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  1. Unless they start cruising in SE Alaska for the Summer , towns like Skagway and other's will be closing up for good .
  2. I am enjoying your tour of Africa Gerold .
  3. It could be a bit of a wait , you might check this freeware one out : http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/captainvtols-kmry-monterey-regional-airport/
  4. A distance memory of NA-NRM scenery , boy do I love my MSFS 2020 ........
  5. Obviously it is a plane , because that would be one old bird .
  6. Very exciting news about the upcoming World Update “The Nordic’s” . Hopefully Wolfgang they will upgrade your area by the end of the year . Tho it looks pretty fantastic IMHO in it’s present form . Cheers John
  7. Big beautiful shots OND !! .
  8. Maybe put a request in on this site , maybe someone can at least create a freeware for Lady Elliot : https://www.reddit.com/r/FS2020Creation/
  9. I would hope some freeware would be coming this year for this place . Cheers John
  10. Freeware is great for us pensioners .
  11. I think you meant to say the Vancouver BC area , instead of Washington state ? .
  12. +1 - As Noel said , check out the above website. I fly all over NZ with payware quality freeware airports . Cheers John
  13. If you live in this area , you can usually smell where it is . Our large Newsprint mill in our area shut down last year for good , 200 folks out of a job . Not much need anymore for newspapers in a digital age .
  14. Shimmer away down the coastline Martyn .
  15. Looking mighty fine Sir !! ,
  16. I already feel that MSFS default scenery is much better than XP and P3D IMHO . How will the proposed “Regional Pack’s” improve the default scenery ? .
  17. These shots from Macedonia look fantastic Jack , your P3D never looked so good .
  18. Yep , April in the PNW ; 80F today and then snow in the Mountains tonight . Thanks to a vigorous “Back Door Clipper” from Alberta into our area tonight .
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