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  1. It will look like the real thing, rather than a landscape that's reminiscent of the real thing. If you've played with Google Earth, it's kind of like that, so in theory you could find your own back yard and fly over it. That isn't possible in EU England etc. because the landscape is made from a fixed set of 'scenery Lego' tiles.
  2. This is not so. Global Base just replaces all the default ground textures. It's a (much-)better-than-nothing option for flying in places where you haven't bought region-specific Orbx products.
  3. My advice would be to get EU England only at first. This has everything you need for England and it would let you see what your computer can do. The global products are a sort of D-I-Y kit to give better-than-default-scenery for places Orbx hasn't made specific products for. FTX Central comes with the Orbx product, it's just the installer/config program. You may have to install the Microsoft .NET framework as someone else has said. Performance-wise, you should be okay with your computer at modest settings. Your CPU runs at 2.7GHz and will boost one core to 3.5GHz under load, which is respectable. You don't say what your graphics card is but as long as you're only running one monitor at 1080p (1920x1080) or below you'll probably be okay.
  4. This seems like a pretty minor inconsistency next to not allowing the depiction of snow at all. Until P3D gets a technology for ground depiction that depends on weather, not season, there will always be a mismatch between the real world and sim world.
  5. Well, except when it's snowing. Let's not forget that P3D's way of selecting ground textures according to season is a gross approximation under any circumstances. It would be nice if we could select the ground season depiction as an option from the flight setup screen.
  6. Agreed, but I think this is down XP's default haze. You can turn this up in P3D with PTA. I haven't done anything more than basic tweaking as PTA's fiddly, but you can get it better (or closer to XP - not everyone likes it).
  7. Good luck with that. Subscription services exploit the many to subsidise the few, which is a good business model if you can sell it but at least makes a company's priorities clear. As for 'supporting gaming development', that's very altruistic but don't delude yourself that 'gaming development' is interested in supporting you, except as a collateral benefit of its commercial interests.
  8. Real world weather doesn't require you to have your sim in sync with the weather engine, at least with Active Sky. So you can fly with today's weather but running P3D in summer if you want. In fact that would nicely illustrate why a one-season product makes little sense to simmers who fly with real weather. At worst you will have to settle for a 25% shorter day, which seems a pretty minor compromise.
  9. It already is configurable: January gives winter with snow, February and March give you winter without snow.
  10. Snow exists and we sometimes get it. The seasons don't work realistically in P3D anyway, so it's not an issue of whether the snow comes in and out at the 'right' times. Last year we had two-foot snowdrifts on Dunstable Downs in March, which will never happen in the sim regardless of whether Orbx makes five seasons. It doesn't matter that it's relatively rare, snow-covered landscapes with the accompanying weather are some of the most compelling and challenging to fly in.
  11. I'd certainly hold out for a full five-season product. To the extent that I fly seriously at all, the seasonal differences and real-world weather make a big difference to the experience. If distribution is the main barrier, I wonder if might be time to consider shipping the base products on SSD or even SD media.
  12. A great airport and if I remember correctly the very first PNW airport released! I have one suggestion, which is to swap out your blurry ground texture bitmap. This used to be possible using the Orbx 'Aero' tool, but that's no longer official You can do it by copying the 'detail1.bmp' file from one of the options you will find at <yoursim>\ORBX\Scripts\Aero\Source\. I use the coarse one, for which you need to do this: Copy <yoursim>\ORBX\Scripts\Aero\Source\Scenery.World.Texture.detail1.bmp.Coarse to <yoursim>\scenery\world\texture\detail1.bmp (You can always restore it later if you want, as there are backups under ORBX\Scripts\Aero.)
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