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  1. I guess with this fine post Gerold , the devil is in the detail .
  2. I hope you have a safe and Happy Birthday mate !! . Cheers John
  3. Fine set of shots John , especially the last one .
  4. Is your cat's name Pixie Dust by chance Pete .
  5. Fine set of shots Jack .
  6. You can get it from Bush League Legends on Discord .
  7. Grand shots T , I see you got the float mod now .
  8. Super shots John !! .
  9. Yes , that is what I was referring too . BTW - Japan looks amazing in MSFS after the first World Update #1 that came out last Fall .......... Just saying .
  10. Sounds good , maybe try to compare to D. Designs Narita screen shots product page.
  11. Seems to me Orbx and there Partners are still providing XP and P3D releases. Here is one from today : Cheers John
  12. I hope you have safe and happy Birthday Caleb . Cheers John
  13. Roger , REX works in the background . Start your sim in the window mode and minimize it . Then fire up REX and make sure it is configured correctly , either use a preset or the live mode and minimize REX and then go back into your Sim .
  14. Maybe copy this over to the P3DV5 forum for support help Jack .
  15. Quite a blast off Jack , your shots look different than the screen shots from the Vendor’s product page for Narita . The colors are way off and do not mesh with the surrounding Land Class .
  16. Glorious shots Adam .
  17. Looking good Gerold .
  18. One fine shot indeed .
  19. Well done flight snd shots Gerold .
  20. https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project
  21. Impressive indeed , well done Graeme !! .
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