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  1. I would like to add to that Doug. Always be truthful. Never try to lie your way out of a situation. It almost never works. Don't be afraid of making a mistake, but never make the same mistake twice. Nobody ever got to the top without making a mistake or two along the way. Don't be afraid of doing menial jobs from time to time. If someone says to a manager or supervisor, "That's not my job," volunteer to do it yourself. You will have just eliminated one of the competition. And learn to write. Learn to write well. If you have an idea and tell your manag
  2. In desperation I reinstalled SCA. No joy. Then I reinstalled Global. Still no joy. Noel
  3. I was a jack of all trades and master of none. I spent a total of 26 years in the military...4 years in the Marine Corps, 12 years in the Air Force, and 10 years in the Colorado Air National Guard. What I liked about the military was the ability to cross-train into different career fields. In my military career I was an EOD specialist, aircraft armament specialist, seismic technician, and weather forecaster. In civilian life an electronic technician promoted to development engineer, electronics parts shop counter clerk, and manager of a stock photo agency. I also su
  4. I am almost finished with the Illiad and have The Odyssey on order. It's not a dramatization or recitation but rather a professor explaining what Homer was tryig to tell his audience. Noel
  5. Well, I just reinstalled the latest library and ran FTX Central 2 again. I unticked Tongass Fjords and all of my Pilots 2010 mesh. Nothing left but Orbx scenery. The forest is still there. I'm not using OZX Death Valley, just P3D's. Obiously this isn't an Orbx problem if others are not seeing it. I'm not knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot and fix this myself so I think I'll take a sabbatical from flight simming for a couple of months and come September maybe I'll uninstall everything and start over again for the umpteenth time... or not. Perhaps I'm not cut out for this exo
  6. I just went to the scenery library, Maurizio, and unticked every non-orbx scenery that was there including Aerosoft Ancorage, Aerosoft Fairbanks, Vancouver, Victoria, and ALL the RTMM scenery. All I left on there was Tongass Fjords since it's required to link PFJ and SAK. Then I turned off the computer, waited five minutes, and rebooted. Death Valley National Forest is still there. Noel
  7. Up to now I've been reading the FTX Central 2 posts about misplaced textures since the migration and while I have seen random white squares and some dark blue squares in water textures I have not posted anything because it would have been redundant. But this morning I was flying a route I planned to post with screen shots and when I came upon Death Valley...WOW!!!! I've been to Death Valley and it don't look like this. This isn't a few misplaces textures it's square miles of misplaced textures. Unless there is something wrong with my system in this particular area som
  8. That's called progress Dale. When we were living in Denver and my kids were in high school the family would backpack into the Indian Peaks region just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was used by few people. We could hike in and set up camp anywhere we wanted. Then the damned Sierra Club got it designated as a wilderness area and within a couple of years you had to make a reservation to hike in on a weekend and a couple of the more popular camp sites were closed due to over use. A few years ago we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway it was more crowded t
  9. It should come back to you pretty quickly Lawrence. Like riding a bicycle or flying. After an absence of over a decade I was back to soloing after two check rides...one in a C152 and one in a Warrior. Some things are just below the surface and recalled pretty quickly when starting to use them again. Noel
  10. Well, lhw, I know I dream, but I can never remember them. I'll doze off in front of the TV for a few minutes and wake up in the middle of dream, but I can never recall what it was about. What does that mean? Noel
  11. OK, that's my plan then Nick. Thanks for the response. Noel
  12. I agree Jack, sometimes progress is a good thing. But not progress for the sake of progress. But even progress for the better doesn't have to be loved. Reading the posts here lately some aren't happy with latest progress made on FTX Central 2 although it appears to be OK with me. I agree with Dirk Straun, clipper ships are beautiful but steamships are ugly; even though steamships can sail into the wind and don't have to tack. Noel
  13. Welcome back Lawrence. Missed you. Yes I do take some pills. Gemfibrozol for cholesterol and Uroxotol for enlarged prostate. Two prescription eye drops three times a day to keep the glaucoma under control. My brother was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He's on a no exercise regime of medication. He calls in once day with his blood pressure and weight and his medication is adjusted daily. As for my heart no problems yet. My blood pressure (I take it twice a day and keep a chart for my doctor two weeks prior to any appointment) runs between 115 a
  14. I am planning another rather long flight that will cover the length of eastern California from the Mexican border to the Oregon border. I will take anywhere from 8 to 10 screenshots of landmarks along the flight. But it will also contain a somewhat lengthy narrative covering background, personal experience, and the inspiration for the flight. Should I post it here or in the screen shot forum? Noel
  15. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Australian author James Clavell. He's one of my favorites and over the years I've read and re-read all of his books. In my estimation he is on a parr with James Michener and writes the same kind of books. Right now I'm re-reading Tap Pan, about the origin and beginning of Hong Kong. This evening I read the chapter where Dirk Straun, the hero and the head of a shipping company that trades with clipper ships, sees his first steamboat. For a sail lover it's a blasphemy of the ocean and he cursed it right well, How can
  16. I guess I didn't think of it. Is there a problem posting them here? Noel
  17. Got three hours to kill? Here's a nice flight from Cut Bank Montana to Hoquiam Washington kinda showcasing NRM and PNW. I paralleled the Canadian border until I got about half way across North Cascades National Park. Then veered northwest to get a shot of the Vancouver watefront. Then southwest to Victoria waterfront and continuing across the Olympic Mountains to Hoquiam. Departing Cut Bank Montana Approaching the Rockies Glacier National Park. I worked in Glacier Park the summer I graduated from high school. We lived in a tent camp 7 miles
  18. For a while I though of retiring in Cambria. That's a delightful town. It was always an overnight stop for us before heading North on Highway 1. Loved walking on the beach and wading in the surf and watching the sea otters play. There was also an overlook, just north of San Simeon I believe, where the beach was covered with elephant seals. When I was growing up in San Francisco my dad took us camping at Big Sur a couple of times. In April I rode the Amtrak train along that route from Sacrament to Los Angeles on my way back home. BTW, there wer
  19. Have you ever driven it Doug? I would rate Caifornia Highway 1 between Cambria and Monterey on a par with the Natchez Traceway and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Noel
  20. Beautiful ship. Unless I'm mistaken it be a gaff rigged schooner matey.
  21. What time of the day was that swood7? As busy as KSFO is I'm surprised no airlners were waiting in line to take off. Noel
  22. If you're going to make that flight, Sue, be aware that the Hearst Castle is not that easy to find flying off shore at 2,000 feet. The airport at San Simeon was Hearst's private strip for his guests that flew in from Hollywood. The castle is up the hill to the east. Make an approach to the strip from the north and go down to about 500 ft. You should see the castle out the left window. The castle is now a California State Park. I don't know if the airport is open to the public. Busses take tourists up the road from San Simeon. Betty and I have been there twice and
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