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  1. I also get sometimes email from paypal which states "your account is limited" or "you changed your password" (which i did not) and its spam, better not to click on those links, because sometimes these messages comes into the inbox folder and sometimes in the spam folder, advise do not click on those links, its spam
  2. Hello i just want to ask if there are plans to integrate the lights in openlc europe like in openlc NA, i like them very much. Thanks for doing this. Greets
  3. I guess its normal to have constantly windshear alerts at the airport?Also when parked on the stand.Very nice airport though Sincerely. AS2016
  4. Hopefully orbx will release also the other south america, asia and africa olc regions, because nobody ever made proper landclass and detailed regions in those continents since flight sims existence. looking forward to see whole the orbx world detailed in my sim :-) i avoid these regions and continents purposely because its not looking good and want to fly also in asia south america etc. because there are also great airports. Maybe another one this year, i really looking forward to this, greets orbx team, youre all amazing .
  5. Toposim is the new player now, combined with fsglobal is the way to go or francevfr also brought new mesh for europe
  6. You dont have to uninstall it just go to setup tool and disable ultimate terrain from there, do not untick it in the scenery library like i did because i was forgotten that the sections in the terrain.cfg were not disabled this way and everything was messed this way. I just disable ultimate terrain from setup tool. Did it for canada alaska europe and soon for usa. ps ultimate terrain gives no conflicts with orbx but together it consumes more vas on my system,especially ultimate terrain use lot of vas in some regions
  7. Its a fat region, i tought that the fat. regions are more detailed then openlc, may be i am wrong on this.
  8. Out of memories, i know in p3dv3.1 its a little better, but i want to fly in a big city airport like Jfk or Klax with all the addon lights on at night and all sceneries like DD New York City enabled and thats simply not possible at the moment, so definitely OOM. Ps and also not to restart the sim after you landed at an airport, i like to takeoff and fly to another destination after an hour or so without restarting the sim, thats more realistic
  9. I have it installed with ut europe no problems, but always scan for duplcate afcads when installing new airports so you can modify the status of repositioned airports in the ut setup tool, greets.
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