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  1. I highly recommend both these add-ons.  The details are fantastic, both internally and externally.     Bought both together and am very happy with them so I would not hesitate over the price as clearly a LOT of work has gone into making these add-ons.  True, other airport add-ons may be cheaper, but quality always costs more.    I could buy an airport add-on for 10 euros or less but never be happy with the quality but both Hobart and Cambridge are worth the money.     So although the purchase price might look high, the quality is also very high,



  2. On 4/15/2021 at 1:22 AM, VH-KDK said:

    A beautiful pair of views Jerry.

    A trick of the eyes was that centre right I thought there was a tornado. Then I looked closer and saw the planes winglet!:o:wacko::lol:

    Time for my medication.:ph34r:

    And if you look into the dark grey cloud above the tail of the CRJ then you will see the lights of another aircraft too.     Must try to find a tornado to fly through sometime, although probably volcanoes are more likely at the moment.



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  3. Today's purchase from the Orbx store was Bastia in Corsica.  Never been to Corsica so it was a good add-on to add to the collection.   The Bastia airport LFKB is a great add-on with some nice touches around the perimeter such as spotters and farm animals.   Two photos from the apron at Bastia.





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  4. On 4/5/2021 at 3:03 PM, lifejogger said:

    Super shots Mikee and the clouds look awesome.

    Agree, great set of screenshots.    Surely Innsbruck has to be one of the best add-ons for MSFS2020 ?  The approach from either end and also when you are in the circuit is stunning.    Scenic and fun to fly.



  5. 3 minutes ago, wain71 said:

    superb shot.......if my wife wins the lottery and we are aloud to travel I want to go there......

    Looks a very scenic area.....just the sort of place to have a floatplane and go off and explore the sounds.    KORS scenery is a great add-on when you just want a quick flight in something small and simple.  Great little add-on and one which I find myself returning to quite a lot.



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  6. These screenshots might have convinced me to buy the Vancouver add-on !!   Very good screenshots and they show the area off so well.  Clouds background and aircraft all came together perfectly.



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  7. 7 hours ago, adambar said:

    Superb set of shots Graeme! :)

    I agree, superb screenshots.   Great airport in real life and great in the sim too, as these screenshot show.  Nice !



  8. On 2/21/2021 at 6:21 PM, John Mac said:

    How many remember Dennis? Excellent shot as usual!


    Used to be in my Beano comic every week !


    Great shots and extremely realistic.  They really show off the quality of MSFS 2020.





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