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  1. The sad aspect of the above is that it applies to " large " aircraft fitted with FMS , approved airports , airports with applicable Barometric equipment installed , and suitably trained pilots . Whereas the old ILS was installed in a host of aircraft , even some of the smaller GA types , and it's operation was included in the normal IFR rating . About 5 or 6 years ago I created an instrument to replicate the AILA fitted to the F-111 aircraft , as a result of that I expanded it to include a Synthetic ILS , this instrument accesses the airport data that resides in the Flight Simulator database for all of about 24,491 airports . You select or enter the 4 character airport ICAO , then select the runway that you desire , then select the runway end that you desire , it calculates the Lat/Long of the ILS aimpoint (touchdown spot) precisely at 6% of the runway length , all distances , bearings , data , and ILS guidance are then relative to that aimpoint . Attached shot depicts Synthetic ILS approach to Gladstone YGLA with ILS centered in the left hand MFD . Note: Plate elevation 59' , database elevation 64' . Cheers Karol
  2. The usual ILS Glideslope is 3 degrees at most airports , however the ILS Glideslope at London City is 5.5 degrees in both real life and in the Sim . Fly an ILS at that airport and you will notice it as it is very nearly twice as steep as usual . Cheers Karol
  3. Cool video . If any are interested reply #8 at link https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?312954-Synthetic-ILS-instrument-For-every-Runway-at-every-Airport/page7 covers the steep 5.5 degree ILS glideslope at London City Airport . In the screenshot the autopilot is flying the ILS approach , and I have my Synthetic ILS instrument set at 5.5 degrees for comparison purposes . Cheers Karol
  4. What a load of rubbish ! Have any of you made any attempt to measure the height of the trees ? Well I have , and they are as accurate as you could ever wish for . I would suggest that you get reputable gardening books that list various heights of trees. Although there is no fixed heights , generally trees will be from about 40' to 140' with very tall being 200' and the tallest at 300' Then go in the Sim and measure the height of the trees , both the smaller ones and the taller ones . How do you measure the height ? Easy , aircraft have a Radar Altimeter that is stunningly accurate . Fly your aircraft till the lower fuselage is just resting on the top of any tree , and hit Pause , note the RA readout to determine height . I have done this often and can confirm their height accuracy . Cheers Karol
  5. Hi Steve Thanks , I enjoyed your video . Several years back a lovely lady that I know who lives in Chesterfield sent me a birthday card that featured the Lady Bower dam photo on the front , I still have that card on display . I created a Mission adaptive Flight Plan Editor instrument for my F-111 panel that enables Latitude/Longitude to be entered into a Flight plan in three different formats . I did a Google search for the Lat/Long of Lady Bower , then set that into a flight plan and flew there in the sim , so you can see the extra significance that your video had for me . Cheers Karol
  6. I presume it is something to do with the way some bridges are modelled . I have flown several times down the Yarra in the F-111 and I get a Brown cloud on contact with something , although not hitting any visible object . I have a similar effect occur when I fly through the London Bridge in the UK . Personally I like that effect . Cheers Karol
  7. I can't advise about the Adelaide antennas , but I can confirm that Antennas have been removed in AU v2 This shot shows Mt Dandenong in Victoria , it is the only shot of antennas on my new computer taken in AU v1 , have enlarged top center area and provided the Lat/Long for the grouping of 3 Antennas. Note that all 5 antennas shown are missing in AU v2 . Lilydale (YLIL) in foreground . Only AU v1 loaded , no OZx airports or scenery were loaded , thus antennas belong to AU v1. Other shot is an old one , it's the best image of the antennas that I have . Cheers Karol
  8. In my opinion ORBX is incredibly accurate , you must remember that this is not " Photo scenery " , with this scenery we can get down ultra low and still have sharp visuals , some Photo scenery is nothing but blurred textures when flying low . Is it perfect in every detail ? .... NO , if it had all the detail even the most powerful computers would be brought to their knees , and we would have frame rates in the single digits . If it wasn't for ORBX scenery I wouldn't even bother using the Flight Simulator , they have given us an awesome world to fly in . We owe a lot to both ORBX and Microsoft for what we have in our Flight Simulators . Cheers Karol
  9. RAAF Airbase Laverton no longer exists in real life , see following , Laverton's runway was decommissioned September 1996. In early 2007 the Victorian Government gave approval for the land that was formerly the Laverton airfield and runway to be developed into the new suburb of Williams Landing. Three areas totalling 55 hectares (136 acres) were set aside for conservation. More than 100 ha (247 acres) of nationally significant native grassland outside the reserves was permitted to be cleared by the state- and federal governments. Williams Landing is being developed into a transit-oriented development, major activity centre and employment node. As well as being a major activity centre and employment node, there will also be four residential neighbourhoods each with their own distinctive character. Construction of Williams Landing commenced in late 2007 and is due for completion by 2025.
