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  1. Thanks, Holger. I tracked it down to Ian McCartney's lakenheath v2, which does have a photoreal base. Not a clue why it should appear a hundred miles away! Maybe something to do with using UK2000 as well, but I haven't fully worked it through yet. Thanks again, Matt
  2. Evening all, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a large red and black area of terrain. Only appears for me between Corby, Kettering and Thrapston in the UK. I don't think it's an addon airfield as I have tried turning various bits off and on, no joy! Any ideas? Matt
  3. I really like the KEDW shots, just a little update to give it a second runway is very welcome. As for those who say they don't like photoreal areas I must ask, what do you think is there? It seems to be just desert, and I trust the devs to put in houses and trees where there are supposed to be houses and trees and I, for one, would like to see photoreal in areas that would otherwise be, well, just sort of yellow! Can't wait. Christmas present?
  4. Seems to have done the trick, thanks very much! Now to find out what was causing the problem...
  5. Thanks, Holger. I'll give that a try.
  6. Screenshots taken around Yuba county, just outside of Beale, but it ahs happened elsewhere: Matt
  7. Hi, I have been using ORBX products for years but have recently come across a problem that I have seen once or twice before (In CRM) but has become much more widespread since installing NCA. When flying along in sections of the terrain texture keep changing from water, to built up, to desert, estuary mud flats etc. Sometimes nicely rendered other times with stretched textures.I am fully patched up to date as far as I am aware. Has anyone else come across this? Matt
  8. I picked it up while ago and have only done one flight, I really enjoyed it though and need to get round to doing more!
  9. I had a great freeware bell 47 somewhere that came with a US army and a MASH livery, but I haven't been able to find it since, only the (still excellent) Jean-Marie Mermaz model. Anyone have any ideas? The MASH one even had stretchers on it.
  10. Super, Pete! Who says low has to mean slow?
  11. I noticed this too when I saw a forest appear on top of my beautiful Welsh mountains! I really should get in to the habit of turning it off when I decide where I want to fly that day
  12. Speedy! I have been flying the alphasim zipper (1 day left on the sale) around the same place, but I think I need global to fully appreciate it! Matt
  13. Cue the muttering of 'please stop please stop please stop' and praying the drag 'chute streams! Matt
  14. Really cool shots; I especially like the second one. Matt
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