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  1. The thumbnail gives it away. I literally discovered this by accident. Skip to 7:20 for the punchline, or watch it all the way find it yourself
  2. Hello Howard. I use Leo Bodnar boards and LINDA. It's not that hard, although the programming side can get a bit involved depending on what you need to do. I wrote a little book on what I did. The same info is in all there in my Twin Otter videos, it's just a bit more spread out
  3. I vote for bringing the maps back, I don't have Orbx Central on all my devices.
  4. That's not what it says. The only other reference I can find is from FS Elite, although it looks like he got his info from that key.aero report. He reads it the same as I do, which is that the original Alpha won't be supported.
  5. Good news, although it also says that the current Alpha yoke will not be compatible and will be discontinued in favour of the new XBox-compatible one
  6. It seems to me there is a massive advantage to running this on something like an XBox over running it on a PC. I don't know much at all about consoles in general but surely an XBox is much more of a closed system, which means it's going to work pretty much the same on everyone's XBox because they all have exactly the same hardware and software, with less (or no) potential to mess things by fiddling. And it's going to stay that way because we're not running and constantly adding or removing unrelated bits of software. It has long been abundantly clear that home computers are not equivalent to s
  7. I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you mean where would I like to fly if there was good scenery to support it, or do you mean where do I like to fly given what scenery we have? To the extent that I have flown in Asia it was dull because everything looked the same and the landclass scenery was very obviously repeating every few miles. In other words, there was no real sense of exploration or of discovery, and hence it was of little interest to me. If there were interesting or unique places to discover, I would go there. I recall people commenting of Orbx in earlier years, 'oh but I don't fly
  8. Yes, he did ask for "a really low approach" so I think they both knew the score
  9. I posted a video about this book a while back, featuring Orbx and a bunch of OZx strips. The author's son and nephew both left comments on the video!
  10. Some good views of the Anthony Lynch Longreach in this old video. (Start at about 4:30.)
  11. If you watched the original developer videos, Asobo's coup was to convince Microsoft a reboot could capture the mass market. Maybe the niche markets will get a look in once they're convinced they have a successful product.
  12. Assuming this product follows the original, it will have five-season textures. In other words it has dual winter textures, so setting the date to anything other than January will give you winter but banish the snow.
  13. Dropping into seven orbx B-sides, testing the Honeycomb Alpha yoke. In order of appearance (strip / orbx product): OR57 Walker (77S Cresswell) 30OR Bero Field (05S Vernonia) CA21 Limberlost Ranch (KBLU Blue Canyon) 7WA3 West Wind (Freeware) WA35 Clam Harbor (KORS Orcas Island) 49OR Land's Inn Ranch (OG39 Longview Ranch) "WA7M" Walter Musa's Field (WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip)
  14. I tried one of these but it wasn't much more than a novelty. It's fiddly to set up and to calibrate, it only supports a small monitor and you have to sit very close to it. Most of all, the software seemed ill thought-out, basically working like an eye-controlled hat switch, which was very clumsy and unintuitive.Perhaps it would work better if it used motion scaling like a TrackIR. Perhaps it now does, it's a few years since I tried it.
  15. I think you are confusing two entirely different things. 640x480 is the resolution of the TrackIR camera, which determines how precisely it can track the target (the reflectors on your hat). The horizontal FoV of the camera is cited as 51.7 degrees. This means the camera tracks horizontally with a precision that can be expressed as 0.08 degrees per pixel. I presume this means it can accurately detect head movements as small as 0.08 degrees. From a quick calculation I think this is equivalant to a movement of 1.4mm at a distance of 1m.
  16. You can angle the hat upwards without too many problems, although the geometry of movement changes and you would likely need to tweak the profile to get the movement right. Or put the camera on the side of the screen and attach the reflector at a 45 degree angle. Or put the sensor behind you and wear the hat backwards, flipping the yaw axis. There are many ways to fix this. The beauty of TrackIR is that it's such a simple but reliable device in principle and everything is adjustable.
  17. Then you will be delighted with it. In my experience TrackIR remains the single best addon after a joystick controller. Paired with a big monitor (4K if you can, but even 1080p up to 32") it is unbeatable.
  18. Don't give up yet as Orbx hasn't replied. In my experience it isn't as rigid. When I experimented with this the advice was to purchase multiple licences, which I did, and then a couple of weeks after someone else asked and John Venema said they would 'turn a blind eye' to such usage. So it is worth pursuing for an answer from officialdom.
  19. Couldn't you just buy the AU and NZ products and turn off everything except the landclass? I'm not sure why you would ever want to do that but it seems to be what you're asking for.
  20. Probably "TrueDeck", which appears to be a hardware panel for mounting Saitek peripherals and iPads. I don't know from the video if there's any specific software component or if this is just Orbx branding of Flight Velocity's existing hardware. Perhaps there will be a more detailed press release in due course.
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