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  1. Hey, sorry to bump this thread but I'm experiencing the same issue... I've tried everything you have and still no luck! How did you define it was GAYA Kos causing the issue and what did you do once you found it was that causing it?
  2. Hey, I LOVE this product! I've just seen that it's been updated to V1.0.1, can you post a change log as to what changed? Wondering you could you add the stands that go missing due to Static Aircraft but I fly on Vatsim and turn off Static Aircraft, but I'm still not able to use the stands? (Such as Stand 1 for example) P3D V4.5HF3
  3. Amazing! Thank you so much guys, all is working. I did this (See photo) and then Forced Migration and all is working. I can't thank you both enough, thank you!
  4. Hello Smudger, of course... Although because whenever I install an Orbx product into V4.3, it seems to create that splash screen stuck error, I have to run the "Delete Generated Files" command, resetting most (if not all) cfg's... But my current one which I have attached should have just FTX England on there... scenery.cfg
  5. Hello smudger, I have created a new thread for this water issue I am having:
  6. Hello, If you take a look at the photo, you can clearly see what I'm talking about. It seems that when installing FTX England, scotland, wales, it installs it into the water as well? (Currently installed is just FTX England but it does happen on the others too). I've tried countless times reinstalling each scenery, as well as running verifying files & Force Migration but nothings helping... Any help would be appreciated! Regards, Anthony.
  7. Hi! Thanks for getting back so fast to me. I've now turned on UAC & created an excursion in the anti-virus for my P3D V4 path. - Would you recommend to reinstall ALL Orbx addons since doing this or just the ones that I believe were causing the issue in the first post?
  8. Hello, So, originally I was having this error (See photo1 attachment) where land would cover loads of water areas all around England & Scotland & Wales, so my initial idea was to reinstall them. When I was uninstalling, I got an error popping up that told me to direct to Orbx support... This is the error (See ftxc3.log file)... Seems like something can't be administrated? Also it seems anytime I install any Orbx sceneries into P3DV4.3, it causes the "stuck on splash screen" error which means I have to go to the P3D v4 route folder, 'delete generated
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