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  1. Great shot but I agree that it would be improved by cutting out a lot of the foreground. smooth landings.
  2. One small step for man, one giant step for simming. Pre-pre-pay. Very anxious for this one!! smooth landings.
  3. Thanks for the information, very useful for all of us considering a new screen and also 3D. I am also surprised that I have never read anything before about the mouse pointer not being visible in 3D, but I think that it now rules out 3D for me until they fix it. I just do not want to use keyboard shortcuts for everything. smooth landings.
  4. Not only are these a great set of screeshots, they are also great individually. Good commentary as well with them, so they are very pleasant to look at. Shows both the scenery and the aircraft off well. Good mixture of interior and exterior screenshots. More like these please!! smooth landings.
  5. The screenshots are a real pleasure to look at. I agree with the comments above, the VC shot is a five star screenshot. Look forward do seeing more like this, smooth landings.
  6. Flight simulation at its best, wonderful screenshot. Stunning shot. smooth landings.
  7. Brilliant The only word to describe these screenshots. Fantastic also springs to mind. smooth landings.
  8. Thanks for the link, good explanation and clear, thanks again, smooth landings.
  9. Same for me, I am also unsure about how to enter this on the computer, so an explanation would help many people I think. Interesting topic this, surprised that it has not come up before. smooth landings.
  10. And it is also good to see some non-standard angles in the screenshots. They have given me inspiration to try and be a bit more creative. Must try the aircraft as well. thanks for posting such a good set of shots. Smooth landings.
  11. The lighting, aircraft and clouds are just right for this screenshot. It really shows that FSX has come of age, smooth landings.
  12. Nice!! Can I pre-pay now!!!!!?? Credit card is very ready for this one. waiting for the release day. Smooth landings.
  13. Enjoying the shots here, and the map is great too, an inspiration to try the same flight. One thing about forgetting the landing light and almost forgetting to lower the gear, if you go through the checklists it improves the overall sim experience and makes things more realistic. Small thing but one step nearer to reality. And if you get to fly the real thing, then very useful to be in the habit of doing!!! Landing with the wheels up results in a considerably reduced landing roll!! Smooth landings.
  14. Like all your other shots, stunning. You can almost believe that it is a real photograph, not a screenshot. Quality, not quantity here, and a delight to look at. I like the frame too! great work, post more shots Smooth landings.
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