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  1. Hi, I had to turn this file off: ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN_CVX.bgl.off in: \Orbx\FTX_NZ\FTX_NZSI_05_SCENERY\scenery located in your P3D V4 directory. Bernie
  2. I have flown out of Friendly Beaches strip quite a few times. It is a spectacular short flight. I have also flown myself around her lots in good old VH-FWU a Beech Musketeer Super III. Sold it a few years back and still miss it. Never mind P3D will have to suffice. BTW, very few places in the world with sand as white and as fine as the Friendlies. I have camped at the end of that track you see under the wing. Just magic! Bernie
  3. Yep, you fixed it Nick. Thanks for your great support as always. Bernie
  4. Thanks Nick, I shall give it a whirl. Yes, the Dash 8 is enabled. Bernie
  5. Actually that red on the rocks is a lichen and is indicative (so I am told) of a healthy, balanced environment. The east coast of Tasmania has many examples of this though it is especially good at Bicheno and the Bay of Fires. The bay was named by Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773 when he noticed many Aboriginal fires on the shore. I think he also named Friendly Beaches (an absolute gem!!) as the Aboriginals were guess what, friendly. That is the lesson of the day! Bernie
  6. Hello anyone home? I know I was a little flippant about this but due to the very limited parking for larger aircraft at NZWR this is indeed an issue. Bernie
  7. Great looking paint and shots! This aircraft left Jetstar in 2007 after having been stored for nearly a year. It was transferred to National Jet Systems to operate Qantaslink services. It is still in Qantaslink service. The aircraft was owned by Impulse Airlines originally and went to Qantas when they took over Impulse. I flew on it from Hobart to Melbourne with both Impulse and Jetstar. Jetstar was started with B717s and they transferred to Qantaslink as A320 aircraft arrived and were allocated to Jetstar.
  8. When I park or even taxi through the parking position in front of the Dash 8 (Gate 2 Parking Spot) my fuel load jumps to 100%. This does not happen if I uninstall NZWR. While parked here if I change to 50% (or any other amount) fuel it only lasts a few seconds before it jumps back to 100%. I first noticed this with the QW RJ85 which has a fuel load set outside of the sim in the QW146 Dispatcher. Further testing shows every aircraft has this issue but only in this place with Orbx NZWR. I have disabled all NZWR AI flights just in case and still the issue persists. Pretty weird eh!
  9. If that is the case, do what Nick says with Task Manager and see what is using RAM. Bernie
  10. I use both REX products with Orbx. No issues that I am aware of. Bernie
  11. Further to the above, I have given in. No options outside of the Orbx ones when I uninstall/re-install Aus/NZ AI so I have just gone into scenery\world\scenery and turned on the default scenery (disabled by ANZ AI). That fixes my issues when wanting to enable the default AI - (say when I am flying in the UK) but is rather inelegant. I then have to turn it off again in Aus/NZ but so be it. As for Fly Tampa YSSYAPX I will just not worry. I have spent too many hours on this issue. Not the result I like but I guess it will do. I understand Orbx cannot get every system to work as it should but fru
  12. Thanks Nick. I do have V2 of YSSY so maybe the Enhanced APX no longer works as you say. I still have an issue with the Default AI option not appearing after a re-install or Verify Files. Only the Orbx AI Options show. While I can use the file you sent me last year to get all options to show the Non-Orbx ones do not seem to work. Regards Bernie
  13. I tried that file. No change. Still missing ftx_ai_adex_yssy_gl_2015.bgl and non of the options except turning on and off the Orbx AI work.
  14. Just a further to above. I checked Scenery\World\Scenery and the default traffic file is still disabled by Orbx even when I tick it to be active and the Orbx Intl traffic is correctly disabled. So these options outside of the Orbx options (which do not appear after the re-install of AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand) appear not to work at all. Bernie
  15. I tried uninstalling/re-installing the AI package and in Configure lost the Default AI option, Fly Tampa option and the Enhanced ATC option (with no scrolling available). You posted a download file last year which I placed in Orbx scripts (orbx_cpl_ftxauai) and that gets the full options showing and allows scrolling but none of the options stay ticked other than the Orbx on/off options which work correctly when I start Configure again. I have UTLive (which I have set to zero traffic when running in Australia and New Zealand and used only when flying outside ANZ) which only seems to work when
  16. Hi Nick, could you elaborate please. I don't know what file(s) you mean. Thanks Bernie
  17. I have reported this quite some time back but it is still happening. I tick the Enhanced APX in the Configure window and Save. Even if I come straight back to the Configure window it is no longer ticked. Bernie
  18. I had a similar experience with an overclock on my 4790K. Set it back to standard settings and got better performance in P3Dv4.5. Could have been an error in voltage (it was not overheating though). I had it at 4.8 Ghz and now running nicely at 4 with 4.4 turbo. My nVidia 1660 Super is factory overclocked and seems to be fine. Never OC'd ram. Bernie
  19. I could not see runway lights in Time Preview either but when I hit Apply and it loaded the Scenario they were there. Bernie
  20. Just in case it helps, I do not have Vector but do have Global Base and Pago Pago. NSFI Fagalii looks normal. Bernie
  21. I run P3Dv4.5 at 4K and it does look great. I have an nVidia 1660 Super and despite only 6gb ram it runs very well. My processor is an old 4790K but it handles quite high settings for all but the Cityscapes and largest Intl airports, where settings have to be reduced somewhat to get smooth frames. Reduced anti-aliasing settings and graphics are needed for those but it still looks very nice indeed. Way better than 2K that is for sure!!
  22. Just loved that evening shot. The light and buildings look fantastic!
  23. Hi Nick I have Global Base, PNW, Cityscape Portland, the strips above and a range of other PNW airports. Do you need me to list all of these? The others in the PNW area that I have checked are all ok. Only the two above have the issue. Regards Bernie
  24. Hi, I hear a groan on the topic but I have windsocks without poles at these 2 airstrips. I checked a few more Washington strips and they are ok and have poles with what look like the same socks. Any thoughts? Bernie
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