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  1. Shot #5 looked like the real deal . Great shots Rosario. John
  2. Great colors and plane . Thanks Michael for posting . John
  3. The shot and textures are excellent . John
  4. The sky and water color's were excellent and of course the plane isn't to shabby either .Great shots all of them . John
  5. As Lloyd Bridges so aptly said in the movie "Airplane" - I picked the wrong week to quit drinking . Absolutely loved the video clip and your shots ( the one's I could see ) were great . One of the best posting I have seen . Thanks TJ John
  6. Something a bit slower Eric ? . I guess Friday night is a great time to chill . Have a great weekend . John
  7. Great shot Chris - the colors are amazing . John
  8. Copter's and more copter's , it has been that kind of day . Anyway great shots Paul . John
  9. Great shot Filou and congratulations on your 1000th post milestone . John
  10. Great shot John - Which WX program were you using for this shot ? . Thanks John
  11. Hail to the King - Great shots all around . John
  12. Love your WhirleyBird all decked out in the Union Jack , shot #2 is amazing . Thanks Paul . John
  13. Great looking Chopper . John
  14. Love them all Andy . Take care John
  15. Fantastic set Paul - Keep them coming . John
  16. Well done David thank you for this video . John
  17. Great shots - both look like they are pictures hanging in a flight museum . John
  18. Fantastic shots of both the aircraft and surrounding scenery . Well done . John
  19. I love looking at your shots on my IPad , I can really size them to see every detail on the planes . Take care John
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