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  1. Because, Venturi, I'm going back home.  I'm going back to familiar ground.  I'm returning to something I can trust.  Something I know.  FS2004 and California Classics scenery, aircraft, and programs are my old neighborhood which I am thoroughly familiar with.  The programs are turnkey.  No tweaking or troubleshooting required.  Steam would be brand new to me and I'm not ready to invest my time and effort into unknowns anymore.   At my age I want to relax; not get frustrated.



  2. 1 - Make it The Glenlivit and you're on Doug.


    2 - No, Death Valley is one of my ten most favorite places on earth and I love to explore it.   And I've uninstalled and re-installed too many times to make a career of it.  And I'm not good at troubleshooting computer problems.  Since nobody else has a forest in Death Valley it has to something wrong with my system that I'm not smart enough to figure out.


    3 - But Ken, once we're out of this tunnel there's going to be another one.  This is like riding the California Zephyr up the Front Range and through the continental divide.  32 tunnels in all. 


    I'm not a purist.  Flight simming is not an avocation with me, it's a pastime.  And flying the MAAM DC-3 to so many of the major airports in the world existing in 1962 during the transition from propliners to early jets is kinda fun too.  And California Classics makes all those 1960s airports without gates and turn-around parking at the terminal.



  3. After 4 days of uninstalling Orbx and reinstalling it again to get rid of the forest in Death Valley it came back after installing Global this afternoon.  I'm done.  I'm going back to FS2004 and California Classics 1960s propliners and scenery.  I seem to be the only one with this problem and I am way out of my league here.


    No, FS2004 is not as beautiful and glamorous as P3D/Orbx but it is a lot less demanding.   Such a high maintenance mistress is out of my class.  I'm dumping Bambi Glamorpuss for Dora Kowalski in the mail room.  She doesn't get a headache every time I want to take her flying. 


    Hope you don't mind if I hang around this forum even if I'm not an Orbxer anymore.  I kinda like the people and the conversations.



  4. As I understand it FTX Global is simply a texture replacement for either FSX or P3D. 


    If that understanding is correct then in my latest reinstallation where I only deleted Orbx sceneries but left P3D intact then those Global textures should still be sitting there in P3D.


    But whenever I open FTX Central 2 it urges me to buy Global as if it is not already installed.


    Do I have to reinstall Global again?





  5. Although I don't see the point of texting when you can easily talk to people and leave voice messages I do admire the way so many people seem to do it so easily.


    My B&N Nook has a keyboard on it I have to use when I want to order a new book.  And I have a terrible time with it.  I have never been able to enter a book title or an author's name in one try.  I am always hitting an adjacent key or two keys at once.  So I have to constantly backtrack to make corrections.  This morning wanted ordered a new book and it's really frustrating for me. 


    How do you do it with big fingers and tiny keyboards?



  6. As I mentioned before I did not reinstall Tongass Fjords when I reinstalled Orbx.  Everything non-Orbx was still there.  I only reinstalled Orbx files.


    I don't know what's supposed to be there and what's not.  I am assuming that when I originally installed Tongass everything was there.  This is the way Wrangell and Sitka have always looked for me and I am satisfied with that.










  7. So far so good.  I have SCA, NCA, PNW, PFJ, Tongass Fjords, SAK, NRM and CRM installed.  I also have installed all the airports for CRM, NCA, SCA, and PFJ installed except for KWYS-West Yellowstone, KBZN-Bozeman and KBLU-Blue Canyon which haven't got quad installers released yet.


    After each installation I check Death Valley and it still looks OK.


    Tomorrow I will install the airports for NRM, SAK, and PNW.




  8. E-Mails from people I don't know automatically get trashed without opening.


    And then there's snail-mail advertising.  My mail box is at the curb in front of my house.  I once asked the postman if I put a garbage can next to the mail box if he would just toss my junk mail into it and save me the trouble.  He said he can't legally do that.  I would say 30-40% of our trash is unopened junk mail.



  9. I get anywhere from 4 to almost a dozen telemarketer calls a day.  I am on the 'no call' list but that's useless with the robodialers these weasels use.  They want to help me pay off my student loans (what student loans?).   They want me to refinance my home.  They want me to borrow money from them to pay off credit card debt of which I have very little.  Some want me to take a survey for something or other.  Or sell me aftermarket automobile warrantees.  Others have brides for me from Russia or the Philippines or Bumfuk Egypt, although those are quite rare.


    I am now leaving my phone turned off all the time.  I have changed my answering message to, "My cell phone is turned off due to al the weasel telemarketer calls.  I turn it on and check for messages three times a day.  If I know you I will call you back.  If not you will get flushed into the virtual septic tank."


    The only other time I leave it on is when Betty is out shopping.




    It seems there's nothing I can do but keep my phone turned off most of the time. 

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  10. With no solution to Death Valley National Forest I deleted all my Orbx scenery.


    I reinstalled the North American Regions and the Library and everything looks normal now, even Death Valley.  Tomorrow I will begin installing the regions' airports.


    I am not going to install anything anymore that doesn't haven't a P3Dv3 installer.  I deleted my Migration Tool.  I won't be using it anymore.


    No more third party sceneries except for RTMM and Tongass Fjords.  Those have always worked for me and Tongass Fjords is a must have to link PFJ and SAC.  Otherwise if it's not Orbx it won't get in the door.  All of my Aerosoft sceneries are history now.


    I am waiting for the release of the full NA Land Class before installing it and Global but I will wait at least two weeks before downloading it to see if any problems crop up like they did with the new FTX Central 2. 


    At this point in time I am not planning on installing anything outside of North America.  It's a large continent and should satisfy me for the remaining 22 years of life I hope I have left.  I feel installing areas I will seldom or never fly just to have them is not productive and could be risky.





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  11. 2 minutes ago, Bermuda425 said:

    It is for sure - now only model trains are missing somewhere ;)


    When the train I was riding on from Sacramento to Los Angeles in April stopped at the  Oakland station they coupled a private car onto the back end.


    I'd love to have a private car to hook onto the back of Amtrak trains and have an HO Layout somewhere in it.  Maybe in the dome section.  I would like that better than owning a yacht or an airplane.



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  12. Thanks Triplane.  I uninstalled and reinstalled NCA and SCA.  Death Valley looks as it should now.  I think, for a while anyway, I am going to limit myself to the North American FTX areas,  I will wait on Global and Land Class until the full NA LandClass  is released.


    But I have another problem now that I have installed  NCA and SCA.  FTX Central 2 popped up after installing SCA and NCA, but the FTX Central 2 Icon is missing from the desktop.



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