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  1. I don't know about aircraft but I installed all of the RTMM scenery into P3D by simply copying the files to the addon scenery folder and then adding them to the scenery library. Noel
  2. I agree Dale. Science is replete with, "...we used to think but now we know..." What we know today becomes the 'what we used to think' of tomorrow. Noel
  3. Ever since reading the printed page severely strained my eyes I have used my Barnes and Noble Nook. Since I can select a very large font I can finish chapter with no eye problems. I typically read two books at a time. I just finished re-reading Orwell's 1984 and currently reading Michener's The Source. These are pretty good: Fly Boys by James Bradley (Naval Aviators during WW2) Author of Flags of our Fathers. Rupert Red Two by Jack Broughton (his Air Force flying career) He was my vice wing commander when I was with the 355th TFW in Thailand. He was cou
  4. I fly like I did when I took my first flying lessons in that old Luscombe. Just get in and take-off. If you MUST land at a controlled airport circle away from the pattern and look for light signals from the tower. I don't guess that happens in P3D but I pretend it does. Noel
  5. I recall it just after the war. The idea of airplane cars just never got off the ground. They are not very practical since you can't manufacture them for a mass market. The dream of everyone commuting to work in their little aerocar just won't work. They have enough trouble now negotiating in a two dimensional environment let alone three. A hundred thousand aerocars clogging up LA's airspace twice a day is unimaginable. But as a very expensive toy for some wealthy playboy who is a rated pilot it could be quite fun. Noel
  6. I want it all! Just purchased and downloaded Bar Harbor before going to bed last night. As soon as I leave here I will be installing it. I look at it like this. P3Dv3/FSX is a chocolate cake without icing. It's still tasty without the icing. But Orbx, piece by piece, is adding the icing. Thicker in some spots (Full FAT Regions) and a little thinner in others (Open LC, Global airports freeware and payware, Vector). It's all worth a taste. Noel
  7. No apologies necessary Dean. Such tragedies are a part of life. Sometimes circumstances bring us closer than we'd like and being on the scene gives one a perspective that reading about it lacks. Noel
  8. This has very sad memories for me. About another Vulcan's last flight. It was my first year in the Air Force. I was stationed at Selfridge AFB near Detroit Michigan in 1958. The lights came on in our barracks about 2 or 3 AM when an officer came in and roused us all up. We were transported by bus to a Vulcan crash site in a Detroit neighborhood. It apparently dove straight down into a back yard. We were given paper shopping bags and flash lights and had to walk through the crash site picking up body parts. It was pretty grizzly. One of our guys had to
  9. I posted this short science fiction story I wrote in this thread about a year ago. Here it is again. But this not about occupying two spaces at the same time but different times at the same time. Makes just about as much sense to me as the Higgs thingy. AND LIFE GOES ON by Noel Sivertson Captain John F. Pritchard rolled his F-16 Falcon out of the bank at 800 feet and lined up with the target over the Nellis gunnery range. This was his last pass. The aircraft was in a shallow dive. He set the armament switches and moved his thumb to the gun switch on the stick.
  10. This afternoon I flew from Centennial Airport in Denver to Eagle County Airport. Nice flight. But it reminded me of another airport that used be located a short distance east of KEGE. It apparently doesn't exist anymore; Avon STOLport (WHR). I remember the incident at the bottom of the attached article very well for I was living and flying in Denver at the time. I had always wanted to fly a round trip into Avon in RMA's Dash-7, but never got around to it. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/CO/Airfields_CO_NW.htm BTW, Orbx has included the Avon STOLport as
  11. Nice to see you chiming in from time to time Jabble. Hope you can become a regular again soon. Noel
  12. Thanks Guys. I recall now about a century ago when I was a kid collecting stamps Swiss stamps said Helvetica on them. I should have remembered that. Noel
  13. Almost all the national codes are pretty clear. Belguim-BEL. Cayman Islands-CYM. United Kingdom-GBR. China-CHN. Malaysia-MYS. Italy-ITA. And so on. They're quite self evident. But there is one that has me confused. Why is Switzerland coded CHE? Noel
  14. Thanks, Dean, for helping us clear all that up. Sounds like me telling my wife why I need to buy the latest Orbx simuearth visualcalculus representation of certain geospacial loci to make my flight simulator work properly. Noel
  15. I'd try to answer you question, Dave, but I spent a month going through a Great Courses DVD series on quantum mechanics and ended up just as confused as was when I started. My brain just isn't wired for that. Noel
  16. Never heard of DHMO before Dale, so I'm not going to worry about it. It joins a long list of stuff I don't worry about like cholesterol, salt, artificial sweeteners, red meat, non-organic vegetables and fruit, processed foods, and Big Macs. Nor do I worry about most of the cleaning substances I've been using for past eon. What does worry me though are the carcinogenic properties of saliva. But dangerous only if swallowed in small quantities over a long period of time. Noel
  17. Yes Martyn. Unlike RC modelers who build beautiful planes; learn how to fly them; and fly them in designated places (like the old airport here in Roswell) drones are relatively cheap, already assembled, and too easy to fly. That means a ready market of irresponsible people who want to make nuisances of themselves. I look at those cheap drones you can buy at Wal-Mart and are flown over the neighbor's back yard or picnickers in the park as the graffiti of the sky like FelxFlier's example. Noel
  18. What I am using is called Air Traffic Manager and is a freeware program that works through FUIPC. Air Traffic Manager This neat little tool limits the number of AI aircraft seen around the user and is thus perfect for flying into very busy airports without having to manipulate the AI slider. Depending on target aircraft count, you can gain a lot of FPS at places like JFK. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/451383-...er-for-fsxp3d/
  19. This is for you Maurzio and Jabble. Ran across it this morning in Google News Science. Makes no sense to me. http://www.livescience.com/54890-schrodinger-cat-can-be-in-two-places.html Noel
  20. Use Air Traffic Manager Stew. You can set the ai sliders to 100% and set both air and boat traffic limits in the manager. Now I haven't noticed the problem you experienced at the gates of disappearing airliners but I suppose it could still happen. Typically when I start flight in the San Francisco Bay Area ATM shows over 1,000 al flights in the vicinity. I set to limit to 50. I suppose that if an airliner tries to start as the 51st flight it might disappear. Noel
  21. With all this talk about rogue drone pilots I wonder when they are going to organize and form the NDA (National Drone Association). "You can take my drone when you pry my cold, dead, fingers off the joystick." Noel
  22. I'll talk to anything that will listen Dale. A tree. The steering wheel of my car. My dinner plate. The griddle when I am making my egg and sausage McMuffin for breakfast. I even scream at the TV set on occasion . Whenever one of our 5 cats jumps up on my lap I have a conversation with it. Not in the high falsetto voiced baby-talk my wife reverts to when she talks to the cats, but in my normal voice. Lest anyone thinks I'm nuts I just tell them I'm thinking out loud. Noel
  23. Loved Skybird. Vevo? My mother told if you can't say anything good about something don't say anything at all. Noel
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