you for sharing Brad. Sure, it's a good way to wait for the coming Au V2
  10. Hi guys, I confirm the water tower is not from TE. Here's what we have in XP11: You can also notice another artefact and windsock from the default helipad which is set on the water
  11. Captured from XP11.30 with Ultra Weather X The Old Man of Storr Balmoral Castle, Her Majesty's estate Eilean Donan by Day and by Night
  12. Thank you Pete for your kinds words. Our pleasure to build it is your pleasure to fly in. XP11.30 is indeed very good
  13. Anywhere you are, I wish you my best wishes for the coming year
  14. Hi guys, Please,dDon't be so lazy. Several posts pointed already done or reported POIs. Before reporting anything, please check topics and do a flight into the sim then make a capture in case of loss. Reports should be done here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/275-community-airport-poi-requests-and-photo-submissions/ We devote huge effort to make POIs as numerous as possible so help us by making it more effective mates
  15. Please keep reporting into the dedicated thread: or support forum in case of trouble
  16. Very nice vintage shot. Always a great pleasure to see that special place. Thank you for sharing! Yes, that is and you'll be able to challenge the landing very shortly
  17. Hi Kevin, Not sure we are able to find steam engines but some new views will talk to you soon
  18. Hi, Both Tamar bridge and Brunel Albert Bridge are already positioned into the first release
  19. Because of the way X-plane manages files and displays items which is different from FSX/P3D. Unless placements can be easily identified and gathered into a specific file like with FSX, it's not the same into XP. The Solent is large enough to leave room for traffic. Why comparing it to a runway ?
  20. Any traffic program should do its own exclusion squares for its needs, not the reverse and that is a basic process.
  21. Visit of the Solent from Portsmouth to Southampton. Coming soon South SP1 will bring a new looking of the area and the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth is landable.
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