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  1. I wish they weren't giving up on X-Plane. But hey, $ makes the world go around. : )
  2. Just curious... I know that MSFS has taken over as the primary sim to develop for. I also know that you just released two southern European TE titles. But I am interested in US scenery. Thanks!
  3. I will humbly add my vote to this request (and maybe convert Palm Springs as well : ) It seems that there is an abundance of pre existing Orbx airports that could be converted to X-Plane, I suggest converting the airports that fall within the boundaries of the existing X-Plane TE scenery... Wouldn't that be great? What would even be better, dare I say, would be the addition of more TE titles. : )
  4. Being from New England, my interest lies with the following release strategy: Since the West coast is now continuous, and you have started the east coast with FL, I would like to see the Northeast next, then work down the coast to FL... Then maybe add a mid US area like Chicago/St Louis for stop over flights across the US. I also would be interested in global TE versions that were distributed in reasonably sized chunks... Maybe time zones would be a reasonable distribution?
  5. Great to see some love for the east coast from ORBX! I can only hope this continues to flow north!
  6. I just purchased TE Washington SD for X-Plane11 and I installed it using ORBX Central on Mac. After the install to a library folder completed, I placed my plane in JFHR and then KSEA and got the errors pictured below. I erased the install and reinstalled directly to X-Plane folder and still got the errors... Any ideas?
  7. Any love for the NE region of the US on the way? I recall that, years ago, you were planning on a Maritimes region that would dip as far down as Massachusetts. It seems like a great majority of your development of US scenery is for the Pacific area... Is there any reason that the development of scenery in the east is so disproportionately small? Thanks,
  8. Glad I read this... I was about to submit a ticket on this issue.
  9. Requesting release dates from a software developer is kind of like asking a woman her weight... you will either get an exaggerated answer, or you will be shamed for asking!
  10. Not to beat a dead horse, and with all due respect, I will give you an example of the silent vaporization of an advertised product that occurred within the Flight Simulator community, albeit, not from ORBX... MegaSceneryEarth was supposed to release and distribute for free, night versions of their v2.0 photo scenery products to all that purchased them... AFAIK, there was never any mention of this being scrapped, but several years later, customers are still waiting... I certainly understand that ORBX and MSE are two different entities, I am only providing this as a proof of concept!
  11. Thanks John, Glad to hear! Brett, If you really can't imagine this being a legit question... Projects and endeavors have been known to silently terminate in all areas of life! The absence of mention / coverage the LC NA has received in comparison to the Europe LC, was enough of a change in behavior to spike my curiosity.... I hope this is a suitable explanation!
  12. I haven't seen any preview screen shots or other mention of the developmental progress of this release... Has this been scrapped?
  13. Thanks Alex. I appreciate the help! I was afraid this was the case, but I figured it was worth a query to the orbx literati.
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