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  1. is the update ready sir keven? im having this issue also u know, thx
  2. normally 24-35 fps with usual pmdg planes and stuff, will try that enhancing with 8xmsaa then
  3. Me too unable to fly , i was at ESSA with the a320 and got 4-6 fps ?? I must say the AS prof series was always hard to fly concerning fps, pc screen resolution (2x) 1920x1080, in sim 8xMSAA with enhancing application in NV inspector to 8xHQ or something, supersampling all off, i also tried with 4xMSAA no difference i7 4970k , 4.5 ghz , gtx titan black 6gb vram , kingston 32gb ram ddr3 2400 mhz with 6 fps i cant barely do anything ps this is p3dv4.5hf3 fyi
  4. https://secure.simmarket.com/javier-iturralde-lind-cartayna-files-gsx-level-2-configurations.phtml
  5. Uninstalled GData , took the updates, reinstalled GData, case solved here.
  6. Is that only for Chaseplane or also my problem keven? ps glad u nailed it down to this antivirus, looking forward to the update, thank u
  7. ok will start sim now will send it in couple of minutes, thanks for your time ps here it is Immersion_Manager_Log.txt
  8. trying install again and it always hangs on finalizing and cleaning up after install actions . when i force central to close and open again it says installed but always the 1.1.97 version ?? then check verify files again 1.1.97, only immersion manager shows 1.2.18, i dont know what to do anymore
  9. Yes but i have no warnings or blocked files i will try to disable it and launch Orbx central but i doubt that would help, i will try ps did not help , i also excluded all those files so thats not the problem, i also deleted the appdata local temp folder to no avail
  10. fyi i updated windows 10 to 2004 a week ago maybe its to do with that, do i need to reinstall a net.framework? How can i force Orbx central to get the new files i always get the 1.1.97 files
  11. i already deleted everything moments ago i just did a fresh install of everything sir Keven. i attached a new log in previous post above. I downloaded in Orbx central moments ago for the 8th th time today and it does not shows updates.
  12. no i tried that all 400 times :-) i deleted whole parallel folders ,cache folders from Orbx everything, it does not solve it believe me. The immersion updater failed i think it says in the log Immersion_Manager_Log.txt
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