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  1. I'd say a "fighter circuit". Bernie
  2. They were still there last I was through a year ago so not all are operational but I don't think any have been demolished and even if some have there should still be stations visible. Bernie
  3. A warning Jack you are not allowed to do any aerobatics in Beech Bonanzas! I will report you to CASA if you ever do this again! Bernie the lover of bending the rules!!!!!
  4. Except of course for the missing water spout in Lake Burley Griffen.
  5. Nice shots Jack. That landing technique needs a bit of time with your instructor though.
  6. Stop it Iain, your making me nearly die with anticipation and wrecking my patience. Bernie
  7. You know you can please some of the people..... Bernie
  8. Yep, agree with everyone. Just stunning. Would be nice to see Spirit of Tasmania berthed as it is most days and somehow have a crowd at the MCG. Your dreamin Bernie!!
  9. Wow, well done! I look fwd to this with great anticipation. People who donate their time and effort to give us such enjoyment need to be recognised. An FS Hall of Fame?? Bernie
  10. I think what Noel means is open the Tab below the full version for the components and just get the Client. Follow the install instructions and uninstall the Client you have now then run the downloaded Client. I ran it this morning and all good though I have not noticed any change for me. I did not have the FPS issue. Bernie
  11. Jarrad, your responses will, I am sure , mean that us lot are even keener to get our hands on this. I hope the FPS can be reasonable for those who have middle power systems. My 1060 and 4790K @ 4.6 ghz are just good enough at the intensive airports but I am sure you will be making this as efficient as possible. Bernie
  12. Thank you ORBX. Looks overwhelmingly brilliant. I hope YMHB gets some sort of update to go with YMLT. A big thanks for the discount as well. I still have my AU disk from the early days. Of course it just gathers dust but I cannot bring myself to throw it out. Bernie
  13. Congratulations Iain. Well done! Just did my 70th a week back. My how time flies. Regards Bernie
  14. I have a feeling aerobatic manoeuvres might not be allowed in a Bonanza. Lucky the wings didn't fall off! Cheers Bernie
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