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  1. Yep , April in the PNW ; 80F today and then snow in the Mountains tonight . Thanks to a vigorous “Back Door Clipper” from Alberta into our area tonight .
  2. Looks like a beautiful place , thanks for the tour Martyn.
  3. Obviously your time away from Simming shows Martyn , you might get some pointers from your feathery friends that you care for in RL .
  4. If I can easily set it up and use , anybody here on the forum can use .
  5. Have you even tried this app , no random EXE's . Just drag and drop , you might want to check it out before handing out snarky remarks .
  6. Name this Plane : Jack Sawyer's Dream Machine .
  7. Make sure you are using this app to manage your Scenery and Mods Derek : https://flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker
  8. Lovely shots Mikee !! .
  9. Beautiful shot Martyn , but be careful out there my friend :
  10. Ya better lay off the sauce Martyn is all I can say .
  11. Fine set of shots Adam .
  12. Lovely shots .
  13. Looks like your old bird has been baking in the Sun way too long OND, main thing is ; she still fly's .
  14. https://images.app.goo.gl/mkXHzMqKwhLWQ4LP8 John
  15. I do like that last shot Martyn , very spiffy indeed .
  16. This app gets good reviews : https://flightsim.to/file/8163/flight-recorder
  17. I was using the WIN Key along with the Print Sceen Key for Screen Shots as I remember . Why they did not put the V-Key to use is beyond my pay scale in the Sim . Terrific shot BTW Sir !! .
  18. Can't wait Marcus for the release , these shots look amazing !! .
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