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  1. Yesterday I purches the ORBX Lancair and it is a very nice aircraft indeed. But I do have a problem with the panel. The engine instruments are hidden by the side-stick. Is there a pop-up for it? If there is I can't seem to find it. Items are difficult to read unless one banks the aircraft to get the sitck out of the way. Noel FSS0210264
  2. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320167 This might help you Rolph. Noel
  3. OK Holger. I just added the list of files I removed from the VicPlus Higher Priority folder to make the Vic+ FSX scenery compatible with ORBX PNW KORS to the VictoriaPlus thread.. It keeps CYYJ and the Victoria inner harbor waterfront completely intact. Some caveats included with the list. Noel
  4. I went to those links earlier and they are for CYYJ. I am looking for Victoria also...the inner harbor. Vic+ for FSX has both but conflicts with KORS. I tried to load my modified Vic+ Higher Priority the file into 'community scenry additions' but it's too big. It's 88MB. Noel
  5. As an ORBX newbie I discovered myself that the wonderful FSX scenery for Victoria BC is not compatible with PNW KORS. I found the two year old thread that led me to John Patch's VicLite. But I was disappointed in that because it left out CYYJ and inner harbor details like piers and docks and some waterfront structures. I decided to try and fix the situation myself so I started with John's VicLite and then kept adding the missing items one by one and checking KORS. If KORS came up properly I kept it but if it didn't I deleted it. I now have what I think is a good working Victoria compatibl
  6. I too have been struggling with the Victoria-KORS problem. I read through this thread and tried the VicPlusLite version and found it to be lacking some of the detail in Victoria Harbor like piers and such. I truly like KORS. But I like the full version Victoria with CYYJ better. So I choose to uninstall KORS and put it on the shelf until something is worked out to make it compatible with Victoria Plus. Hope it will be soon. Noel
  7. This doesn't seem right, but it seems to work. I have Pacific Fjords, Tongass Fjords X, and South Alaska installed. This morning I installed UT Alaska and ran the batch file in accordnace with Holger's instructions for UT Alaska.c I configured the scenery library as follows: Tongass Fjords High Tongass Fjords Low FTX... - - .- FTX.. UT Alaska - - - UT Alaska Exclusions I did configured GEX to enable UT Alaska. When I checked it out all the water was missing from Tongass Fjords. At Petersburg there was forest where the bay should be and at Sitka forest extended way out into the Pacific
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