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  1. I have LMT Simulation's LFMD Cannes Mandelieu, and I can say that it is an excellent airport and completely compatible with P3Dv3 and with Orbx Global Base and Open LC Europe. JetStream Design's LFML Marseille-Provence and Dreamflight Studio's LFMP Perpignan-Rivesaltes are also very good and compatible with P3Dv3 and Global and Open LC Europe. I would definitely recommend these three airports. I also have Aerosoft's LFMN Nice, and it is compatible except the runway lights do not work in P3D. There is also a newer version of LFMN by JustSim that probably looks nicer, but I do not have it. I als
  2. Have now tried three times to download/install Vector, using FTX Central v3.1.0.2. On each occasion, the download seems to stop after 3.58 GB are downloaded, and the status indicates "x minutes/seconds left" (calculating at the current download speed), and the time counts down to one second remaining. And it just stops indicating download is underway and one second remains. But nothing more more happens and the product has not downloaded. By the way, I have used FTX Central several times during the current sale to downloaded new products with no problems. Help please. Regards, Mike
  3. UK2000 VFR Airfields Vol 2 has a good rendition of Duxford (as well as nearby Cambridge EGSC), plus many more airports in middle England. Not as good as the Orbx EU airports in England, but the Duxford airfield is excellent (I live in the area and have been there many times) and unfortunately there is no Orbx version available. Also compatible with P3Dv3.
  4. Yes it is excellent. But I think Northern California is even better - sea coast, mountains, (forested and barren), desert, lowlands, urban, small towns - outstanding scenery and so much variety. PNW is of course tops on the number of Orbx airports; need more in NorCal.
  5. I have purchased additional UK airfields (now have all but one); purchased all of the German airfields, and Block Island airfield. Still thinking about getting Bar Harbor.
  6. Thanks to you both, very helpful. The chart explains how to execute the approaches and gives the critical elevations. I believe this is a vartsim chart? I should probably join.
  7. This is a great airport, and so glad that ORBX included other nearby airports, particularly LSTS and LSTZ. The three airports are in connected valleys, and quiet easy to fly from one to the other. However, I have had some difficulty in approaching and landing at LSGK in the Duke B60. The most straightforward approaches appear to be (1) from Lake Geneva heading east, over the mountain range at the edge of the lake and into a valley that leads to the airport, and a fairly easy approach into runway 08; and (2) approaching from the north into the valley that leads to LSTZ, where you turn west int
  8. I live in England and do most of my flying there and in the rest of the UK and Republic of Ireland. I would definitely recommend you get the FTX England regional scenery. It is a very good representation of the parts of England I have flown in the real world. If you want to fly into Scotland, Wales, NI and Ireland, ORBX has similar quality regional FTX packages for these. ORBX has several English airports of excellent quality. All of these ORBX prodcts are currently on sale at 47% off. If you want to spend more money, I would also recommend the UK2000 VFR airport packages - there are three of
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. As a VFR flyer, navigating by VOR and NDB and landmarks, who likes to make many stopovers, I am keen that everything I am flying over look fairly accurate to the real world. Over the last few days, have tried some VFR flying in Belgium (also en route from Britain to N Germany), using official aeronautical charts to navigate, and found that the OpenLC EU in this area does in fact seem pretty accurate to the charts, though not quite FTX region quality. Am stopping off at all of the ORBX freeware airports in Belgium, and they do look pretty good. But the stock airports
  10. Now that I have flown in FTX regions with their detail and general accuracy to the real world, I hardly ever fly anywhere else. I think ORBX have done a particularly good good job with the NA regions: several regions that take in most of the West Coast areas from Alaska in the North to the border in California with Mexico in the South, and extending Eastward into the Rocky Mountains. So we have a continuous area of connected FTX regions where we have over a thousand miles of excellent scenery for flying. I would like to suggest that Europe would benefit from a similar approach. We currently h
  11. Yes, more German airports from ORBX. Perhaps fewer large hub airports and more small to medium size airports useful for GA flying. There are other developers who do a great job of the large hub airports, but not many do the small/medium airports.
  12. ORBX's Old Warden near Cambridge is quite nice. I have also wondered why ORBX deleted their plans for Cambridge and other UK airports. Could this be because of the many UK2000 airports in Britain? UK2000's coverage of England is especially good with three packs of smaller VFR airports, which seem to include just about every airport in the country. The UK2000 version of Cambridge EGSC is no doubt not to the quality and detail that the ORBX version would have been, but it is still good, quite accurate and up to date. I have heard that ORBX's airport sales in the UK regions have been disappointin
  13. Oops, it's Northern, not Southern Germany. Southern Germany region is coming later this year hopefully.
  14. FTX Southern Germany is great. Hope ORBX is developing some of their great airports for the region. Their airports for the UK and California regions are outstanding. Need something like these for Germany.
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