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  1. Love the plane and the shot . Well done Mallard . John
  2. Great shots Eric . Where were you flying ? . Take care John
  3. Great shot of the cockpit . Love the clouds too . John
  4. I have a 64bit Win7 system and just took the jump yesterday with SweetFX with FSX . So far so good . I am very happy with how FSX looks now . I am running in DX 10 preview also . Anyway their is ton's of info at Avsim forum on How to tweak the settings . Good Luck John
  5. Yes the clouds look great . Nice shots all . John
  6. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing . Great shots all . John
  7. What aircraft are you flying here ? . Great shots the both . John
  8. I wish I was there on the beach right now instead of looking out on the cold and snow . Great shots . John
  9. Wonderful shots of the city and a great old plane . John
  10. Love the shots Eric . John
  11. Get up out of the chair and go fly . That should put a smile on anybody's face . Great shot John .
  12. Great set of shots to go with very cool plane . John
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