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  1. Hi Have you tried uninstalling black marble and then deleting the P3D shaders so they can rebuild a new default set on a restart?
  2. Hi On the product page you will also find the below statement. Developer This product has been produced by //42. For //42 product support, please to go https://help.parallel42.com/ View //42 on OrbxDirect
  3. Hi Martin You will need to buy it again if you are using it on two different PC's.
  4. Hi I think you will also need to do a few more of the listed steps. 2. Rename C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\terrain.cfg to terrain.cfg.off 3. Run P3D v4 once to create a new terrain.cfg file and close it. 4. Then run Sync Simulator in Orbx Central which will write back the Orbx entries. Orbx Central\Help\Sync Simulator 5. Then try P3D again.
  5. Hi, welcome to the forums Could you please show us a screenshot with coordinates from the Shift+Z keys? Also, I would just turn off the content error reporting...I believe it is used mostly by developers and has nothing to do with your issue.
  6. Hi Have you tried turning off the rolling cache after you delete first, also ensure the Bing data is turned on, and then do a verify files of the airport.
  7. No it does not, but have you tried going in Orbx Central to settings\help and run the sync simulator function? I believe you will also need Global base installed, and be sure you have all the .net framework versions installed.
  8. Hi I believe the statement from the below topic still applies. And it would have nothing to do with "the shuffle to MSFS". "We will work on the remaining products to get them up to v5 compatibility. This is not a commitment or guarantee that all products will be made available for v5. Regardless, we will endeavor to make all of them compatible but there may be instances where this may not be possible. Please read our Known Issues thread for more information." We could also ask @Jarrad Marshall
  9. This is how I run my system, I can't say there is any performance differences, but as you allude, it sure makes life easier for future proofing and other operations.
  10. Hi Richard, all is well thanks. The only thing I can think of is to run the FSX Registry Utility that I have linked above regardless of what you see in the 'regedit'.
  11. Hi Hopefully you have turned on the backup function in Orbx Central.
  12. Orbx Objectflow needs to be in an external library, but everything else is your choice.
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