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  1. I am already getting amazing performance "for flightsims" from my 2nd generation 2700x Ryzen, and I am very excited for the soon coming 7nm 3rd generation upgrade that will probably see another substantial performance increase (with single thread performance as well), and I may not even need a new mobo. Then, there will be even more Ryzen upgrades in the near future for the same AM4 CPU platform. I will most certainly keep you updated on the performance I am getting with these. Was just intended as an example of how the CPU landscape is changing or has changed drastically, one is still stuck on the old 14nm architecture (several generations now, 6700k, 7700k, 8700k, and now the 9700k) that has done very well for it's life span. And one has a positive forward moving trend to the 7nm technology and beyond. All of us would rather not see any of our fellow flightsimmers feel left behind by not being able to run the new upcoming flightsim software that may start to max out their current hardware. Will Intel be able to squeeze any more performance out of their old 14nm tech? or has the 9900k maxed it out?
  2. https://www.pcgamesn.com/best-cpu-for-gaming-2019
  3. Hi Because GES is more complex than your other sceneries and will consume your VAS very quickly.
  4. Hi I am just sharing in case some are not aware, there is an alternative upgrade able platform coming soon, and the current Intel CPU architecture is at end of life. The video clearly states that the comparison is 8 core 16 thread Intel against 8 core 16 thread Ryzen. Which would make the Ryzen CPU a mid range engineering sample, not the final top tier Ryzen, and definitely worth waiting for them to be "released and properly tested". Just trying to help fellow simmers. And no, I will not get tired of that.
  5. Just an FYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g39dpcdzTvk&t=401s
  6. Awesome shots Carlos! Which Boeing 727 is that please?
  7. Hi FTX Global Trees HD has never been offered as freeware, and there is no difference now than when they were released.
  8. From the announcement post, FAQ Q. I own FTX AU (v1), am I eligible for some kind of discount? A. As long as you have a copy of FTX AU v1 in your OrbxDirect account, a discount of 40% will be automatically applied at check-out. Q. How much disk space will AUv2 take up? A. Current installed size is approx 21GB, though this is subject to change for final release Q. Will all my Orbx payware Australian airports work with AUv2? A. Yes. Graham is currently working through all HD airports to correct any compatibility issues. Q. I have a third-party mesh installed, will I need this for Australia? A. No. The mesh shipped with AUv2 is the best quality and resolution currently available on the market.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forums Please install the Orbx Libraries.
  10. Hi Kevin, welcome to the forums Your Orbx regions include all the elements, so a 3d party mesh would have no effect, but the rest of the world always looks better with it.
  11. Hi Justin Keep in mind that running at 4k usually frees up the CPU and relies more so on the GPU, the Ryzen 7 1700X is a very adequate and capable CPU and should not in any way be your issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oRLSotvcpA
  12. Hi, welcome to the forums Here ya go.
  13. Hi Thanks I now see it pinned at the top of the release announcement sub forum where it should be.
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