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  1. Hi Greg Actually all you need to do is uncheck the "Frozen Surface (in winter only)"option in Vector settings, as you have already alluded to.
  2. Thanks Luke I see two instances of Orbx ObjectFlow installed. One is at PATH=C:\Users\lukasz\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow And the other PATH=E:\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow Please uninstall the version located at PATH=C:\Users\lukasz\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow and test.
  3. Hi Marcus Have you gone to settings\help and run the sync simulator function?
  4. Hi, welcome to the forums Please deselect "Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation" in the P3D settings.
  5. Hi Jim, yes this is correct, as you know, you can disable it from the P3D Addons menu. I would delete the P3D shaders folder and restart the sim to rebuild a new set of shaders and test.
  6. Hi Luke Please post a copy of your “scenery.cfg” file and the “add-ons.cfg” and the "addons.xml" file found at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. Please note: do not open the files and copy and paste the contents, just please attach the Files.
  7. Hi Please check to see if the below topic applies to you, and ensure you only have one instance of ObjectFlow installed in an external library location.
  8. Thanks Caleb 1. Go to settings/Insertion Point and set them like this. Ensure all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries. Then in Orbx Central Insertion points "Orbx Airports and Regions”, put your last non Orbx 3rd party listed in your scenery library addon in the INSERTED BELOW window. Then for the "Orbx Global openLC” ensure the Orbx Airports and Regions are in the INSERTED BELOW window. 2. Disable all your non Orbx 3rd party scenery items in the scenery library and test. I see a few different "Buildings" addons that make me suspicious. Is your FS9 Custom Buildings addon really compatible with P3Dv4?
  9. Hi, welcome to the forums Please disable your antivirus software and try again.
  10. Hi Try this please, You will need to go to settings/Libraries and create a new Library in a location of your choosing, this is required for the installation of ObjectFlow 2 for Orbx Central, then it will be installed and use 7mb of space in that new folder, and everything will work properly. You do not need to use this folder for anything else, Orbx Central will then give you the choice to install your products to that folder or to the root simulator folder. Then install ObjectFlow, then go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.
  11. Hi, welcome to the forums Please ensure you have the system requirements installed that are outlined starting on page #28 in the below linked user guide. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqebVX8fUFdFtOOEMR1ZULkhhieenQHNopfNY-5_K0Y/edit
  12. Hi I moved this to the General Discussion forum in case someone has and will help you out.
  13. I believe this is resolved in his other topic.
  14. Hi 1. Please activate Orbx ObjectFlow in the scenery library, it is required for your scenery to work. 2. Also, please activate your FS Global North America 2018 mesh in your scenery library. 3. Your PFJ region is already properly installed in your simulator root folder, so please uninstall it from the external Orbx Library location. 4. Move all of the nine FSGX2018 (including the LIQL_Lucca entry that is hidden in the default named entries) to just below your Vector entries. 5. Rearrange you Vector entries to match the below image. 6. Run your simulator to rebuild the scenery and close your simulator. 7. Then open Orbx Central and go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function. Scenery Library Order 3rd Party Scenery (Any scenery you wish to display above Orbx FTX scenery) OZX Scenery (Freeware designed to fit with FTX Regional software) FTX Full Regional Scenery & Airports Tongass Fjords (Fills the gap between Southern Alaska and Pacific Fjords Regions) FTX OpenLC Scenery FTX Global Vector Entries (OBJ, APT, CVX, EXX) FSGlobal 2010 Entries (Mesh) Named Default Scenery Entries Numbered Default Scenery Entries FTX Global Vector Entry (AEC) "Default Scenery" "Default Terrain”
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