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  1. I've seen it before but it still puts a smile on my face every time I see it indeed. Thanks for posting Pete.
  2. Ah yeah, Scoot... A 787 *Dream*liner with a Ryanair interior and dito (none) services. How an unpleasant surprise this was on an 8 hour flight from Melbourne to Singapore. Nice to see some of Broome again!
  3. My best guess is, that the maker of the screenshot has the seasons mod installed.
  4. For me, the former logo were the characters "O", "R", "B" and "X" but with the new logo they seem to interact more with each other. As for the missing link to flight simulation; it could be a marketing choice. The name is well known in our world and does not need any additional explaining in my opinion. Just like every one knows that, if we say "Galaxy S" without mentioning the brand, it's a Samsung.
  5. For me, the in-built drone camera is perfectly playing the role of Bob.
  6. I saw it immediately when I opened the forum. Nice logo, well done. I like it how the "b" and "x" are interacting with each other.
  7. Oh yes, definitely C. I have planned doing that myself too with a little less agile aircraft just because of my C choice.
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