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  1. That first screenshot is a real cracker, great angle and everything is right in it. The other screenshots are not bad either !! smooth landings.
  2. i will go with the flow and agree, a PMDG quality Dash 8 and also a Twin Otter. Both would be great for FSX. smooth landings.
  3. Second screenshot is a stunner, but all of them were good. Very nice to look at, smooth landings.
  4. Trying out the new NZSI scenery and had some great light for the screenshots. Couple of shots here, the classic Spitfire over Macenzie country, NZ. smooth landings.
  5. Hoorahhhhh. At last, the green glow around NZ South Island. I will be standing by with the download fingers ready......... getting excited now, smooth landings
  6. Thanks Ateh1 for the reply. That shows just how much effort and how long that it takes to make these videos. The good thing is though that all that effort pays off, the results speak for themselves. The videos that you make are a great inspiration to us others. Keep making the videos, they are appreciated. Smooth landings.
  7. I hope that the Bluebridge ferries are also included, a far better service than on the Interislander boats, and a regular sight between Picton and Wellington. With all the preview screenshots, I guess that D-day for release cannot be far away. smooth landings.
  8. The first and the third shots are real stunners, the aircraft looks so real. Good set of screenshots there, smooth landings.
  9. Am I the only one who is now obsessed with checking for glows around boxes??? The finger for downloading is poised... smooth landings.
  10. Another great video, which shows off Goheen very well. Good mixture of aircraft too. One question.......for a video like this, how long does it take you for the planning, capturing and then editing??? Just to give us others an idea!!! thanks for the video, smooth landings.
  11. A real pleasure to look at, very atmospheric and they capture the spirit of biplane flying. Very nice!! smooth landings.
  12. The first shot is very very good. You can almost feel the g-forces in this shot. The angle of the aircraft, the clouds and the dark ground just add to the picture. Very nice!! smooth landings.
  13. The screenshots are too dark for me, hard to make out the details. I find that dusk or somewhere nearby makes night screenshots easier. smooth landings.
  14. These screenshots are considerably better than the earlier ones, the improvements show. Starting to look more like it should now. Good to see Dunners looking almost finished. smooth landings.
  15. Making videos IS a slow process, but it does get easier once you get used to it!!! Just a question of learning the menus and then practising at cutting and selecting. So keep at it!!! smooth landings.
  16. Nice!!! Very professional and almost like a commercial for Orbx. Very smooth video, nice transitions too and a good mixture of scenery and aircraft. Not sure about the music though, but otherwise, very enjoyable to watch, smooth landings.
  17. Have to agree with the other comments, great colours and textures. Very natural and just right for these screenshots. A pleasure to look at these, smooth landings.
  18. Wow and stunning are definitely the words for these screenshots. Very high quality, great angles and great framing. More please!! smooth landings.
  19. I will add my 2 cents worth......Once you get used to flying with TrackIR, then I think that it will be very difficult to go back to flying without it. No problem to pause the TrackIR (and you can easily change the F9 key for any key of your choice), and if you keep trying, you can get wonderfully smooth views. It does seem to need centering rather more than I would like though, but now I do that without thinking. A very good add-on. Smooth landings.
  20. Very natural and realistic colours, not oversaturated or overdone. You got the effects and settings spot on, and the results show it. Nice!! smooth landings.
  21. Five good screenshots with something of interest in each one, good angles and plenty to examine in each shot. Nice!! Smooth landings
  22. Is that a Rallye Club? Not seen this in FSX before, or is it from FS9? smooth landings.
  23. As usual, you are setting the standard for all of us others to follow. Great shot and great inspiration for everybody else. Another 5 star screenshot. smooth landings.
  24. But I guess that South Island, New Zealand is going to be even better, wow+++++ smooth landings.
  25. Just a request to the Orbx developers....... For future releases or Orbx scenery, is it possible for the developers to include the option for us to install Orbx sceneries onto different drives, instead of the default FSX location? I have followed the other posts about using links and junctions (e.g. mklink), but it would nice to have the option when we are installing scenery to choose where to put it. I guess that many people like me have a small SSD that is almost full, so it would be great to make the installation easier by being able to choose where to put Orbx sceneries. Hope that
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