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  1. Hi Rick The product you have is exactly that, Alaska/Canada only, the new version is all of North America which includes the United States.
  2. I install everything and keep it installed and activated at all times and have absolutely no issues.
  3. One of the beauties of using P3D is I don't have to worry about this anymore, it allows me to export all my settings to an .xml file and I can import them back with a click of the mouse at any time even after a new install of everything, love it and saves so much time and work as I age.
  4. Hi With the AMD platform there will be a very good upgrade path and it is based on a new 7nm CPU architecture that is making amazing performance gains, the 3950X will be released on the 25th, and then the 4000 series will be very soon and looks like even larger performance gains. With the Intel platform, there is no upgrade path an it is still based on the ancient 14nm CPU architecture.
  5. Your AMD build list looks like a definite upgrade from the i5-9400, except I would try and find a little extra cash and do an RX 5700 GPU instead of the RX 590, but the 8gb of vram upgrade would still be better than the 6gb RTX 2060. I would also shoot for a bit stronger power supply. The other nice thing about the AMD platform is that there will be a very good CPU upgrade path (future proofing) that will not require a mother board upgrade....the near future Ryzen 4000 series looks very good with even more single threaded IPC performance improvements that will well surpass the competition and will still be AM4 CPU socket. And yes, the CPU and GPU landscape is changing drastically towards a direction that has not been traditionally normal for the flight sim community, so there will be expected apprehensions and lack of experience and knowledge of the latest hardware developments, and it is very worthwhile to not assume what is best for flight sim anymore, but to do the research.
  6. Nope, no issues at all, as long as you format the 500GB drive to wipe it clean after it is cloned.
  7. Sure, it all looks fine and depends on your budget, but personally I would go for a minimum 8GB Graphics card and a bit stronger power supply.
  8. Hi With the intel platform there is no upgrade path in sight, and it is still based on their ancient 14nm architecture. With the AMD platform and their new 7nm technology, there is amazing upgrades coming very soon that will not require you to change out your motherboard, and the single threaded IPC performance has already surpassed intel.
  9. Hi Monument Valley is payware, and USDT Devils Tower is freeware. https://orbxdirect.com/product/usdt
  10. Hi Go to settings/downloader and navigate to the location of your choosing. There is also a user guide found at settings/help/user guide.
  11. Thank you all for the Birthday Wish's! It has been a great day and I am very grateful to be a part of this community.
  12. Hi Mario Are you using FTX Central 3, or the new Orbx Central app?
  13. Higher FPS does not equate to smooth, the sim can still be choppy and stutter at 60FPS. I have experienced some extremely smooth simming at lower FPS.
  14. Also, the Lights Configurator can be found in Orbx Central under Global Range/Global Base/Configure.
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