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  1. Doesn't anyone notice the difference of the shadows on the '4' and the runway in #1? Is this product 100% compatible with V5? My guess is not. Sorry for the negative reaction but new buyers think that these kinds of products are V5 compatible while many of them are not for 100%. There should be a statement on the product page about this.
  2. While I do like the scenery, the blending of the airports are still a great concern for me.
  3. I would too. I've mentioned this before, Orbx should make Enhanced airfields and POI packs for Open LC regions to get more life there.
  4. And no update stress. I'm feeling I'm getting very annoyed and stressed by all the troubles each new version of P3D brings and the so called compatible products along with it. I haven't flown for a few weeks because of this, hence not seeing me posting here for a while. Pure frustration. FSX, not being updated has a kind of serenity over it. Maybe I just stick with P3D v4 for a while since that version has stopped developing and wait for all the teething problems in V5 to be over.
  5. As far as I understand FTX PNW region has its own vector installed. Global Vector has nothing to do with it. Or do you mean Open LC NA, PWN area?
  6. Any news or thoughts from the Orbx staff about this issue? I see this topic is still labeled as answered which it isn't.
  7. You mean the resolution of the ortho used. Yes, it's not the highest but that is what Orbx could their hands on for a reasonable price I guess. Not all TE products are low(er) resolution TE NL for instance is good. As for your question about the choice between FTX and TE, I think it's personal. I myself have abandoned TE GBS because of its resolution you speak of and of the (slightly but enough) misalignment of the airfields with the orthos. I'm enjoying FTX ENG very much now because the LC textures are sharper and the airfields blend in very well. Also I find the tree colors matching the FTX ground better and I have seasons.
  8. Be aware that TE GB disables some bgl files which you''ll miss when using FTX again by temporary disabling TE GB . The photoreal water around the island for instance. And I guess that, in order to solve the bleeding of FTX PR, some FTX PR will be disabled too, like maybe the Southampton docks. Look in your FTX folder for "disabled by..." file names. Those are the ones which are not visible anymore in FTX EU.
  9. OMG insane good! Also the filming was awesome. He new exactly where to be with the camera.
  10. Can you subscribe what you mean with blurries? Is it that the rendering of P3D is blurry or the sharpness of the scenery?
  11. I sure do hope so. It indeed seems a difference in transparency.
  12. Not for Welshpool. It has it's own runway polygon. We indeed are running in circles. If you say the taxi lanes of Bowerman or Tamworth, then yes, that depends on detail1.bmp. Please Nick, don't tell me that you can't see the difference between a PR underground and a ground poly. Cheers, Ben.
  13. No it doesn't Nick. Compare this V4 shot with the one I posted earlier. It looks indeed very similar to TymK's problem. Cheers, Ben.
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