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  1. Looks like you finally made it to the next level Adam , tho I understand 4.6 is coming out next week ........... Cheers John P.S. Just kidding about 4.6 ........
  2. This post is for TTM , he likes our "Barrens" . Thanks for looking and have a great week mates !! . Cheers John
  3. You have to understand Jack , Roger is a gym rat and he's bulking up like Hulk Hogan . Cheers John
  4. Looks like you and XP made up , these shots look perfect Jack . Cheers John
  5. Check under effects in XP , it was something new they added to 11.35 . I like them , but some won't . You are doing a bang up job in exploring TE OR Tiger , these look fantastic . Cheers John
  6. Lovely set of shots Gerold , tho I'm a bit disappointed that Pamela Anderson was no where to be found in your post . Cheers John
  7. Grand set of shots John . Cheers John
  8. They seem just little bit off to me Jack , but I've only got two flights under my belt with OR . Hopefully somebody from Orbx can shed more light on the situation . Cheers John
  9. Explosive shots Jack , I wondered what had happened to part 2 . Cheers John
  10. Very , very Nice !! . Cheers John
  11. I did not realize it had been that long ago (1985) . The 1978 Deregulation Air Act took it's toll on a number of carriers , Wien being one of many to liquidate . Anyway I digress , that second shot OND is contest material for sure . Cheers John
  12. Splashy set of shots mate . Cheers John
  13. Sorry boys , no discount on 2WS or KBVS ; the good news is the XMAS Sale is about 100 days away . Unless Aimee and JV decide to have a Back to School Sale for all of us Academic students ...... Cheers John
  14. Wow Tiger , you have upped your game mate , these shots look amazing . Cheers John
  15. Welcome to the forum Rob , unfortunately they did not make it over here : https://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-did-tesco-fail-in-the-us/ The big box food stores here on the West Coast are : Walmart , Sam's Club , Whole Foods and Costco . Cheers John
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