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  1. It's all Adambar's fault... ...that I fell in love with this little vintage plane! Now that it was in sale, I purchased it and thought by myself, why not sooner... 1. Just took off from Stadskanaal. 2. A nice fly-by! 3. The harbor of Delfzijl, seen from the beautiful VC. 4. The Waddenzee is a unique environment in the north of The Netherlands. This is Rottumerplaat, an uninhabited little island. 5. Inbound Ameland airport. Beautifully rendered photoreal by Orbx. 6. It's really a joy to fly in this part of TE Netherlands. Cheers, Ben.
  2. Is there time to enjoy scenery in DCS then? I thought you always need eight pair of eyes and long neck muscles to keep an eye on the boogies instead.
  3. Ok Adam, now you did it. You made me buy this C170 while it is in sale!
  4. Here is the page for East Midlands: https://orbxdirect.com/product/egnx And it's for Xplane 11 and P3Dv4 only because it uses advanced techniques and is therefor not compatible with FSX.
  5. I had this too in my TE GBS. In another topic about texture colors being off, there was a passage about some satellite images that could be made in winter. Maybe this is the case with the docks?
  6. Global does not enhance airports neither do Vector and Open LC. Only regions enhance airports. Look at Orbx Direct if the product is compatible with FSX. All information is there.
  7. Orbx Global is only a texture replace product so it will not harm your FPS. Orbx Vector will come with an FPS drop since the coastlines, roads, lakes, etc. are more actually shaped. Then, there is Orbx Open LC Europe. Since the autogen is much more dense than the default, it will eat some frames but not too many. I can fly fighter jets over Orbx Global products without losing autogen or texture sharpness. On Orbx Direct, each airport product page tells you with what Orbx scenery it's compatible with.
  8. Some developers use SODE for the trees in the scenery.
  9. I recall reading that it is advised by Orbx to use this method indeed.
  10. Ok, problem solved. But now I don't know which was the culprit: deleting the shaders cache, restoring the original shaders, not using TS? Well, at least you took me by the hand to solve it Nick. Thank you! REX EF on all shadow options on. Runway renders right in the shadows. Cheers, Ben.
  11. Ok, thank you. Do you have another shader program in use besides EF, like Tomatoshade or PTA? I use Tomatoshade. My EF is also in automatic mode. What I can do is delete the shaders cache and restore the original P3D shaders. Then start EF and P3D to look if that makes a difference. I'll get back to you. Cheers, Ben.
  12. Hello, here are new screenshots with tests as per Nick's advice: 1. A screenshot with REX EF on but no casting of cloud shadows on the ground. 2. Then REX EF on with all shadows active but the runway is in the sun. No problem with the textures then. Notice the difference in shadow intensity between the runway texture and the shoulder. That could possibly lead to something in the shading of the runway texture? 3. Now all on: REX EF, all shadows and runway in the shadow. See that the runway itself is hardly affected by the shadow but the center line marks do. 4. Last, REX EF off, runway in the shadow, no shader problem. So, yes, REX EF is the problem but only at EGCW right now. Other Orbx airfields like Cloverdale and Sonoma don't have this shader problem. I think it's the way how the runway of EGCW is modelled. Cheers, Ben.
  13. I couldn't agree more. P3D/FSX (=ESP) + complex scenery + fast speeds = no go. When I jump into a fast plane, I usually fly over Open LC areas.
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