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  1. Good showcase of this wonderful airport Adam.
  2. One of the nice areas to fly in PNW. Great shots.
  3. The advantage of UT Live and Just flight's Traffic Global is, that they run completely running outside the simulator. This means that you can set the traffic sliders in the simulator to zero and unburden the simulators processor core which should lead to better performance.
  4. Amazing! But that last scene is not possible; the Tomcat has left the battlefields in the US. Maybe some Middle-East country?
  5. Between all the PR shows there isn't hardly any attention to the magnificent Open LC products. Inspired by the Tour de France, I did a flight near Lourdes just north of the Pyrenees. I haven't been there before. What a nice area! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, Ben.
  6. While I don't share the nervosity, I do feel less at home at the moment. Everything I see and click seem to be XP related while I know P3D isn't forgotten with the release of AU V2, Buildings HD and Africa/Asia in the making. But it surely feels that way.
  7. Has ORBX tried this LZ16 with no or very low USM? I find the sharpened images too jaggy and restless compared to the original. I also see this in TE GBS in P3D. That's why I like TE NL where the hard lines seem to be smoother. I don't know how to explain this in good English but I hope I'm clear.
  8. Great set Adam. I love the angles. You start your topics with add-ons installed and which simulator is used which is a great thing to do. I appreciate it. A question: In the last topics, you don't mention REX EF no more. Did you uninstall it and, if so, may I ask why? Cheers, Ben.
  9. For me personally; TENL but that's because I'm Dutch. That said, The quality of the PR is slightly better in NL. TEGB seems a bit over-sharpened. Also the airfields do no always match the PR of TEGB perfectly which gives ugly runway and taxiway borders. It looks like if ORBX used the FTX ENG enhanced airfields there. The color of TEGB is a bit too saturated to my taste.
  10. Great to see this project finally being released! I'm looking forward to it.
  11. Thanks guys! I'm using Tomatoshade with R&D preset for that.
  12. No PTA or other shader, I've seen this before. It seems to be an issue when PR and LC is used together. I did mention this but no solution so far.
  13. I too got AUS V2 right away. For me, the selling points were the better mesh (check!) and the enhanced airfields (check!). I did a reconnaissance flight near Wollongong where I've been in real live. P3D v4.5. Extra add-ons used: REXSF, Tomatoshade and Milviz P-6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, Ben.
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