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  1. I'm sure they will in time. Going to be a bit hectic for them in the coming weeks. Thankfully, Orbx are one of the better companies to deal with regarding feedback. In the meantime, very much looking forward to enjoying the new sim.
  2. Orbx Flyer, I agree with you. That's why I used a VPN to show a UK address when purchasing items from companies like Just Flight. Unfortunately, many companies do not have a CDN$ option when purchasing. I have no idea if that is a viable, or a cost effective option, to offer multiple purchasing currencies on these sites. There are many of us in Canada who use Orbx so we can only hope that an CDN$ option is available.
  3. An interesting question. The conversion rate from US$ to CDN$ is pretty awful at the moment. Microsoft have just charged me 12% sales tax on the pre-order for MSFS20, based on my location in British Columbia, which is correct. I would be interested to know if this payment is based on your registered credit card address or IP address shown when ordering. If, hypothetically, you were to use a VPN to change your IP location to a province that charges only 5% sales tax, say Alberta, would that adjust the sales tax payable? In the past, to pay in AUD$ as a Canadian, we have
  4. Much like we (English) can't seem to play football at the moment........well since 1966 anyway.
  5. On the plus side, Orbx is certainly alive and kicking. Must be many happy faces at HQ with the response.
  6. Perhaps those that consistently keep "Bashing" Flight School had too high expectations to start with. It's not brilliant I grant you, but guys it's wasn't really aimed at us in the first place was it? I have FSX, both versions, P3d v3 and have been simming for more years then I'd care to admit to. I have also invested more then I'd dare admit to, to the wife. I didn't need flight school, but I'd like to think I'm supporting the next generation of flight simulation. Look at the price point for goodness sake. I think it was good for DTG to release this when they did and gauge feedback from
  7. Sounds like it's going to be a good year. Exciting times ahead I think.
  8. Like a lot of you guys, I've enjoyed Flight Simulator since the dawn of MSFS in the early 80's. I pre-ordered Flight School more as a gesture of support for DTG and like JV said, consider it a donation to bigger and better things to come. It makes sense to release this first, gauge the feedback, and make adjustments now so that later on in the year we will have an improved full blown new Flight Simulator. Of course there are going to be issues now and in the foreseeable future. I'm not a lover of the blue haze but I'm sure that will be one of the first things to be fixed/updated. I feel t
  9. Oh, you're such a tease Mr Hall. Don't really need the flight school but I think it's important to show support. DTG take a lot of stick, but kudos to them for reinvigorating our favorite pastime. Very much looking forward to the next generation of flight sim, especially with you guys on board.
  10. Pre-download DTG Flight School from Steam now available. File size is 10.3GB.
  11. I used to work for the F.A (Football Association) at Wembley, slightly East of RAF Northolt. Many times I used to plane spot on the A4180 by parking up in the gas station and walking to runway 25 approach. It is indeed a small world.
  12. I used to live in East London (UK) and moved to Westbank, or West Kelowna as it's called now, in 2007. I travel to Penticton every day to work and those shots are amazing. Just waiting for my next pay cheque and will purchase this weekend. Rob Newman, you probably fly right over my house heading out on Westbank 389 YWB. Regards
  13. Flight sim store now. Put it on here just in case somebody reads this first before Release Announcements, although I can't imagine why.
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