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  1. 10 hours ago, andy1252 said:

    Well, I'm not personally convinced this is completely true. There is really no need for the level of detail provided in the basic sim if they only ever planned it to be a pure flight simulator. It is really a world simulator, and currently we just fly in it. I would not be surprised to see other aspects (trains/ships/boats) being catered for in the sim in future, in a much more integrated fashion than the currently available addons.


    If you are flying around in this sim in something like the spendid H135, then building detail is a primary part of the experience.


    I may be a bit more extreme than most folk in my preference for scenery and low'n'slow flying (as far as I'm concerned you could remove all the big tin from the sim and I probably wouldn't notice), but I suspect there are a very large number of folks who use this sim in a very similar way - way more than in the other sims.


    Plus, I've just been looking at the announcement shots for Shoreham and  Elstree and they do have nicely weathered and decayed textures to some of the buildings, so the techniques are obviously available.


    Like I've said before, I'll keep on buying the stuff - this is not me having a hissy fit - but I will always be pushing for what I know you folks are capable of, and I don't feel Orbx is always achieving that with the city packs.

    +1 - Looking forward to the regional packs too . :):)

  2. 43 minutes ago, ravenn22 said:

    I was bored last night and edited the map so it's a bit more useful in MSFS. Added ICAO codes for the strips that are present in game. 

    Also, updated the Mack Air 208B livery from flightsim.to and added the correct tail numbers and callsigns for 5 planes ( plus cleanup and more detail ). Msg'd the original content creator about giving him the updates and getting that out.

    MackAir_Map Codes.jpg


    I was on the fence on this product , but your efforts help me make the decision to buy it now . TY 

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