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  1. For me, the former logo were the characters "O", "R", "B" and "X" but with the new logo they seem to interact more with each other. As for the missing link to flight simulation; it could be a marketing choice. The name is well known in our world and does not need any additional explaining in my opinion. Just like every one knows that, if we say "Galaxy S" without mentioning the brand, it's a Samsung.
  2. For me, the in-built drone camera is perfectly playing the role of Bob.
  3. I saw it immediately when I opened the forum. Nice logo, well done. I like it how the "b" and "x" are interacting with each other.
  4. Oh yes, definitely C. I have planned doing that myself too with a little less agile aircraft just because of my C choice.
  5. Wonderful Iain. A slightly off-topic question: Have you used live weather or maybe the Sofly weather presets?
  6. The new runway and - not visible - the performance. YBBN V1 was a real frame rate hog and I bet this one will be much approved in that area as will the ground textures I guess.
  7. There has been reported spikes now and then but maybe they are needles in a haystack since the update. Let's hope so.
  8. Oh yeah, Emsi is back! Wonderful captures, especially the city scapes.
  9. Better: Orbx could adopt the package like they did with Larry's PNW Ferries and install it through Orbx Central.
  10. I have Rolling cached switched off permanently and it still doesn't look good compared to PG cities in the US. The story about overloaded servers is a good point though. So, I'm interested in the developments around Orbx London but I'm a bit deterred by the texture quality of many POI's. Will this change?
  11. I flew Jetstar from Darwin to Sydney and haven't noticed any shortcomings in service. It was a night flight so I tried to sleep the whole 4hr flight.
  12. Thank you Gerold! Yes, the new camera system in MSFS helps a lot with framing a picture.
  13. Ok, it's the other way around? I find TE Netherlands HD much sharper and crisp than TE Great-Britain South. That's why I thought TE GB was SD. Different ortho quality?
  14. I really love your trips and narration Gerold. I mis that 185.
  15. Great set Adam. Nice time of day. Now if we could render those clouds in the sim. That would be awesome.
  16. There is a demo of Great-Britain but I believe it's SD as there is no HD version of that TE package. Maybe someone can fill me in on this?
  17. Most of those Gigs are for the photoreal tiles. The difference between SD and HD is the resolution of those ortho tiles. So, unfortunately yes, you have to download the whole package.
  18. And the people! We've had a great time there!
  19. Just wonderful Carlos. I think, as Orbx has achieved Singapore, they can make just about every City. And that combined with a pretty decent FPS on a mediocre system like mine (8700K, 1080ti).
  20. Very nice licht on them Adam! Great series.
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