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  1. Nice shots Don , kind of a "Whistle Stop" tour .
  2. Fantastic shots mate !! .
  3. Several tornadoes thru the years in the Midwest along with many of Winter storms along the front range of the Rockies .
  4. I have #1 and #3 and I love using them on low and slow bush trips in MSFS . BTW - Great to see you back on the forum mate .
  5. I highly recommend this series , season 3 is all about water rights in California ; it is on Netflix : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4687880/episodes/?ref_=tt_ov_epl
  6. I lost my Uncle and my cousin to the desert heat in the Summer of 1969 . There car broke down in the Saline Valley next door to Death Valley and they tried to walk out …….
  7. Record low levels in all the California reservoirs this year , some so critical that they might have to stop producing power .
  8. Are you using the newer Orbx Central : https://orbxdirect.com/central compared to the older FTX Central ? .
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