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  1. Welcome back Jim , DL and install this : https://orbxdirect.com/central Also since FSS (Flight Sim Super Store) closed several years ago there is a process in retrieving old scenery . Submit a support ticket for that . Cheers John
  2. Have not used it , so no help there . SU5 has been a head scratcher , I'm still trying to get my controls set up .
  3. Can’t wait to get it , and for me I would never know if a POI was missing ………
  4. Wow , what superb detail , thanks for posting these shots John .
  5. No , but I saw some elephants walking on water at Okavango Delta ……….
  6. Watch this video Don , he gets into the control settings :
  7. Outstanding shots Jean Marc , great to see you up on the forum again .
  8. Great shot of St . Helens !! .
  9. Thanks Karl , yep she’s a hot one . 105 F today , 110 F tomorrow . Lots of smoke too .
  10. Picked this airport up for less than 4 bucks , thanks Orbx !! . Have a great weekend mates !! . John
  11. I hope you have great Birthday my friend . Cheers John
  12. Have a great Birthday Ron !! . Cheers John
  13. The one I had on a Cascade Airlines flight (1979) from Spokane to Yakima ; a small Beech If I remember and a gear up landing onto a foamed runway .
  14. Hopefully by the end of the year we will see a World Update for AU and NZ . And yes a Orbx region enhancement would be the icing on the cake for AU .
  15. Don I’m sure you can find real world documentation on all of your AC in MSFS with doing some Google searches .
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