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  1. Doug Sawatzky

    SSD: P3D or Orbx?

    Hi Danny In my opinion, I would put your OS and P3D on the SSD, your in flight sim performance will not improve with Orbx on the SSD, only the initial load times will be faster if your Orbx or other scenery is on an SSD. But because the main Orbx folder must reside in the root P3D folder, you will need to use a method such as described in the link below to move it to another drive if that is what you desire. Cheers Doug
  2. Doug Sawatzky

    TEGB South SP1

    Maybe do you have a hardware issue? A faulty memory module? Is your CPU overheating? Seeing as this is not a support topic let's please move it back to your other topic.
  3. Doug Sawatzky

    TEGB South SP1

    Are you using a download manager? Please use a download manager for the below manual methods. Below is a good free DL manager, just beware in case it wants to install additional antivirus/malware like a lot of freeware does these days. https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ Browser extension DL managers do not work for this. Alternatively, you can also use a download manager (to help avoid corrupt downloads) such as IDM and do a manual download from your Orbx Direct account web page (this is where a download manager works great) and click on the account button top of page, then find and click on the product info, and in the bottom line small print there is a manual download option, down load it and save it in a named folder, then open FTXC3 and select it, and click on the orange "installation options" and select "Install from my manually downloaded .zip". as per the below links. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/127395-manual-download-of-products/ http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125435-how-to-install-from-an-orbx-direct-downloaded-zip-file/ Cheers Doug
  4. Hi Attached is a guide that will hopefully provide you with some answer's. FTX Definitive Guide.pdf
  5. Doug Sawatzky

    Just One...

    Also, please note the screenshot rules.
  6. Hi There is no favoritizm at play. Your question would have been more appropriate without the reference to X-Plane, therefore decreasing the potential for a sim war discussion. I think it would only make sense that if P3D itself remains popular, so will the appetite for the developing of addons.
  7. Doug Sawatzky

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Yes, my 2700X is running at 4.2ghz, which should be irrelevant, because even without the overclock it is still way smoother in my experience. The 8700K system I used was also running with 4K which would probably explain the slightly higher FPS. Clock speed does no necessarily equate to a higher quality experience. My intention when I stumbled upon the opportunity to sit in front of the 8700k system was not to compare, I just couldn’t help but notice the difference in smoothness and overall rendering quality I am used to with my Ryzen system was not there. These are attributes of flight simming that can’t be measured with numbers. The upcoming Ryzen updates look like there will be some substantial performance increases again, which makes me sad to hear of fellow flight simmers wasting their time and money on an ancient beat to death CPU architecture that is at the end of its life. If you want to brag about higher clock speeds and FPS, then build a 8700k system. If you want maximum value with very high quality cool quiet performance, then go with the Ryzen....I won’t even need to buy a new mobo to upgrade.
  8. Doug Sawatzky

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    The 8700K, 1080Ti system that I used was specifically built for flight sim (JetLine), I do not recall the exact clock speed it was running at, but the P3Dv4 settings were lower than what I run on my Ryzen system, the fps was probably slightly higher, but was it smoother? not a chance!! I was not impressed!
  9. Doug Sawatzky

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Have you tried both? I have... that is why I stated "In my experience and opinion"... I have no interest in proving anything to you or anyone, that is why it is "In my experience and opinion" '
  10. Doug Sawatzky

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    In my experience and opinion you will get a far smoother experience with an AMD Ryzen CPU.
  11. I remember many years ago as an airline employee (still am), I was doing a jump seat ride in a new A320 from CYYC to CYVR. During the flight I spoke up and asked the guy's if they ever did stall recovery training in the full motion simulator for that particular aircraft, I wasn't asking out of concern but more of just a curiosity and thought how cool that would be to experience....the captain turned and looked over his right shoulder at me with an angry look and tone and shot back "we don't stall airplanes anymore!!"
  12. Thank you so very much Neil for all your contributions. Rest In Peace dear Sir.
  13. I am sure @Richard Lincoln is very busy but will get you sorted.
  14. Hi, 1. I have attached a copy of the user guide. 2. Yes. 3. Depends on your internet connection and PC specs, but usually only a few minutes. 4. Not sure, maybe the user guide will help with this question.....FTX Global base is a default texture replacement (not an addon), so it will only overwrite the default textures or any other product that has done the same. 5. Yes it appears to be. Cheers Doug FTX Global User Guide.pdf