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  1. Iain Looks fantastic sir...out of interest, are you using an add on mesh?? Regards Steve
  2. Hi Matt/Holger Thanks for the response....and it does kind of give me the answer I wanted...indirectly. It is actually the openLC lights I was more interested in - i.e. the newer lights on major roads/highways on openLC EU & openLC USA So in simple terms, if I push the Scenery Complexity slider to the right, I should get more of the openLC lighting effect? Thanks again & regards Steve
  3. Anyone?? Bueller, Bueller.......! Regards Steve
  4. Hi Possibly a strange query...but here goes!! Not sure which forum to put it in, if its in the wrong one, pleae feel free to move it!! I believe the Global Lights are classed as "autogen" i.e. the further to the right the autogen slider is, the more lights that will appear in the sim. My query is simply can I somehow, increase the number of lights, without having to push the autogen slider further right?? By way of explanation for this request is that, admittedly, my system is, at best, outdated and , at worst, a heap of dung - however with reasonable/sensible settings I can hit 30 fps in most areas, dropping to 10-15 in heavier areas for the type of flying I like (or can manage to fit in with work/kids/wife etc!!). I enjoy night flying (as that helps frames too!!) and would like to get more of a light effect but without the cost of more autogen buildings/trees. I am aware that "flags" (possibly wrong description) can be set for items such as jetways in that you can, via ADE, manage when a jetway is displayed i.e. at sparse/normal/dense etc - could anything similar be achieved through some editing for the autogen lights?? I am also aware of the cfg settings that can be used such as TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL & TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL - could these be used to increase the lights without increasing trees & buildings (& if so, are the lights seen by FSX as Buildings, or Trees!?!) Thanks in advance of any responses. Regards Steve
  5. Thats the exact same screen and error code that I get too on that link.....weird?!?!? Its no biggie, I'll happily wait until the US control panel is delivered via an FTX Central update (I can probably work out which .bgl's to rename to .off in OLC NA1 & OLC NA2 anyway by looking at and comparing whats in the OLC EU folders). Thanks again guys Regards Steve
  6. Nick I think what Jd means is that Open LC Europe DOES currently have a control panel where road (& rail) skirtings can be turned on and off and Open LC USA doesn't. Yet despite the lack of USA control panel, and him not having vector, this "missing road" anomaly does not seem to appear in Europe even when the road skirtings are on - a fact that I too can verify. Its strange that this issue only seems to have surfaced in Open LC USA and not in OpenLC Europe - why would people with OpenLC XXX and not Vector (like JD & me), not also see this issue in Europe too. By the way, the link you provided for a file to put into Orbx\Scripts does not work. Regards Steve
  7. Just to confirm, I'm also seeing this exact issue in/around Tijuana Airport, Mexico and along the coast south of San Diego. I have FTX Global with Open LC USA - but NO Vector installed. I seem to remember when recently installing Open LC USA that I was given an option to install it with, or without, the roads "grass skirtings"?? I can't seem to find anywhere in FTX Central to amend/change this - there is no Configuration Panel for OpenLC USA as there currently is for Open LC Europe - just wondering if: a - installing OpenLC USA WITHOUT the grass skirtings would resolve this,- if so: b - could a config panel be added to OpenLC USA in FTX Central 3 as per OpenLC Europe Regards Steve
  8. Hi Liam I had exactly the same issue after updating through FTX Central 3....and only with Wales too (?!?!) - I solved it by "re forcing" the migration. Go into each of the following folders on your PC ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_05_SCENERY ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_06_CVX ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM In each you should see a .migrated file (file size will be 0kb) - delete ONLY this small file from each of the 3 folders. Run FTX Central 3 again......and wait........ You should see the "FTX Central is starting" notification in the middle of the screen...and then FTX Central will populate with products etc. In the bottom left...just above the settings cog.....should see a small "notification" saying "activating Orbx scenery".....wait until this disappears as in the background it will be "re-migrating" your FTX Wales. When finished shut down FTX Central and go to ORBX\Troubleshooter folder and run the "Migration Troubleshooter". It will run and should hopefully show all of your installed products (incl. Wales) as a green "MIGRATED CORRECTLY" - if so go and check Wales again...you should be good to go!! Good Luck Regards Steve
  9. Hi Michel You might want to try this nice little freeware VAS monitoring tool: http://spilfred.com/VASMonitor/publish.htm Works a charm and can view VAS readings whilst in flight etc. Regards Steve
  10. John (or other Orbx staff) Any idea how far off the diagnostic tool is from release, and is there anything that should be done in advance/preparation for it?? Regards Steve
  11. Ben Sorry didn't mean that to be as definitive as it sounds!!! What I meant was with this issue not being immediately obvious, the lights issue not being resolved yet, the lack of a Hybrid tick box with the Iceland demo, and the fact that we can't yet uninstall Central v1 it still has a "beta feel" as little bugs are still there. v2 certainly looks and feels better and the sooner I (we) can all migrate fully on to it the better. Regards Steve
  12. Steve Have you updated OpenLC to v1.15 (there are 2 patches to install)?? OpenLC Europe doesn't show in FTX Central v2 until its patched upto date for some reason (personally don't see FTX Central v2 as anything other than a beta right now - too many "missing" parts for me right now)!?! Try that first....might save some hair-tearing!! Regards Steve
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