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  1. Just to let you know OZx has YMBT though I know it is unticked so should be ok. My Auv2 SP1 YMBT looks the same as Andrew and Smudger's. Long time since I have been there but a beautiful place. Looks good in AuV2. I hope you sort it.
  2. Yes, I tried that and it is already set as Unregistered (see above). When I try and Register (to then Unregister again) I get the same error as above (probably because FSX has gone). If I had known I could probably unregistered before uninstalling FSX but it is too late now. I will try the SODE Forum if there is one and see what they say. Thanks for the ideas Nick. I appreciate your efforts! Bernie
  3. You are right there Nick. The drive F: was trashed and Steam installed. There is no FSX for SODE to find. Do you think I should uninstall SODE and re-install and if so would that cause other addons that utilise SODE to have issues? I do not know enough about how SODE works. I checked ORBX Alderney in P3Dv4 and SODE shows in Addons ok. I think I might just let SODE complain about FSX if it is only used in P3Dv4 and appears to work ok.
  4. Nope, did not work. Tried Register and got the same message. Must be something causing this but heck, it is working in P3Dv4 so I shan't worry. Thanks Nick.
  5. It says it is not registered Nick:- Maybe it has fixed itself or something else caused it?
  6. Hi Just ran the SODE update and get this as shown below. It is referring to FSX which I no longer have installed. Bernie
  7. Roger that. Just an idea. Good the AU v2 settings fixed it. Lots of fixes needed to get those pesky Ozx airports working. I never knew how many i actually had. Bernie
  8. Hi Amord I just checked mine and it is as below. Looks correct. Have you done a search of the P3D folder for YBTH? Is it possible you have an Ozx version as well? Only an idea but that can cause weird things like this.
  9. Hi Polymerman I was not sure If it was the download that was of concern or the size on disk. It was not obvious to me what was meant. Anyway there has been no reply from the poster so I guess your answer sufficed eh. Cheers Bernie
  10. Nice work. I am off to Adelaide this week. Looks like 40 Deg C on Thursday. Still that is why God invented beer eh?
  11. Do you mean download size or size after unpacking on the disk?
  12. Hi Darren Probably a good idea to post this to the P3Dv4 Support Forum situated further down. This one is a discussion forum and is not the right spot for support questions. Regards Bernie
  13. Interesting. It is then just a buggy bit in AusV2 by the looks of it. Interesting that my buildings in the strange bit near 09 are flat on mine and upright on yours. I don't know if we want to go there eh Doug? Thanks for at least stopping going fully crazy. Regards Bernie
  14. Yep, done but still no change. I notice in Scenery/World/scenery there is an ftx elevation adjustment bgl and of course in aus v2 there is a cvx.bgl for YCBG. Could these be clashing?
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