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  1. The trusty C172 classic again, on finals into (Orbx) Alesund in Norway. Real World weather, ultra settings for most items and some very gloomy weather. The humped runway is visible. Correcting for the slightly too high approach. Jerry
  2. A great selection of shots, especially the last one. LOWI is a fantastic add-on, as your shots show. Nice mixture too. Jerry
  3. Another screenshot from the recent Singapore Landmarks scenery. Great scenery day or night, or in between ! Singapore sunset, minus the Singapore Sling Jerry
  4. Ikaria is quite a good scenery add-on, even though the terminal is small. Some windturbines on a nearby hill which actually spin but the best part is trying to get the approach angle correct....the runway jutting out over the sea makes judging the approach a bit more of a challenge. Not quite up to the standard of Orcas Island but still a nice add-on. Jerry
  5. Congratulations on another set of great screenshots. Very nice. Jerry
  6. I can only quote Lifejoggers words...they are exactly right for this screenshot. Jerry
  7. A screenshot from my latest add-on which Orbx marketing tempted me to buy...... the Greek Island of Ikaria. Real World weather as usual....very nice. Jerry
  8. I know the answer.....Those of us who were born in the last century will remember David Mccallum who played 'The Invisible Man' in the TV series (sometime in the 80s) Jerry
  9. Very nice ! Just needed a pilot figure in the aircraft to finish it off completely. But great screenshots. Jerry
  10. Hope that you were flying IFR ! Atmospheric screenshot, nice. Jerry
  11. Looks like there was some beautiful weather this morning at Orcas Island, just right for some VFR flying. Jerry
  12. Thanks. I guess that there are going to be a lot more screenshots from the Singapore add-on once people get to explore it. But first impressions are that it is a superb piece of work. Despite flying in to SIN many times (as a pax), I had never noticed the hills in Malaysia before flying the sim ! Jerry
  13. and another screenshot from the new Orbx Singapore Landmarks. 5 stars for this scenery.... Jerry
  14. I installed the new Orbx Landmarks Singapore this evening........WOW.....spent hours circling around Singapore tonight, each time seeing new things. This scenery is a winner. more screenshots to follow, Jerry Jerry
  15. Another screenshot from MSFS 2020 and this time the Cessna Caravan over the Orbx Gotheburg (Goteborg) Landvetter airport. Really loving the real-World live weather effects, and again the settings were on Ultra. Great to think that this is only the early days for MSFS 2020 and it will get better and better with time. And so far (touchwood), I have not had to do anything to .cfg files Jerry
  16. Crossing London on a Winter's evening, flying over the Orbx London City Landmarks package in the trusty C172..... Jerry
  17. I will try out more flights to see how many boats and ships are showing up but the initial flights were promising. I will also try and get some screenshots from lower down for comparison. Flew with real-World weather and it was great to see a sailing yacht drifting along and a small cruise ship there too. It is the small features like these that will really bring MSFS 2020 to life. I hope that developers will also release similar add-ons for things like roads and railways....it would be great to also have these brought to life. But the Vessels freeware is a great add-on, one more
  18. The Orbx Notodden (Norway) scenery really captures the atmosphere and feel of the area very well. Add to that some typical half light and dull conditions and a bit of atmospheric haze and it looks even better. The default C172 on the downwind leg from the airport. MSFS2020 with the settings on ultra (except for the operator !!). Jerry
  19. Trying out the new freeware that popped up on the Orbx website today, the Vessels Channel Islands. Great to have more variety (and realistic) shipping and boating. One screenshot from this evening, using real-World weather and the C172 over Jersey MSFS2020 settings on ultra. Jerry
  20. I guess that he is referring to the photo of the Best Western Stockholm Hotel. It was previously the SAS headquarters before being the ICA supermarket chain head office and then later becoming a hotel (quite good hotel too). Jerry
  21. Just a correction to your post, the name used for the country by the majority of people is New Zealand so it is much better to use the normal, correct name. Then people will know where you are referring to. Jerry
  22. And make that a wow from me too. Brilliant screenshot. Jerry
  23. Very interesting and well-made video, but it is disappointing to see so many brown houses and roofs. Most of the houses in Cornwall in reality are granite and slate, so are various shades of grey. The overuse of brown in the Cornish towns in True Earth rather spoils the realism, not really 'true'. Jerry
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