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  1. I have everything ticked off as in your example, Sue, but I have a similar problem to Dave's. When KRDD is my destination airport all the buildings and artifacts are there. But when I try to originate a flight from KRDD they are usually missing. Noel
  2. That's why I don't read newspapers or listen to TV news broadcasts. But people have a right to express opinions. Readers just shouldn't take the comments personally. My opinion? Why can't our leaders act more like people? Noel
  3. Although this is not about simming or flying (but there is an FA/18 in the video) we are such a cosmopolitan community here I thought you would all enjoy it. Noel
  4. I think my flight simming days are numbered, at least as far as P3D and Orbx are concerned. This morning I uninstalled SCA through the FTX Central 2 uninstall tool. With Orbx SCA gone I went to L06 (Furnace Creek) and checked it out. The forest was gone and Death Valley looked like it should. Then I re-installed SCA and went back to L06. The forest is back. It has something to do with SCA I think, although I don't know enough about how this stuff works to know that for sure. That just seems logical to me. I'm in way over my head here and my r
  5. Back to the original thread here. This morning I re-ran migration as described by Jim Morvay in this morning's 'Reinstall' thread. Death Valley is still covered with forest. I am step closer to a complete reinstall but I don't really want to do that. Noel
  6. A friend of mine got over $87.00 Sue. I wonder if it's based on how many NookBooks you have. I have 83. Noel
  7. Talk about Joss and Karma. I just this e-mail from Barnes & Noble. Dear Noel Sivertson, You previously received an email informing you that you were eligible for an electronic credit as part of the Apple Settlement. We're happy to let you know that your eBook Settlement credit for $38.98 is now in your Barnes & Noble account and ready to spend. Use your credit towards books, eBooks, and more in any of our channels — online, in-store, or on your NOOK® or NOOK Reading App™. There are some books waiting for me over there. Noel
  8. I have a hard time balancing three books at a time like I'm trying to do now. Usually it's just a pair. And with my vision problems and the need to use my Nook with large type it takes longer since only a partial page fits on the display. I'm also finding that I prefer re-reading books rather than getting new ones. Every time I re-read a book I learn something new. Something that I forgot or overlooked during the first reading. I have 83 books on my Nook. Those should last me until my 100th birthday. Noel
  9. Sue, Joss is the Chinese word for luck. We all have bouts of good luck and bad luck; times when our Joss is good or bad. And Karma is serendipity. The randomness of our lives. All the twists and turns and crossroads and forks in life's path where we have to make a choice. Karma brought us to those places and we depend on Joss to make the right choice. I don't think Karma makes that choice for us. I don't think it's predestination. Kinda like 'playing it by ear' eh Jabble? Noel
  10. I'll have remember that one Doug. Doing nothing is a very valuable and pleasurable pastime. My car is three years old and I have never turned on the radio or played the CD in it. When I'm driving it's my quiet time. Not much of that left these days when so many people have devices hanging off their ears plugged into the continuum, seeming afraid of silence. Every morning after our ablutions Betty and I sit in the living room sipping our morning coffee. The TV set is off. Sometimes we talk, but most of the time we just sit there silently with our own thoughts. A lot of peopl
  11. With patience come greater rewards. Don't try to hurry things along. I have a couple of flights I'd like to document and post screen shots of, like the total length of the Colorado River, but am waiting on LCNA before I start. The Colorado River will still be there after it's released. Two bulls an, old one and a young one, were standing at the top of a hill looking down on a herd of cows grazing in the pasture below. The young bull said to the old bull, "Lets run down the hill and have our way with a couple of them." To which the old bull replied, "Let's walk down the hill an
  12. We need the occasional pain, afflictions, sadness, and teen-age daughters (if you're lucky) as baselines to measure our good times and happiness against Dale. If one were happy and satisfied all the time life would get pretty boring. If I were to die tomorrow I would first have to tell Saint Peter, "I raised three teenage daughters all at the same time, sir, I've spent my time in hell. Let me in." And then go on to thank the creator for having given me a pretty good life despite having lost a wife, a daughter, and living through a couple rounds of un-employment living on unemplo
