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  1. I have Prepared v4 and FSX SE. Before a flight do I need to open the sim of choice in FTX Central or just do nothing with it. Dan L.
  2. I just tried that and after clicking, on the next page it said that the product is not found.
  3. I purchased the Tweak and Launch from the Flight Sim Store but there's no download link. Is it because there's no further need for it with your new set up? Dan Longano FSS0353807
  4. Where do I find the file that would enable me to see the Orbx Regions and Airports that I purchased on the Google Map? Thanks
  5. I tried to re-purchase it through the Flight Sim Store where I originally purchased the DVD and it wanted my credit card no. Can you please explain the proceedure step by step ? Thanks
  6. I need to update Jackson Hole , but my purchase was a DVD , not an instant download. How can I update ?
  7. Does Natural Tree Enviroment X work well with Orbx Global / Vector ?
  8. I installed Global using one disc. I downloaded the patch and the pop up said to insert Disc. two. I 'm confused and am wondering how I should work this patch. Thanks
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