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  1. Up until about a month or so ago I was walking a mile a day. But then I started developing foot problems that made it uncomfortable for me to take those daily walks anymore. I bough a pair of 3 pound weights and I work out my arms with them for about an hour every evening while watching TV. But I felt that wasn't enough and asked a friend about it. He steered me to this. I ordered one from Amazon (40.00 US) and I gotta tell you it works great. I put it under my desk and use it while sitting at my computer flying my Kodiak. And it's easy to carry into the living room to use wh
  2. I gotta agree with you Mike. The 180 is one of my favorite, I once flew my kids from Ogden Utah to Novato California to spend a summer with Grandma. Had a fuel stop in Reno. Was a magnificent flight. On the way back I was solo and refueled in Elko NV. Noel
  3. For the past week I was having painful withdrawal symptoms as I kept getting the black Maintenance screen. This morning I went to the AVSIM Orbx Community website and found out by pressing CTL-F5 I could clear something or other and get in. So here I am, happy as a tick in a rug so I wrote (or rather paraphrased) a song for the occasion. Hello Orbx, ......well, hello, Orbx It's so nice to have you back where you belong You're lookin' swell, Orbx.......I can tell, Orbx You're still glowin'...you're still crowin'...you're still goin' strong I feel my monitor swayin'...while
  4. Any snap-crackle-pop radial will o it for me. But I gotta agree the Merlin has a sound of it's own. When I was in the Colorado Air National Guard one the week-end dentists had an orthodontist practice as his day job and owned a Ferrari and a Mustang. Some months he would fly it in for the weekend. The Weather Flight office was in a hangar in the flightline and when we heard that wine we all ran to the windows to watch his pass. Noel
  5. Read The Ravens. Very good. Another is Yeager. An autobiography of Chuck Yeager. Here is an interesting anecdote from the book. When they were doing the flight testing of the North American F-100 Super Sabre they were having problems with stability tests because there was no standard procedure. Yeager developed a standard procedure for stability testing for test pilots and it was incorporated in the test pilot school at Edwards. All test pilots had to be signed off on the procedure(s). Well, several years later some bureaucrat in personnel wa
  6. That was an excellent video Tym. Thanks for posting it. It made things a lot more understandable. While I took my first lessons and soloed in a Luscombe I got my private and commercial in a Cherokee and flew the 140, the 180, and the Arrow. The only Cessna I have ever flown was the 152 although have had some right seat stick time in a 172. Also have Mooney and Aztec time. Noel
  7. I prefer high wing aircraft myself for a better view of the scenery below me. But what are the advantages or disadvantages of a high wing aircraft versus a low wing aircraft. For instance the SAAB 2000 and the Dash 8 seem very similar in size and function. Same for the Cherokee 140 and the Cessna 52. Why does one have a high wing and the other a low wing. Any aerodynamicists out there have the answer? Noel
  8. I used to be a science fiction devotee but then after discovering Michener and Clavell I moved over into historical fiction. My all time favorite sci-fi novel was A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller. Noel
  9. Kinda disappointed in Lazarus Long. I thought it was going to be science fiction story. But it's a book of aphorisms. I'll easily finish it before dinner. I recognize some from my Webster's NewWorld Best Book of Aphorisms. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but it's not what I was expecting...a science fiction story to curl up with for a few days. Noel
  10. When I was the line armament crew supervisor for the 355th in Thailand I always kept a cooler full of cold soft drinks for my load crews. One afternoon I was cruising the flight line checking the bomb loads when one of the Thud pilots performing his preflight waved me down and said, "Do you have cold drink Sarge?" I gave him a soft drink and he thanked me and said he'd buy me a beer when he got back. He didn't come back. Lt. Shively got shot down and became a prisoner of war at the Hanoi Hilton. I wore his POW bracelet (remember those?) until he and the others were f
  11. Sue and I both mentioned enjoying Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth. But a word of caution here. If you are devoutly religious you'd better pass it up. Mark Twain wrote it when he was deeply depressed. He was deep in debt and had recently lost both his wife and one of his daughters. It wasn't published until 1939, almost 30 years after his death and over the protests of his surviving daughter. It is a collection of letters written privately by Satan to Saints Michael and Gabriel on all the mistakes God made when he created man. It's pretty irreverent.
