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  1. 1 hour ago, renault said:

    Thanks Iain




    Thanks John

    Pleased you found it of interest:)




    P3D - what's that?  Never heard of it and never installed it B):lol:


    The rarebit & Gwynt Y Ddraig was mighty fine though.  Yes, mighty fine indeed !!


    Cheers & thanks Martyn



    Thanks Graham

    See you :)



    Thanks John

    Appreciate it :)

    Just noticed your GPU in your signature. MS2020 must really like that !




    Thanks John

    I'm very pleased you found it of interest.


    Both have their strong points and are different technologies, That was one of my objectives in my little comparison to show both how well each works, but also to show where the future is taking us .


    Live streaming and photogrammetry augmented by what Orbx does so well, for me takes what we have available to a entirely new level.


    Yes I would be the first to admit MS2020 has not been exactly a seamless exercise, but it is getting much better and when it is working well it is so very, very good. For me, its the future of our hobby and with Orbx beside us on the journey it will be really exciting.


    I have a colleague who is into VR in a big way and reading his description of his experiences, makes me  very excited for him with this technology as that is a step above and beyond conventional screens. For me, though I am a flat panel guy , who is just enjoying  the heck out of what the Orbx./MS/Asobo partnership is bringing us.


    If you look at the photos here, ( egck airport - Google Search) I found that Orbx MS2020  reproduces what's there so well it's almost scary .


    I think it is also important to remember that MS2020 today is just at it's beginning and there is a interesting journey ahead for all of us as the 

    technology and its application matures.  Very exciting times for all of us !!


    They have done a really outstanding job in creating this one :)



    My Twin Titan's handle MSFS very well , plus my temp's stay in the low 60's C .

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  2. 3 minutes ago, lifejogger said:

    Super shots Martyn, the scenery looks great!!!!!!!!  What are the numbers for in the upper left corner of your shots?

    These are not screen shots , they are amazing paintings . :rolleyes::P:lol:



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  3. 15 minutes ago, olderndirt said:

    This is the old Manfred Jahn/Jan Visser freeware, now for XP.  Is there any freeware yet for MSFS?

    Nothing yet . :(:(

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