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  1. Is it just me or do other people also think that the prices for MSFS 2020 add-on aircraft are now getting expensive? I can appreciate that there is more work involved in developing add-on aircraft for MSFS 2020 but I think that the prices for some aircraft (especially single engine propellor aircraft) are getting expensive. For a complex aircraft such as the CRJ 700 then is fine, but for 'simpler' aircraft it seems to be over the top. But perhaps it is just me thinking this........The developers can charge what the market will bear....but some of the prices seem to me to be OTT, Jerry
  2. Nice airport for GA and some great screenshots too. Jerry
  3. Surprised to see how big Brest airport is...thought that the TGV trains would be taking most of the passengers from there. Great set of screenshots though. Jerry
  4. Fuel On, Mags on both, Clear Prop ! The trusty C172 at Parafield, Australia. Jerry
  5. A long way from home, a Lufthansa CRJ 700 overflying Sydney. The range of the CRJ is 1434 nm so it will need a few refuelling stops to get back home. Jerry
  6. very few trees on Iceland, once you are away from the capital then a few small bushes is about all that you will see. Jerry
  7. No prizes for guessing where this is !! The default C172 and the Auscene Ayers Rock/Uluru. Did not know before that it is 348m high and has a circumference of 9.4km. You live and you learn ! Jerry
  8. I highly recommend both these add-ons. The details are fantastic, both internally and externally. Bought both together and am very happy with them so I would not hesitate over the price as clearly a LOT of work has gone into making these add-ons. True, other airport add-ons may be cheaper, but quality always costs more. I could buy an airport add-on for 10 euros or less but never be happy with the quality but both Hobart and Cambridge are worth the money. So although the purchase price might look high, the quality is also very high, Jerry
  9. Agree, great looking skies. Were the flights done using real World weather or a preset ? Jerry
  10. And if you look into the dark grey cloud above the tail of the CRJ then you will see the lights of another aircraft too. Must try to find a tornado to fly through sometime, although probably volcanoes are more likely at the moment. Jerry
  11. I wonder if it was the Danish national day because the control tower (or what looks like the control tower) is flying the Danish flag !! Jerry
  12. Today's purchase from the Orbx store was Bastia in Corsica. Never been to Corsica so it was a good add-on to add to the collection. The Bastia airport LFKB is a great add-on with some nice touches around the perimeter such as spotters and farm animals. Two photos from the apron at Bastia. Jerry
  13. Agree, great set of screenshots. Surely Innsbruck has to be one of the best add-ons for MSFS2020 ? The approach from either end and also when you are in the circuit is stunning. Scenic and fun to fly. Jerry
  14. The words 'photo-realistic' spring to mind, another great set of screenshots that could almost be photos. Jerry
  15. Surprising that the train station and some of the roads are so blotchy.....looks like the default textures.....I would have thought that they would have been improved with the update. Jerry
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