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  1. A view from a different position or altitude please.
  2. Hi Albert, welcome to the forums. Please open Orbx Central and select Global Vector, and click on the configure button. Then run the auto-configuration under the "Airport Elevation Corrections" tab. You can also do it manually as per the below image, and instructional topic.
  3. Hi Please go to settings\downloader and clear the temp location. Then go to the location you designated for backups and delete the products folder. Then go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function. Then try reinstalling.
  4. Thanks Jack I don't see anything wrong in those files. Could you please show us a different view of the issue.
  5. Hi Jack Please post a copy of your “scenery.cfg” file and the “add-ons.cfg” and the “scenery_add-ons.xml” file found at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5. Please note: Do not open the files and copy and paste the contents, just attach the files.
  6. Hi I don't use XPlane, but if I were you I would be doing a complete new install of everything.
  7. Hi Jack Please check your scenery library insertion point in Orbx Central as per the below image.
  8. Hi First please try a verify files of your openLC NA. If that doesn't work, please see the below topic.
  9. So sorry, it is not very helpful, but I have been flying in and out of EGPH for a few hours now with my PMDG 747 and everything is smooth as silk and the visuals are spectacular.
  10. Hi, welcome to the forums Just to clarify for our XPlane support expert, the product you purchased is the TE US Florida HD. It is actually not an airports pack.
  11. Just wondering, what does EDGH have to do with Scotland? Isn't that a small grass strip airport in Germany? And please, what is EDIN'H? Sorry, I am just trying to go to these locations and replicate your issue.
  12. Hi In Orbx Central, you can go to settings/help and access the user guide, and there is a section called "Libraries" that will explain how to do it properly.
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