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  1. There's an old Arab saying that the hours spent fishing are not deducted from a man's allotted time on this earth. I've been a fly fisherman all of my life until a few years ago when I cold no longer don my waders and wade out into the currents of the rivers and streams. But I did build up quite a backlog of fishing time. Noel
  2. You're right Dick. Loss of your FAA medical leaves a big hole when you can fly no more. Retirement forces a lifestyle change. For me mostly for the better. Almost no worries. With Social Security for my wife and I and my military retirement with an almost free healthcare benefit I feel pretty secure. My father taught me that happiness is being satisfied with what you have assuming there is a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in the pantry. I have a bit more than that and am well satisfied and grateful that our golden years have turned out to be truly golden
  3. Life is full of decision points Martyn. And we often wonder what path our lives would have taken had we gone the other way. What if I had taken that other job offer instead of this one? What if I had asked that girl to marry me instead of this one? What if I had taken that assignment to Europe instead of going to Japan? The forks in life's road boggle the mind when you think of them. When I was working for STC in Colorado one of our assembly girls told me her husband was in the Naval Reserve. I had 16 years of active duty and that conversation with her spurred me to join the
  4. This afternoons flight took me from Monterey to San Luis Obspo hugging the California Coastline. A little over an hour flight time. Two things I found missing. The Redwood grove at Big Sur and the crashing surf along the cliffs and rocks. Maybe someday. Redwoods are missing in the Northern California coastal regions too. Betty and I have driven Highway 1 from Cambria to Monterey several times. Cambria is a nice overnight stop with some good seafood restaurants, a nice beach, and if you're lucky sea otters playing in the surf. It's a comfortable day's drive to Monterey throug
  5. I gave up on Genesis mesh when Justin left and my lifetime membership was abruptly cancelled. So I cannot comment on it. I am using Pilots FS 2010 mesh and the Andes and South America look good to me. I also have Pilot's Global Ultimate Mesh which I dumped in favor of Pilot's 2010. To me a couple of meters more of resolution is hardly noticeable when flying over terrain, even at 100 kts, and not worth the extra disk space it takes up. Noel
  6. And I, for one, am grateful for it Maurizio. I never expected to last this long. Old age for some of us is the desert of life; to be savored and appreciated until the last spoonful. Noel
  7. It goes back further than that Dale. Sometime Google Lilith, Adam's first wife. Noel
  8. Not miserable John, just a bit more thoughtful maybe. But I'm not going to do mental penance for things I am not responsible for and have no control over. Except for losing my first wife and a daughter over the years life has otherwise been pretty good for the most part. Not about to apologize for having inherited good genes and perhaps a bit more than my share of good luck. Noel
  9. For healthy, retired seniors stress and anxiety are seldom issues Marizio; at least for me. No more goals to achieve. No job to worry about. Not trying to impress people anymore. Don't really care what people think of us. We play a lot. We can stay up as late as we want and sleep in as long as we want...or not Every day is Saturday. And we get a nice discount at the FSS. Noel
  10. There is a big advantage to doing nothing as you age. You may die sooner, but you'll have a better looking corpse than those of us who do try to live longer by keeping fit. "Gee, he looks so young lying there" sounds better than "The ugly BOF is finally gone eh?" Noel
  11. I like steam gauges. But I like the Kodiak more. And since I have a keystroke to bring up the PFD/MFD when I need it it's linda nice. Ideally I would like the Kodiak with steam gauges. Noel
  12. Not long ago my wife and I went to Cannon AFB to go to the BX. I swear the lower grade airmen and junior officers are a lot younger than we were then. And the senior NCOs and flag officers a lot older. Noel
  13. This morning I flew from Santa Barbara CA to Bishop CA across the Sierras. Nice flight first crossing the southern end of the Coast Range, then the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, and then climbing the crest of the Sierra Nevada range. The flight takes about an hour and twenty minutes in my Kodiak. Had to climb to 14,000 ft to crest the Sierras and was portable oxygen. You have to descend the east slope pretty rapidly to make the Eastern Sierra Regional Airport at Bishop. My ears popped quite a bit. Pictures show the Sierra Crossing. Coming up on the Sierras.
  14. Moving is the key, Maurizio, however which way you do it. And keep the synapsis in the brain firing too. Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. Noel
  15. Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, surely I can 't look that old. Well . . . you 'll love this one. My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS diploma on the wall, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 40-odd years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then? Upon seeing him, howe
  16. I love being a BOF. I like the feeling. I like the smell. I like ambience. Besides, young people learn best by repetition. How many times do we re-read a book or watch a movie we've seen before or keep playing the same music over and over again? We oldsters worked too hard to attain BOF status and we're not going let it go easily. Noel
  17. My 52 year old little girl running her 30th marathon last weekend in the Colorado Rockies. Noel
  18. Here's something little different for flight simming. http://venturebeat.com/2016/06/13/ubisofts-steep-is-an-extreme-winter-sports-game/ Noel
  19. Downhill hiking is harder on the knees Dale. And one of the mistakes hikers make is walking faster downhill than uphill. I had to make an effort to slow down when hiking downhill. Aging tends to make one aware of his limitations. Noel
  20. I've flown both myself but my original question was is there an advantage, aerodynamically, of one over the other? I think Tym's link went a long way into answering that question. Noel
  21. That's incredible! Simply amazing how the coordination of the pilot in the air and the RCer on the ground come together. Noel
  22. I agree Bruce. But since I did not know how to get back here except serendipitously by going to the AVSIM Orbx Community forum yesterday and finding out by reading through the thread. I would still be getting the Maintenance screen had I not done that. You can't read JVs explanation if you can't get on the site. Of course it's not his fault that before yesterday I did not know that pressing CTL+F5 was the key to getting back. And I wasn't complaining. On the contrary, my parody of Hello Dolly was a celebration of having found the way home. Noel
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