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  1. You out did yourself today with these . I think I will take a spin around the grand old Mountain this afternoon myself . Severe clear up here today . Take care John
  2. I just loaded up AS2012 and set it for 8:00 AM today . WX in Spokane was IFR with fog and Coeur D'Alene was VFR with broken clouds . Everything looked normal to me . Since I live in Spokane I fly in this area often . John
  3. So realistic - Great shot . John
  4. Thanks for the great shots Rosario , they look great on the IPad . John
  5. Great shots , Iceman(Eric). John
  6. As others have said , trial and error . The first time with SweetFx it killed my system also . But I tried again with lots of help off the Avsim forums and is working great for me now . Once the files are in Your FSX folder , then you can adjust the default settings on the SweetFx config. file . I am using settings shared By a person named Jean Paul off the Avsim forum . Anyway good luck to you . John
  7. Orbx's Felts is a great launch pad for flights into the mountains of NE Wash. And Northern Idaho . Good Luck John
  8. There is also tons of freeware aircraft . Check out Avsim forum and Flightsim.com forums . John
  9. Great shot of plane on backdrop of towering cumulus . John
  10. Love the shots and the name of your town where you live . Same as my last name . I would like to visit someday . John
  11. Great colors all around . John
  12. I found this strip by accident , I was looking at the lower boundry for FTX NA PNW and saw this little strip way up on the ridge . I am so looking forward to the Northern Calif. Scenery to come out . John
  13. Great Plane and Scenery , Well done Eric . John
  14. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On . Thanks for sharing this great video . John
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