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  1. True, but you have to buy them at full price again in order to work in 64-bit.
  2. 52 biological 16 mentally 80 regarding the knees Cheers, Ben.
  3. So it's still alive? Phew, then I just missed it by a hair last time I was there.
  4. Thank you! Downloaded it and the oceans come to life. There wasn't any wake and a search learned that an entry in the add-on.xml is wrong: where it says <Path>\Effects</Path> it must be: <Path>Effects</Path> I haven't tested it yet but it sounds plausible. Cheers, Ben.
  5. Beautiful! Does this work in P3D v4+ as well?
  6. My thoughts exactly. I was doing the same. We got carried away. Apologies to the moderators.
  7. Some cracking shots there, Richard!
  8. Are you running Aus V2 in a library via ORBX Central (not FTX Central)? I'm still using the old fashioned way in the sim folder and didn't let ORBX Central migrate my scenery to libraries.
  9. I positioned my plane at those coordinates but I can't see any texture anomaly. What I do see is the reported triangles at airports at certain heights. Then I flew from Cessnock to Williamtown and also no texture problem there for me. I also run P3D 4.5 with no extra add-ons in that area.
  10. Strange. I don't see any black textures at Hamilton Island.
  11. I installed it today and stayed away from the library install method. There were quiet a lot of updates which all installed flawlessly. As far as I can see, there are no issues in the scenery. I flew in AU v2 from Tamworth and in PNW from Victoria to Vashon. The only thing I notice is a slight reduce in frame rates but that also can be due to a Windows update.
  12. Wow, definitely on my list to purchase.
  13. Those caps are taken at a much higher altitude and the images seem to be resized. They always look sharper then. Nevertheless, I guess that higher ZL is more expensive and ORBX needs to look for reducing filesizes and prices in order to sell the product.
  14. Good showcase of this wonderful airport Adam.
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