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  1. BradB

    KIDA-KJAC on the Vertx DA-62

    Fab winter shots Jose . Cheers John
  2. BradB

    Goin' fishin'.

    Knock em dead OND . Cheers John
  3. BradB

    4k TrueEarth Central

    Wow - Insane shots Filou !! . Cheers John
  4. BradB

    Shack Rat

    Fine shots Jan of your new paint . Cheers John
  5. True Earth is a game changer IMHO , I only want to fly in TE regions now . Cheers John
  6. BradB

    I told him before...

    We won't see that bird till Spring .... Cheers John
  7. Tremendous shots mate !! . Cheers John
  8. BradB

    Winter ops at Kiruna

    Magical shots mate . Cheers John
  9. BradB

    Test new rig in North Cal

    +1 - RTX 2080 , you must have been very good for Santa to have given this to you ; plus early to boot . John
  10. VH-KDK Orbx VIP VIP Members 20,017 32,619 post Way to go Martyn !! . Cheers John
  11. BradB

    No snow in the Netherlands

    The last two winters have been very snowy here , this year not so much . We did have some snow last week but rain is washing it all away . The snowblower has yet to be started this year and that gives me more time to fly . John
  12. Incredible snaps inside and out Renault , a very Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend . Cheers John
  13. BradB

    FSX Fleet Air Arm Shots.

    +1 - I do have fond memories of my FSX days , as Renault said FSX still can bring it . John
  14. BradB

    Downward learning curve

    Better the panel farm than the cemetery Martyn , I'm glad you lived to fly another day . Cheers John
  15. BradB

    L35 DA62

    Grand shot Patrick . Cheers John