  13. This really isn't a forum. It's a group of friends who meet regularly and share a love of flight simulation and parts of our personal lives. You can tell that by the way some threads start out with one topic and somehow drift into another topic altogether. Like the one I started the other day about my texture problems in Death Valley and has morphed into books and reading. Just as if we are all in the same room talking to each other. Noel
  14. Haven't read The Haj jsapair but I have read Exodus and Mila 18. I going to have to add it to my list. That part of the world interests me, especially Afghanistan. If it weren't for the war I'd love to visit Afghanistan, especially the Pashtuns. I have a great deal of respect for them. I've read several books about Afghanistan starting with Michener's Caravans. Afghanistan, A Cultural and Political History. Afghanistan, A Military History of Afghanistan from Alexander the Great to the War Against the Taliban. Afghanistan. A Graveyard of Empires. And two Novels, A Thousand S
  15. Karma and Joss are both good. I hope I never run out of either. Noel
  16. "Sawadi cup" Rodger, he said with his clasped as if praying. The Japanese counterpart to mai ben rai is shimpainai (sp)... don't sweat it. Noel
  17. I think your written English is just fine Thorsten. Better than a lot of my own countrymen. Your sentence structure is good. Your composition is good. You know when to use upper case letters and you know how to spell and use punctuation marks. Very good. Noel
  18. I think when we are in school we all are nervous about what the future has in store for us Neu. For me there really was no choice. The Korean War was going on and my options were waiting to get drafted or enlist and choose the career field I wanted. I chose the latter since college was out of the question for me at that time. Noel
  19. Sorry abut that. My mistake. It only has an installer for FSX and P3Dv1. Noel
  20. The quad installer for KBZN has already been released and is available at the FSS. Noel
  21. I've been to Death Valley several times Bryan. I've been all over it from Ubehebe Crater in the north to Scotties Castle to Bad Water. I've entered and departed it from the south or over the mountain from the Owens Valley. It's one of my all time favorite places. I've hiked several of the canyons. We usually stay at Stovepipe Wells. Furnace Creek Lodge is out of my price range. Noel
  22. The white areas are alkali deposits common in many places in the American deserts. The smaller one at the top is around a small year round creek that is inhabited by pupfish. The large one at the bottom is where bad Water is located and is the lowest spot in North America at 282ft below sea level. I avoid photoreal sceneries that don't blend in with the default textures at the borders. That's why uninstalled OZX Death Valley a couple of years ago. I just don't like the abrupt texture changes. Besides, the ORBX scenery shouldn't look like the forest I have. I'll just wait unti
  23. I don't think anyone likes to exercise, Dale, except those like my daughter who are with it like she is with running. So was my brother who was recently diagnosed with CHF. He ran continuously since running track in high school and was a marathoner like my daughter. He discover he had CHF when he started tiring rapidly while training for another marathon. He went to the doctor to get it checked out and got the bad news. I am not an obsessive exerciser. I used to run three miles three days a week when I was in the service just to keep physically fit and qualify in the mandatory
  24. Well, Dale, if your heart has a finite number of heartbeats and exercise lowers your heart rate then you don't use them up as fast and they last longer. Depending on what I have been doing my resting heart rate averages about 65. That means I should live 15% longer than someone who has the same finite number of heartbeats but has a resting heart rate that averages 75, all other things being equal. Next Christmas Day, when I reach 83, I will have beat Neil Armstrong. Noel
  25. I'm kinda bummed, Anton, because I was flying a route and taking screen shots that I was going to describe and post here. Now it has to go on hold because Death Valley was a vital part of it. Sometimes I wonder if the frustrations are worth it. If I want to do some simming between my reading and the courses I'm taking I still have my train sim installed and it always works. Noel
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