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  1. You will need an internet connection to install the product with Orbx Central, even if you do a manual download from another PC. You will also need Windows 7 updated to SP1. I have attached a copy of the user guide so you can read up on the other system requirements. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqebVX8fUFdFtOOEMR1ZULkhhieenQHNopfNY-5_K0Y/edit
  2. Hi, please see the below two topics. The City Scene Gold Coast product should work with Australia SP4, but you will need to use the new app called Orbx Central to install it.
  3. If I have a new PC, I personally would advise to start clean and do fresh new build of everything...just plugging drives from the old PC to the new PC may be able to be done by some, but I certainly wouldn't advise it unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  4. Hi Aussie There is no de-activation and re-activation process required for you Orbx products, simply delete them from your old PC, then install Orbx Central and reinstall them to your new PC.
  5. Also, in regards to speed, there is the PCIe 4.0 being offered as future proofing from AMD.
  6. Hi Derek There is a full lineup of Ryzen 3000 series CPU's already available that perform as good if not better than anything else, and I have been able to use my same mother board for the 1000, 2000, and now 3000 series of Ryzen CPU's, and yes the 4000 series Ryzen is still in the near future.
  7. Hi Yes, I see your post has been removed because there are many others already started and active on this subject, such as the one below. You can also check the below search using "MSFS" and find tons more discussion to read and join. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/search/?q=MSFS
  8. Unfortunately it’s just a regurgitation of the same old 14nm architecture, just a couple more cores to use more power and make more heat.
  9. Hi Milan There are many other AMD Ryzen options that do not have 32 cores. AMD has surpassed Intel already and the 4000 series is in the very near future and looks even more amazing....Intel is still stuck on there ancient 14nm architecture and have nothing new coming down the pipeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e77xz1dPBUs
  10. Hi Rick Please have a close look at the new AMD Ryzen lineup of CPU's, you will get way more bang for your buck and an upgrade path.
  11. Hi The TE products do not include payware quality airports, so yes, you will want and need to use your stand alone airports, some will also include a control panel compatibility option to select.
  12. Hi I am not using the Wrath cooler, I already had a 280mm Thermaltake 3.0 AIO with temps never exceeding 70c under any condition, and I am just using a memory XMP profile and PBO enabled in the bios, so no manual overclocking, and I am getting a 4.5ghz as advertised boost on one or more cores at a time. I personally don't think the 3900x is going to provide any more single threaded performance for FS than the 3800x.
  13. Hi Carlos This is not a support topic, so I have moved it to the general discussion forum.
  14. Hi Rick The product you have is exactly that, Alaska/Canada only, the new version is all of North America which includes the United States.
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