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  1. Amazing comparison shots Gerold. The Caravan is a great plane. I have the newer Carenado version which does have G1000.
  2. Neat video indeed. For P3D/FSX users: Locher is available as freeware on Avsim.
  3. It's indeed Wollongong. We've paid a very nice visit at the HARS there. I didn't want to post a picture of the 747 because to would've been too obvious.
  4. In the second video, I see a lot of "cubical" trees, like pillars. I hope this is a pre-alpha thing and will be resolved.
  5. Most of them are indeed updated but I had to check "ORBX Australia V2 installed" manually to on in the config panel.
  6. What I ask has nothing to do with AFS2, but how dit your friends experience the A2A Cherokee? Did they think it's a toy or does it resemble the real deal?
  7. Great stories Gerold. Reminds me of my trip to Australia in 2018, although we took an airliner to cross the country from Darwin to Sidney. But we visited several nature parks south and east of Darwin, so the highways and the outback are very well known to me. It was then, when we also parked on the highway, that I saw a nebula in space for the first time.
  8. Nice! I see you took the "high" route. I myself did the low route through the valleys.
  9. That's what I like about it; Ant did not exaggerate the use of PBR.
  10. Stunning! The sky and lightning is way beyond what REX does in P3D. I wish they did a similar thing.
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