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  1. Welcome back Andy . Thank you for the great shots . John
  2. Impressive shots Taph . John
  3. Well I think we will get our wish when Orbx Northern Calif. comes out later this year .
  4. Yes I also appreciate the sense of community with our forum . I have seen on other forums people being ridiculed for asking a question that others thought to be too simple or ignorant . I have not seen that at all here . We are here to share and be of help to our fellow simmer's . John
  5. I look forward to watching Orbx fill in the map in the months and years to come . Keep up the excellent work . Thank you John
  6. No I did not know that , still just learning the craft . Thanks for your help . John
  7. Amazing shots - Thanks for posting them . John
  8. You are not too low , you are just doing a S.T.O.L. on the roof of the building . Anyway great shot Rosario . John
  9. Great shots especially #5 for me . John
  10. Great shots of the Speedbird 747 . Thanks Mikee . John
  11. Ominous weather in distance perfectly captured , Thanks Chris . John
  12. I use both FSX and P3D and I wish we could merge them together to make one great simulator . Anyway Great shots Mike . John
  13. So realistic - great shots all . John
  14. Hey Eric - One minute your a fighter jock flying inverted and now your putting out forest fires . You have had quite a day . Anyway great shots all around . Take care John
  15. Fantastic collection of shots .The plane is one of my favorites also . John
  16. Fantastic set of shots Todd . John
  17. I just lost my lunch after looking at your shot . Nice one Eric . John
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