  10. I would recommend that you open a new topic titled " Perth significant POI's suggestions " Originally VOZ and then ORBX started out with a mainly Australian team that were in tune with Australian features , over time the ORBX team became more international based therefore some Aussie features might be missed . The Melbourne Cityscape is truely wonderful and as far as I can tell is absolutely accurate , but that level of detail is limited to mainly the CBD , of coarse that is a necessity to keep down the computing overheads , that results in the suburbs missing out . In Melbournes case , the TV towers on Mt Dandenong were removed , and 2 significant VFR reporting points , (1) The Academy , and (2) Doncaster shoppingtown , were not included , they should have been as all 3 are visually dominant . In Brisbane the highly significant " Storey Bridge " was removed , to the best of my knowledge it is Iconic to Brisbane . If you want significant features that represent reasonable requests in Perth list them in a specific topic now while it's still in development , it will be too late to request them after the package is released . Cheers Karol
  11. Is Sydney really in Australia ? ...... Why , next you will be telling me that Perth is also in Australia ! ..... Sent with love from Melbourne Cheers Karol
  12. Hi Jordan Since you are Melbourne based , any chance that you could do a screenshot showcase thread of the Garden of Eden ( the Yarra Valley ) . I know that YLIL Lilydale and the Yarra Valley are very popular with a lot of the ORBX users , I've done countless numbers of flights there both in real life and in the sim it's a stunning area to fly over . I had always hoped that it would get the special treatment , it now looks like that hope will be transformed into reality with the new AU . Would love to see shots from Ringwood on up to Warburton if possible . Cheers Karol
  13. Not parallel lines . Please look more carefully !
  14. How very , very , very wonderful . Well done ORBX , and well done to all the guys associated with it's creation . It really is absolutely stunning ! Nice set of shots in this showcase . The first shot was nostalgic , many years ago I flew a Piper Warrior in the Battle of Britain Dawn Patrol . About 208 aircraft participated in the Dawn Patrol , it was still dark when we departed Moorabbin , flew to Pt Ormond , then down St Kilda Rd over the Shrine of Rememberance , turned at Princess bridge , flew down the Yarra river to West Gate bridge , then to Avalon , and then completed a complete circuit of Port Phillip bay terminating back at Moorabbin . My 3 passengers on that flight were elderly gents who each had been pilots in Bomber Command in WWII . Cheers Karol
  15. The weather in Germany during the airlift was unpredictable at times . For those interested in re enacting airlift flights the following video of the recently created GCA arrangement in zero visibility might be of interest. I created the Synthetic ILS instrument ( lower right hand ) that was utilised by another developer in the creation of the GCA instrument , I think that what he has achieved is rather wonderful . Turn the volume up . Cheers Karol PS Description of my Synthetic ILS instrument follows : " Instrument enables selection of any of the 24,491 Airports that exist in Flt Sim database , then selection of any Runway at that Airport, then selection of either Rwy end. Airports can be selected at any global distance from aircraft. Distance Bearing and Steering arrow are displayed,the ILS aimpoint is computed at 6% of relevant Runway length and the ILS is full precision with usual ILS Deviation bars text data includes current, Glideslope, Height above Runway, Distance to touchdown aimpoint, offset (Circuit Width)from Runway centerline,full Airport name and details , enables precise rectangular standard circuits to be flown , also enables an Intercept position to be set at any desired distance prior to ILS aimpoint to easily align aircraft with the Runway. Also includes MARK POSITION capture of any location on earth and generation of a Synthetic Runway, ie. a paddock,a beach, a river, lake, sea, hardened rooftop or bridge, and subsequent ILS approach at that location. the default ILS Glideslope is the usual 3.00 degrees but any angle can be set. Can be used in any aircraft, Helicopter, cropduster, float plane, or fire fighting aircraft. 16 page notes PDF, an Airports ICAO PDF, and several descriptive screenshots. "
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