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  1. Also wondering if the Isles of Scilly are going to be included. The short, sloped runways there would be a great project for Orbx to cover, as well as being very scenic. Looking forward to the re-release of the former Earth Simulations software. Jerry
  2. Add another voice of praise to the list !! Wonderful video, and you just have to be very impressed the both the quality and the smoothness of it. Very nice to watch ! smooth landings.
  3. Makes me think that it is photo-real without the photos. Getting more and more realistic with every new release now. smooth landings.
  4. I think that this video would be improved by some editing. There was a looooong section of just looking at the wing tip (over 90 seconds I think) without being able to see much of the scenery. So some cutting would improve the video.
  5. Bit surprised when I look at your computer specifications that your system had a problem with the frame rates. 5.2GHz and some other fast components, so I would have thought that it would have made easy work of this. Just wondering as well if 31 knots crosswind is over the limit for this aircraft? But interesting to watch !! smooth landings.
  6. I am going to join the NO group for W8. Luckily, the flight sim is on a separate computer (Windows 7) and I am already so frustrated with W8 for general use, that no way will I change the other computer to W8. Windows 8 might be ok if you have a touch screen and like lots of apps, but even after trying W8 for a few weeks, it is just too frustrating for me. Might even go to Linux instead. So for me, Windows 7 is the way to go, or to remain. smooth landings.
  7. Rather than admitting that I am an addict, I prefer to use the word connoisseur. Same difference but it sounds better to my friends. But what a wonderful thing to be addicted to ! smooth landings.
  8. Awesome!! Great lighting, good angle and it all came together perfectly. smooth landings.
  9. This has got me wondering how long it will be before there is a 1 MM/pixel airport. The way that things are progressing, then we might not have to wait too long. Fantastic work again by RW on this, sure to be a sales winner. smooth landings.
  10. Add another vote to the amazing screenshots list, thought that all the screenshots were wonderful.
  11. Nice to see Orbx Oz again, and just shows that, even with all the new Orbx areas, that Oz still looks great. Good set of screenshots there.
  12. Humble it might be, but excellent it certainly is. It really does showcase the NZMF scenery very well, and the bird's eye view is a little different. Gave some great views of the lodges and strips, and was well worth watching. smooth landings.
  13. One question....does the Chardonnay improve the flying? If so then I will try it. And do the views become a little fuzzy after a lot of Chardonnay? smooth landings.
  14. And I will add another vote of approval for the shots. The lighting and clouds make these very realistic, and the well chosen cockpit views really show things off well. Good to look at them !! smooth landings.
  15. Great shots, but where do we find these ENB settings?, it would be good to try them. Very impressed with the screenshots here, smooth landings.
  16. Is it me or does the screenshot look like it has been stretched too much?? smooth landings.
  17. I agree with the comments above, especially from Fritz. Great video here, but it is too short. Just when you are watching it thinking, 'wow, this is good' then it is over. Very professional video, and a great tribute to Milford Sound. Sad to say that for me, Milford Sound means sandflies, not a sign of them in the video though!! smooth landings.
  18. Yes, Russ has again worked miracles. Another add-on which is now on the 'want' list. Not only does Emsie get to try the scenery first, but he even gets his own personlised aircraft registration! smooth landings.
  19. Looks like you need the pitot heat on, judging by the first shot, appears that you have lost some airspeed !! smooth landings.
  20. Well even if it is long, then it is certainly very interesting. Useful for those of us who have not bought it yet to see how it looks in practice, Martins Bay is definitely great. And the Islander is SO appropriate for the Milford area. Just needs the sandflies........ smooth landings.
  21. Excellent !!! So well put together, good story-line and also some great camera angles. So good that I will watch it again !! smooth landings.
  22. Now that Orbx has people flow, snow flow, creature flow etc, then with this new Europe area coming, then I think that we will have to introduce a new feature....... CREDIT CARD FLOW . But the plastic is ready and waiting....... good news !!! smooth landings.
  23. Not just the Havelock area that is VERY beautiful !! Spectacular from the ground, from the air or by boat. Next time you have Orbx South Island fired up, then have a flight around the west coast and down towards the fjords (Milford, Dusky, Doubtful). I almost forgot to mention the Southern Alps, which are even more beautiful. Then of course there are the lakes......... As a certain national airline once said..."When you see New Zealand, you will understand why we fly there so often". I may be a little biased here. smooth landings.
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