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  1. Hi Chris, for your info: At first I deinstalled Whangarei Airport and reinstalled it into the P3D folder. - No change! Then I renamed the Adons.cfg (2×) and the scenery.cfg as recommended by Nick Cooper. Then everything worked fine. Attn. John Dow and all other helpfull guys: Thank you very much. Best regards Hans
  2. Hi all, can anybody tell me how I can move the Whangarei airport from the library into the Prepar3D folder? Thank you Regards Hans
  3. Hi Chris, that´s very interesting. I will check this out later and will inform you. By the way. Thank you for the moment. Regards Hans
  4. Hi all, my Vector tool was working fine till yesterday. Today the Orbx CENTRAL was updated to version 4.1.10, did several updates of my Orbx scenerys. Since that moment the vector tool cannot work. It stops with the message: " Auto-configuration has failed to complete." What is the reason of this failure? The Orbx Central update? Best regards Hans
  5. Hello everyone, does anybody know if Precipit is compatible with Rex Environment Force and Rex Skyforce 3D? With best regards Hans
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all (most on the other side of the world). Greetings from Thailand Hans
  7. Hi all, by the way; wehre I can See Adams pre Set? With best regards Hans
  8. Hi everyone, I have downloaded FTX EU England 1.52 and installed (in one progress - great!) with ORBX CDN on - it lasted 2 Hours and 21 min. I don´t know how much it should last normaly. That´s for info for your team. Hans
  9. Hi, I had one at Feb. 22nd at 14.25 UTC: Error 522 Ray ID 1bcbd8f86af603be and today at 05:54 UTC: Error 522 Ray ID 1bd968fae80261135 Hope that can help. Cheers Hans
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