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  1. Helicopter pilots when they arrive in MSFS. I would like to see both; Cityscapes and POI packs. That's a good point!
  2. Great! I see two things I miss in MSFS: Compton Abbas and Ant's Tiger Moth.
  3. She seems to be a pain in the butt indeed to take her off the ground. I've read something about increasing the payload (about 55lbs) to make her more stable. Nevertheless, I hope Carenado acknowledges the problem and releases a patch for it.
  4. I've also seen it at the announcement topic and am wondering if this scenery will be updated when it's all over, hopefully soon.
  5. To my knowledge, the current status of the SDK makes it not possible yet to make third-party mesh?
  6. That, but it's simply immoral to steal software. It's a lot of work and time costly to create the software.
  7. Fun to read and many things I can confirm while I visited Australia in 2018. Especially this part: Fortunately, I can't confirm the dangerousity (is that a word?) of some animals. We did encounter some herds of kangaroos of which a local said that we were lucky they didn't swarm our way.
  8. Christchurch was my initial starting point when I bought FTX NZSI. I was instantly flabbergasted by the scenery. Good memories.
  9. Right on time when I look at your fuel quantity Jack!
  10. This could be the world wide mesh bug and we hope that Asobo will release a patch soon. Meanwhile, there is a patch available at flightsim.to but I haven't installed that.
  11. These are the kind of pictures I like to make as a plane spotter. Standing close to the taxi or runway and a low position with a good telelens.
  12. Good to see you back Jack! I missed the yellow planes.
  13. *Keeping* your house clean is much less work than *making* your house clean.
  14. Great! Oh man, I do mis helicopters in MSFS.
  15. I believe I've read some day that the Orbx MSFS airports will not have much extended surrounding scenery due to the photo realistic nature of MSFS. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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