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  1. I haven't missed one yet. I take the Mrs and the daughter along and I watch the show, the Mrs drinks some wine and the little one plays in the river. I usually go down for the practices as well. It's a great time!!! Cheers Al
  2. Thanks Ryan. I will be looking at headsets over the next week or so - my old one gave up the ghost! I had actually downloaded ts3 and was ready to go so I got quite angry about it all. But I'll get there!!! Cheers Al
  3. I copped that in about 5 emails this morning - made me laugh out loud! You're right! It also means to me: A 4 day weekend (woohoo!), an awesome party to attend at my mates place, yummy lunch at Mums to recover from said party on Sunday and chocolate engorgement to the max!!! Cheers and Happy Easter all! Al
  4. G'day people! I have been away for awhile due to illness (all better now!) and thought I'd get my flight simming act back together. Here are some randoms taken around Perth and in Tasmania while testing my reinstalled and re-tweaked system. Click on them if you wish to see them at their full 1920x1080 resolution. Enjoy!: [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270157510.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270133717.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270126234.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270155360.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270194156.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270141821.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270158249.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270142538.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270158118.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270145009.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270202838.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270115508.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270118986.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270152987.jpg [img width=1160 height=652]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1270138065.jpg Cheers! Al
  5. Iain! Will you stop posting photos on the "Screenshot" board!!!! Al
  6. Albany is FREE!! It is included in the OZx Pack and version 3.0 has just been released. You may have to be patient though - the servers are swamped as I understand it. Download >HERE< Al
  7. ...for OZx 3.0 to download. I have been overseas for a while (London, Boston and New York - Very COOL! ) and have just been flying and working since I've been back BUT I did manage to hit the 'v' key a few times whilst doing so. Enjoy! Thanks for looking. Al
  8. Yep! The manual has all the info you need. Al
  9. Downloading now... I wish it would hurry up!! A big "Good on yer!" to all involved in this great piece of kit. Al
  10. Thanks for the prompt and concise reply, John. I still manage to get my fun anyway: ;D Al
  11. I am extremely happy with what FTX products I have installed but I have to add: Is there any news on the Perth Cityscape project that was promulgated some time ago? Al
  12. I have to say the Huey is a great looking bird, Ryan, but what are its flight dynamics like? I can't fly any of my payware helicopters anymore - they just seem so... insipid, for want of a better word, compared to the Dodo. Al Edit: Thanks for the heads-up, Paul BTW.
  13. I think it was a joke and in fact pointing out the similarities between the two in a kind of sarcastic manner. Note the at the bottom of his post... I had to re-read it a few times to get what I hope was the gist of his comment. Al
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