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  1. I have bought a lot of ORBX products. My last order was YPMQ and the order receip was (5aa1895b5c8fc) I also bought All the open lc plus all the NA regions. . I used to fly the 767 ld simulation for flying with a jet in north america..Everything worked fine I bought the PMDG 737 and started to use it flying in North America and I discovered that after flying for sometime my FSZ simulator crashed and said( Fatal error). But if I used this airplane anywhere in the world it worked fine. I then bought the NE(Norway) region and when I flew the jet in this region it crashed aga
  2. I have bought the DVD USA Canada Pacific Northwest by ORBX and in stalled it if FSX. Ftx Central 3 sees it and when It tells me that an update is available it says that I have no license for it. I guest that I did not buy it through the flightsim store because I can't find my order number in that site. Is it possible for you to make FTX central 3 see my Pacific northwest region and allow the update.I bought many many many regions and airport through the flightsim store and I had no problem transfering the licenses . Any help is appreciated.
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