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  1. Thanks Alex. I noticed when I went back to FSS that my downloads were missing. I've started my P3Dv4.1 FTXC3 and forced migration, but the missing scenery items are not there. Must be doing something wrong. If the files were transferred from FSS to my computer, where would they end up? Looked around FSX and PeDv4.1 files and found nothing. Are my files somewhere in internet limbo?
  2. I have just about everything ORBX has published. When I downloaded P3Dv4.1, however, I wanted to put all of it into the P3D FTXC3 and had the following experience. When I went to orbxdirect.com, thru the FTXC3, and clicked on my account, All my scenery was listed. I have been told that the green window to the right should say "FSS Transfer", but it says "Crossgate DVD". How do I find the "FSS Transfer" window? I have been to the Flightsimstore and all my download files are there, but no information on how to transfer them to OrBX. Help please....
  3. "In fact, you don't have to manually place the MM scenery above the FTX at all. Just go into FTX Central and set the insertion point to the first scenery below the MM sceneries" Thanks Bill. I really appreciate the work you've done both here and elsewhere. Great job.... Ravenman
  4. I've downloaded all of the Misty Moorings scenery and am encountering a difficult situation. Within Misty, I'm directed to place the scenery above all of my FTX scenery in the Scenery Library. Since I've downloaded about 20 of the Misty Moorings scneries, it took a while to move each of the sceneries (one step at a time as is required in the Scnery Library) above the FTX sceneries. I finished flying and closed down the sim. I went back to start up again a day later, by doing what I normally do by clicking the FTX Central and high lighting North America, and lo and behold, FTX inserted all of its scenery above the Misty Moorings and I had to start all over. My question: How can I keep FTX scenery from jumping to the top of the list? Misty Moorings requires an FTX Plantform, but doesn't place itself above FTX. Anyone have an answer?
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