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  1. Glad to see you back again! We indeed missed you. I hope you've found your way up regarding the medical issues.
  2. I don't know what their plans are. On May the 5th, the Catalina will make a farewell flight over The Netherlands and soon after that it will be flying to Florida.
  3. Great caps but unfortunately the Catalina is sold to Collings Foundation in America last year.
  4. If the question is, are we still satisfied with FTX regions then my answer is simply yes. I still enjoy landclass scenery.
  5. You are indeed comparing landclass vs photoreal.
  6. I don't know if it belongs here but in P3D many of the airport polygons are not matching very well with the PR underground. It seems that the airports come directly from FTX EU England which suit very well in there but now with the PR the difference becomes visible.
  7. If you mean you've got a bit air sick, then I'm with you!
  8. My thoughts exactly. I've got the plane and it really is a joy to fly.
  9. Great to see foreigners enjoying my country. This is my home town Tilburg. The airbase is not Gilze-Rijen but Woensdrecht. Great set!
  10. What a cap to celebrate Iain!
  11. The shaders look great. Good choice and well done.
  12. They look absolute stunning Mark!
  13. I now see that I have two cubs in this series. The yellow one is the Super Cub Ultra from Flight Replicas, the red-white above Londen is the Super Cub Standard from the same vendor. Those are not typical P3D planes nor is Sky Force 3D. I'm glad the planes work ok in P3D but I've bought them in my FSX time.
  14. Thanks guys! The cub is the Super Cub Ultra from Flight Replicas. The clouds are generated by REX Sky Force 3D
  15. My first impressions with TE GBS are great. London ofcourse is a disaster but for the rest it's a good place to fly. 1. My first flight was near Yeovilton. 2. Then, Whales was next. Near the famous Mach loop. 3. Building up the suspense: Southampton area needed some settings to change to maintain 30fps. 4. London was next. Beautifully crafted but hard to fly, even with recommended settings. 5. But there are enough beautiful areas to fly besides London, like the Cardiff area. 6. Entering the wind farm just north-west of Cardiff. Cheers, Ben.
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