  12. I never read Notebooks of Lazarus Long. Just bought it for my Nook. Noel
  13. I've had no problems with Microsoft Security Essentials. But I never open an e-mail if I don't know who it's from. Noel
  14. That's the way it was when I began my flying lessons in 1958 Dale. I'd get into that tiny Luscombe and maybe not decide where I was going until I was airborne. Perhaps a touch and go at Clear Lake or San Luis Reservoir. No avionics, no radio, not even a starter motor. You had to prop the thing which isn't that easy when you're standing on a float. But I wouldn't trade those carefree flying days for the latest thing latest thing in GA aircraft with glass panels, filing flight plans, FAA Service Stations, constant radio chatter, and all that comes with modern day flying. The cl
  15. I'm satisfied with it Scott. But never having flown a real one myself I'm not qualified to comment on closely the FDE is modeled. But I am easily satisfied. On occasion I fly the default aircraft too and am satisfied with them. Noel
  16. It was a bad day for US Forces yesterday. Shortly after the Blue Angels incident the Thunderbirds lost an aircraft during a demonstration at the US Air Force Academy for the graduating class. The pilot ejected safely. Also a C-130 crashed in Iraq with the loss of about 15 troops and 5 soldiers at Fort Hood drowned during flooding when their vehicle turned over. Noel
  17. I went to the Barnes & Noble store and types World War 2 in the search box. It came up with over 10,500 titles. To get anything specific you would need the author's name. Some time ago I wanted to read Mark Twain's Letters to the Earth again. I was able to get a complete collection of Mark Twain's works (over 5,000 pages) for the pittance of 2.99. Noel
  18. I went to the Barnes & Noble store and types World War 2 in the search box. It came up with over 10,500 titles. To get anything specific you would need the author's name. Some time ago I wanted to read Mark Twain's Letters to the Earth again. I was able to get a complete collection of Mark Twain's works (over 5,000 pages) for the pittance of 2.99. Noel
  19. I doubt if I'll be getting anything newer than what I already have Jabble. I've raised and nurtured with addons 11 flight simulators from FS3 to P3D and am too old to have a new baby move in with me. I'll live with the anomaly. Once we start the simulator we re moving into a pretend world anyway. Noel
  20. The Lionheart Quest Kodiak. Great short field performance (has reverse pitch), 180kt cruise but flies slow too, and comes with both wheels and floats. Noel
  21. I was just an average student in high school Dale. I wasn't really interested. And I had a severe speech impediment which still crops up a bit now and then. But after I got out of school and joined the military things changed. In the Marine Corps I went to munitions handling school and EOD school. In the Air Force I went to aircraft armament school, special electronics school (seismic technician), and weather observer and forecaster school. I was at the top of my class in all those schools because I was interested. And the learning bug bit me. I took a slew of USA
  22. I was holding my position Bruce. I was in my parking space. I hadn't even turned on the power yet. Noel
  23. One thing about flight simulators that has always bug me since they began ai flights has been the parking. This afternoon I started a flight from San Carlos to Monterey...just a short hop. I like to start my flights with a cold aircraft in a parking space. As I was about to start the engine of my Kodiak the default ai Mooney next to me started it's engine, backed up a bit, and then circled to taxi right through my airplane. I have noticed this time and time again. Invariably an ai aircraft starting to taxi will back up and then taxi through other aircraft and even bu
  24. Dale, you might want to look into buying and installing both FSAddon's Vancouver and the Orbx compatible Victoria available from the FSS. The Victoria waterfront is amazing and with Vancouver added you get Beaver and Twin Otter floatplane ai traffic at both places. Noel
  25. Just make sure Tongass Fjords is BELOW the Orbx scenery in the library. Make it your insertion point.
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